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User Name: Cat333Pokemon

Last Updated: 22 November 2009


Is Zapdos a hummingbird? - Starly3

Get Pearl if you want Pink Mecha-Godzilla. - ShadowTaz

I remember having a copy of all 2 (red, blue, and yellow) - J_Nics

Its Treeko, you Idiot, Spell it wirte, or dont spell it at all. - Bpluswhite

see when i 1st got pokemon red i was really young and took charmander as my starter. i didnt know had to catch pokemon so i went through the 1st 4 badges with just chairzard until my friend showed me how to catch and he caught a magikarp for me, ok so when i went to my pc it said release chairzard and i was so young that i thought release meant that they would around with me like pikachu does so i did and i was left with just magirkarp - cheesehead04

"The Xbox 360 has only three types of games: Bang bang bang, chop chop chop, and vroooom." - A friend at school. Same friend sees picture of Xbox 360 and says, "Ooh! It's a green Wii!"

Friend Codes

Pokémon Platinum:
Name: ブイゼル
Code: 0903-5405-5883

Pokémon Pearl:
Name: Scott
Code: 1676-3933-7956

Pokémon Diamond:
Code: 1418-7840-9130

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time:
Code: 0989-2051-3120

Tetris DS:
Code: 032878-867722

Animal Crossing - Wild World:
Name: Scott
Town: Pokémon
Code: 1805-2423-9055

Pokémon Battle Revolution:
Name: Scott
Code: 4210-3946-2008

Super Smash Bros. Brawl:
Code: 0731-4763-3668


151/151, Red

251/251, Silver

293/386, Sapphire

126/386, LeafGreen

493/493, Pearl