Error Messages

Don't you hate it when an error message pops up saying something like "The program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down" when you're in the middle of an important project? Then this page of REAL error messages will cheer you up. These have all occurred to me and many are quite funny!

This page is purely satirical. Although all of these messages are real, this page is NOT for helping you with your problems.

Make your own errors with my program, the error message generator!

.NET Framework 2.1 required

America Online 9.0 - AOL should probably specify WHAT feature is unavailable and give a more descriptive title.

America Online 9.0 - I was sorting my e-mail messages when this just popped up out of nowhere. What exactly happened? Hello? Why are there two periods there? What should I try again later? Will I get this error again? HELP!

BlueJ 2.1.3 - Although it is a perfect error message, I can't help but laugh at it. I wonder what kind of strange problems could occur.

Installation for Windows Installer 3.1 - Why is this an error? Why does it have the Microsoft Knowledge Base article number there?

Windows Movie Maker 2.0 - Why does it have the red X on the left side if this isn't a critical error? Why is this even an error?

Installer for Microsoft Office 2007 BETA - Now, what exactly needs to be closed? I understand the purpose of the three buttons, but why do you think I need to close something that isn't open?

Microsoft Windows XP Error Reporting - The classic Data Execution Prevention error. Windows thinks it has to close itself because it may compromise itself with its own data. Warning: Windows is a virus (not really)!

QEXTRACT 1.0 - This software, made by AOL (Quantum Computer Services at the time) in 1990, couldn't decompress a file and brought up a blank error message. By the way, PKWARE was the company, led by Phil Katz, that invented the ZIP format.

Norton Internet Security 2005 - Norton hasn't yet been programmed to put Mozilla Firefox on its list of exclusions for accessing the Internet.

PGA TOUR Pro Updater - What is with the mysterious error? The drumroll has got to go!

Nintendo's Store - What happened? Can you please tell me? Is it too "GENERIC?"

BlueJ 2.1.3 - What does "illegal start of expression" mean, then?

devldr32 - These "no read" errors are quite weird, wouldn't you say? Especially the memory addresses.

Norton Internet Security 2005 - LOL!!! Norton is blocking Internet Explorer?!

DivX DVD Ripper - What does it mean by "Disc may be not locked?"

Microsoft Works 7 - If you're doing too many things at once, Works may tell you that it won't show fonts properly.

Windows Script Host - Where's the debugger? It was expecting a 'Then' but never wanted to debug that audit.vbs file.

WindowBlinds Setup - "Click Cancel to quit Setup and close any programs you have running." I see two problems. One, the Cancel button is grayed out. Two, quitting setup with the X or Ctrl-Alt-Del does not close other programs. Maybe they should word it (after fixing the Cancel button) "If any programs are running, click Cancel and close the programs. Then, restart Setup."

Yahoo! Instant Messenger 7 - What is a "pure virtual function call?" Could you please be more elaborate?

Windows Internet Explorer 7 - had a script error on their page that made it portray a lovely stack overflow error. Because it was in a memory-hungry loop, closing the window resulted in this.

Nero Express - When I was closing Nero one day, this appeared. "Internal" as in...what?

Internet Explorer 6 - I've seen this one several times. Runtime error 217 can happen for a number of reasons. I just don't know which one it was.

Best Buy Digital Music Store (by Rhapsody) - I was about to buy a song when Rhapsody suddenly disconnected me. I couldn't reconnect successfully until the next day.

Internet Explorer 6 - This came up right before runtime error 217.

Windows XP Explorer - How is "copy" an invalid MS-DOS function?

Microsoft FrontPage 2000 - I was closing out a lot of pages in FrontPage. After closing the last one, I got a message that looks like the one 8 down from here. Then I got this one.

Windows 98 Explorer - Explorer doesn't have enough space to DELETE a file?! Huh? Sent in by tkneal2.

Windows XP Explorer - My external hard drive crashed. I heard loud clicking, the hard drive slowing down and speeding up, and the thing beeping. Then this appeared on my screen. I guess the head broke. Oh well, the drive was only 80 MB--yes, 80 MEGABYTES.

Windows XP Explorer ZIP extractor - I guess if you have an empty ZIP file and try to extract nothing, this comes up.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 - has more information on the cellular automaton.

Windows Media Player 6.4 - "Unexpected failure." Help? More Help... does nothing.

Toshiba Access Panel - What kind of exception?

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Wondermail program - On a Windows 95 computer, this can be confusing.

Mario Teaches Typing - I can't go to the castle level because I don't have enough memory. 48 MB isn't enough?

Windows XP Explorer - You don't want me to send an error report?

Microsoft Word 2000 - I hit Cancel on an Outlook wizard in Word. But I can't access my address book (which I don't have) for an "unspecified" reason.

Yet Another Timer - One of my unreleased programs doesn't like to be closed on a network drive.

BlueJ - You want me to e-mail "No help available..." or a null reference?

BlueJ - Another null reference. This time, they say "sorry."

PSP Web Browser - I was using a friend's PSP. When I loaded my Pokémon images page, it told me it didn't have enough memory...repeatedly. You can see the Moltres in the background.

Pokémon Gold - It doesn't like not having a printer attached.

Windows XP - The Blue Screen of Death.

Pokémon Emerald - When I was going through the Trick House, a quiz robot stopped me. I got the question wrong and he replied "BZZZT. DISAPPOINTMENT. ERROR."

Windows Me - The Blue Screen of Spanish! I was listening to an MP3, and this just appeared out of nowhere.

WinMorph - "A required resource was"...what?! WinMorph crashed and told me something was wrong.

Program Distributor - The computers at school have a program run called "Program Distributor." When it tries to synchronize some items, four errors appear, including this one.

BlueJ - Wow! BlueJ loves to show errors! This one is interesting. Because I combine a string and an double-point precision number, I am told "f" is not equal to "String."

BlueJ - What's an orphan?

BlueJ - I'm gonna contact the people at Deakin University about these weird errors. I think I may have disconnected the network drive when I hit compile. Several errors came up as well. After clicking OK on one, BlueJ crashed and I lost about 10 minutes of work.

Macintosh OS X Finder - A non-Windows error, I plugged six keyboards and two mice into a Mac and it worked. But, once I added that seventh keyboard, a low power notice appeared.

Winamp 5.32 - First, you can't "read" the you can't "write" it?

Microsoft Access 2000 - This is yet another strange-sounding error. Instead of saying a table "cannot be manipulated programmatically," couldn't you say it "can't be edited with program code" or something to that effect?

Microsoft Word 2005 - I was copying stuff out of Flash 8 Professional directly into Word 2005. Word did not like vector images! Copying into Paint and then into Word fixed the problem.

Super dvd ripper 2.39 trial - That is exactly what the name of the program is. Grammar, please! And by the way, their supposed "9 start trial" never expires.

Microsoft Works 8 - What exactly is the purpose of putting that really long, confusing string of text in there? How many end users know what an entry point is? 2.1 - Maybe this is why you should select the correct filter when opening a file, huh?

Corel Snapfire - The FIRST time we run the program on the FIRST startup of a new computer, we get a nasty runtime error from Snapfire, as well as a "Cannot end explorer.exe" and a "Memory address could not be read error." Can someone at Dell please not make faulty computers?

Yahoo! Instant Messenger 4 - Hmm...this looks familiar. Yes, there is another YIM runtime error, except this one is from version 4.

Mahjong for Windows - One small typo in the high score file makes this and one of those big, white errors that say "System Error" appear.

Quick Read Status Utility - Huh?! What's a dispatch method? Avoid putting a colon directly after an exclamation point.

Quick Read Status Utility - I guess that dispatch method made the program crash.

Microsoft Word 97 - It wasn't a bad network connection; it wasn't a missing floppy. It was a bad floppy.

Windows 95 Explorer - This screenshot is of a floppy disk. I see four problems: 1) Explorer can't add. If you add the sizes up, you get 8,064,755 KB (7.69 GB). 2) How can a floppy hold that much? 3) Several files break naming conventions. The fourth file has a period at the end. And, there are two "Desktop" files. 4) The abnormally large files cannot be opened. As a minor note, also look at the modified date/time. All these problems also occur on Windows XP.

Windows 95 Explorer - Windows 95 can't create a file because it can't find it?

Microsoft Works 8 - I clicked ? > About and got this...

Microsoft Works 8 - ...and then this. High contrast mode is fun!

Foxit PDF Editor Uninstaller - Work on grammar. That is all. Sent in by Yoshi64.

Winamp USF Player - When playing USF files (N64 music rips), Winamp spat out this odd-sounding error.

Windows XP Explorer - Have you ever tried to drag an icon onto the taskbar? Not the Quick Launch Bar...the taskbar.

Invalid configuration information - please run SETUP program

Performing automatic IDE configuration...
Primary Master: Disk Drive
Secondary Master: CD-ROM Device
Time-of-day not set - please run SETUP program
Alert!  System battery voltage is low.
 Press the F1 key to continue, or press F2 to run Setup

Windows XP - On startup, I'm told the internal battery is dead.

PCL6 ERROR - sb_count != -128

     POSITION : 0x47dc (18396)

     SYSTEM : XLPGP/xl_pattern

     LINE : 890

     VERSION : PCL6 3.46 06-10-2005

Xerox Phaser 3500 Printer - Many of the computers in one room at school don't print right. Instead, this shoots out of the printer.

America Online 6.0 Installer - No file? Why? Help me! What's the reason for two languages? ¿No archivo? ¿Porqué? ¡Ayúdame! ¿Cuál es la razón de dos idiomas?

BlueJ - Huh? A little clearer next time, please?

Error Message Generator - An error from an error own generator. Just don't run it from a server.

Gashisoft GXSCC - This program emulates the NES with MIDIs. This is a bad translation.

Gashisoft GXSCC - Another bad translation.

Gashisoft SXSCC - Yet another bad translation.

Macromedia Flash Player 10 Installer - What does Cancel do?

BHA B's Recorder GOLD 5.30 Uninstaller - Why is "maintenance" the word for uninstallation? You aren't maintaining anything, you're getting rid of it!

Windows XP Explorer - Do not stick a pen in a USB port.

Restoration 3.2.13 - How would restarting a computer enable a disk to be read? 2.1 - "Spellcheck" is not in the dictionary, yet it's used frequently throughout the program. This is an example.

Anvil Studio - Quit showing end users the stupid debugging code exceptions! Anvil Studio has dozens of excellent examples of good error messages. Some say send them an e-mail with some information provided in the message. Others tell you how to fix the problem. This one...does neither.

Windows XP Explorer - This relates to checksums. Somewhere between the source (a hard drive) and the destination (a flash drive), a small checksum did not get fully through. Checksums are there to check that all data passed through by comparing what you're copying and what you've copied. If they're not the same, you'll probably get a "Cannot copy file" error. If they are the same, but the checksum is different, the computer gets "worried" that the file may have gotten corrupted, and spits this out.

Windows XP Explorer - Try to delete F:\Recycled from a non-system hard drive. You'll need to replace "F" with your own drive letter, though.

IrfanView - First, Ghostscript is a Adobe PDF decoder. Why it says the same thing twice (second line) is beyond me.

Google Earth Installer - What a catastrophe! Or not. The installer gets stuck and spits this out. Sent in by tkneal2.

Juno 1.4.9 - Why did they program a date check in the program? What could possibly happen if the clock is "in the future?"

Lotus Notes Uninstaller - I was cleaning up junk off of an old computer. Then I realized that I didn't want to uninstall Lotus Notes. I clicked cancel and got a warning. Only, it was not a warning.

Windows Me Explorer - I'll translate this for you:

Reinstall Hardware Driver Wizard
Searching for the driver file for the device:
USB mass storage device
The best driver that Windows found for this device is already installed. Click Atrás (Back) to install a different driver or click Siguente (Next) to reinstall this driver.
Location of driver:
[< Back] [Finish] [Cancel]

Only one problem: there is no Siguente button! Clicking Finalizar (Finish) bring up the "Finished installing hardware" screen telling me that no action was taken. I can't find a way to reinstall the driver.

Microsoft FrontPage - Don't try to create a file that's open, especially if the program thinks it doesn't exist.

PointCast Uninstaller - Evil software! Read why here. Anyway, isn't it obvious that the folder and contents will be deleted on uninstall?

Vision 9 - I pulled out a network cable that enabled another computer to control my workstation. I was having fun with the power button and Print Screen. Eventually, I got this screenshot. I just don't see how that's a question.

Microsoft FrontPage - FrontPage can't open Word?

Phoenix ROM BIOS PLUS Version 1.10 A00
Copyright 1985-1988 Phoenix Technologies Ltd.
Copyright 1990-2002 Dell Computer Corporation
All Rights Reserved

Dell System Optiplex GX260

Error 8902 - Auxiliary Device Failure
Keyboard Failure
 Strike the F1 key to continue, F2 to run the setup utility

Windows XP - LOL! This is probably THE single funniest error I have ever seen. F1 did nothing, by the way!

Macromedia Flash Professional 8 - Here's another "read" error. Sent in by unknown.

Microsoft FrontPage 2000 - Hmm... can't be found?

Windows 95 Explorer - AOL wouldn't dial, saying that the modem was being used. I pulled up Dial-Up Connections and this came up.

Windows XP Explorer - I guess I shouldn't put files into a folder that's being deleted.

Novell Messenger - Server error! What happened? I don't really know anything about this. Sent in by unknown.

Windows Internet Explorer 7.0 - I couldn't save a video file and I was confronted by an error.

Sappy GBA Music Ripper - I couldn't open up a file, so instead of saying the usual "can't open" message, I got this E9191 error.

Video Converter Express - What is Quictime? If it loaded the video "sucessfully," then why can't the software play it?

ModPlug Tracker - I don't know.

PhotoShop - Quit giving me debug code! And what's with the Spanish?

Deep Freeze 6 - Now how am I supposed to press OK? Sent in by Yoshi64.

Super Paper Mario - Sounds like something from a Zelda game. Oh, is. Sent in by Yoshi64.

DriveSpace 3 - Don't run DriveSpace on a Windows XP computer; it will not work, obviously.

New Super Mario Bros. - This strange debug screen can only be obtained by pressing a long and seemingly random sequence of buttons.

Microsoft Excel 2000 - Copying one cell to over a million locations can be slow and error-filled. No, I could not get it to work, even after terminating just about every program possible.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 - Just about any site will bring this up if the computer is not connected to the Internet.

Deep Freeze 6 - I'm not sure on this one either. Sent in by Yoshi64.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 - IE didn't like me that day by not working with My other computer worked fine. Stupid Windows 95. At least I'm done with that computer.

Monopoly - If I see one more debug screen...Anyway, I tried running the game without the CD in the drive. Looks like I'm not doing THAT again!

Trillian - So I find a replacement IM software for my USB drive. Guess it crashes if I pull out the drive.

Mac OS 7 - I hated those old computers. Especially when these stupid bomb errors came up. Restart would lock the computer up every time.

ODD-EVEN - Another one of my unreleased programs. And I get a stack overflow from a bad compile.

Windows XP Explorer/Windows Media Player 11 Installer - This is one you may be able to find yourself. Download Windows Media Player 11 Installer from Microsoft's website and check the properties. Look at the bottom next to "Security:" and you'll see why I put this here. Microsoft can't trust itself...again. 

Windows Internet Explorer 7 & - It just works...not. Every other ad would play except this one. Even Refresh wouldn't make it work.

Holiday Lights 96 v2.1 - Windows XP is greater than Windows 95. Compatibility mode made it work.

Protector Suite QL - A bad scan? I think not. Pretty random.

Norton Internet Security - Okay, I'm done with this software. First you block Firefox, then you block IE, and now the operating system? Wow!

Creative WaveStudio - D'oh! Now what was it you wanted to say? This appears at every startup of the software.

Paint - Opened Paint one day when there were 140 Calculators (I think) open. Apparently, the image is a separate process, as there is a limit of around 142 programs (but I forgot to count all the processes).

U3 Launchpad - Drive goes in, drive comes out, drive goes in, drive comes out, drive goes get the idea?

WordPad - Encrypt and password protect a document in Word and WordPad won't be able to even look at an encrypt file (Notepad can).

AutoCAD - I'll be getting more info about this later. Sent in by tkneal.

Windows Vista Explorer - The modem was acting up and I got this.

Windows Vista Explorer - Copying a file from a Zip doesn't work one time but works the next?

Media Player Classic - I can't remember just what the argument was, though.

Best Buy Digital Music Store - It crashes upon every startup on this computer.

Windows XP Explorer - Tell it to eject a drive that was already ejected.

MetalKid's Pokemon Program v4.00 - Hmm...Yes? or No? Which should I choose? They did the same thing: nothing. After installing .NET Framework v1.1, this didn't appear.

Microsoft Excel 2003 - What if my file gets messed up? Then what? You expect me to fix it manually?

Autodesk 3ds Max - Too much memory was used. It's called a crash.

Autodesk 3ds Max - Too much memory was used. It's also called a crash.

Autodesk 3ds Max Error Reporting - This is what I call a real error report! Microsoft, I'm talking to you. At least it lets us describe what happened.

Autodesk 3ds Max - Well, duh! Why do you think I clicked it, Mr. Double Period?

SynthFont - More access violations. Note: it is only grayed out because the software was crashing and "had to close."

SynthFont - Try alternative means of opening files. You might be surprised.

Mario Party Advance - Using the wrong save format causes this error. Sent in by Yoshi64.

SynthFont - Yes? Yes to All?! It's only a piece of information. Of course I know I have to render the file!

No$gba - Aah! It's so fatal that nothing happened.

No$gba - Try loading the DS firmware as the ROM image! Just read this one; it's self-explanatory.

Windows Media Player 10 or 11 - A corrupt MP3 won't play in Windows Media Player. Winamp will only play part of it. Sent in by Yoshi64.

Andretti Racing Installer - Insert disc, get error! It's that easy! Sent in by Yoshi64.

Sim Isle Installer - So, you can't move the file, Installer? Why should any inexperienced users have to deal with this. Sent in by Yoshi64.

WordWeb - Check out the funny license agreement.

Visual Boy Advance - Be very careful when messing with the Memory Viewer.

Pokémon Blue - More messing with memory addresses. To be specific, it was #3906.

"Director Player" - I don't remember what program this was, but it thought the playlist in a n INI file was invalid.

"Director Player" - See above.

"Director Player" - Also see above.

RollerCoaster Tycoon - An unpatched version of RCT would bring this up at first launch. No worries...the patch fixed it.

Windows Vista Explorer - An error occurs on a normal startup of Windows Vista...a beta version of Vista. One day on startup, this appears. Sent in by technogeek00.

Nintendulator - A ROM made the emulator crash and made me have to find out what a "blit" is. So, here is a explanation.

Some Yahtzee game I found on the school server - I see a full house. I held all five dice, clicked roll, and then "Full House Worked." It also let me take infinite Yahtzees.

Mini Golf Designer - I often get this when I test out a new course (one without problems, even). I wonder: how bad could it be?

Microsoft Word - "There have been changes to the global template Do you want to save it?" <Yes> <No> <Cancel> I clicked No. Then I got this.

Raptor - I was running the DOS version of Raptor (I also have the Windows version) and one day when preparing to start a mission, the game crashed with a lot of debug code.

ATM, I believe - He walked up to the ATM and saw the Printers & Folders error. Sent in by tkneal.

Nokia Multimedia Player - I dragged a file into the program (an AMR) and got this. Most of the time it works fine.

Windows Vista Explorer - Formatting drive C:\ will typically give you this error. It's a good thing it was added; you wouldn't want to wipe your operating system while you're using it.

Windows 3.1 OS - After making a change in the Control Panel, it asks if I want to  restart. I'm guessing CTRL+ALT+DEL would make something uninstall or not work.

WinImage - Okay, the progress bar is NOT supposed to go up to 232%.

Holiday Lights 2.1 - This program was designed for Windows 95 as an on-screen light bulb decoration. However, it doesn't really work on newer operating systems...unless you turn Compatibility Mode on. Then it works fine in Vista.

Yamaha MidRadio Player - Sorry, but I don't know Japanese. Most of the program is in Japanese. This came up upon opening the program. I'm guessing it's asking a question, judging by the question mark and the Yes/No buttons. It also looks like there are some details below it, possibly saying the option can be changed later. Maybe a More Details... button to the right. My guess is associating MidRadio Player with various formats, like MID and MMF.

Pac-Man (Atari 2600) ROM - It's surprising what can be found if you open up old ROMs as Unicode text.

Mac OS 7 Finder - Well, I guess you can't install Mac OS 9 on older computers that aren't PowerPCs.

Mac OS 8 Finder - Again, you need a PowerPC to install Mac OS 9. This time, there is a strange error code of 1009:5,-44.

Windows Vista Explorer - That's 104 years remaining. If a hard drive fails and Windows doesn't catch it, the number will continue to increase. Seconds later, I received an error saying "Disk I/O error."

Mac OS 8 Finder - I honestly can't remember

Mac OS 7 Finder - The reason is blank. I'm not sure what was going on with Netscape.

Microsoft Excel - I'll be honest; this one came out of a new technique I was trying out with formulas.

QuickTime Update - The only problem with this is that there were no copies of QuickTime or QuickTime Task open (I checked the Task Manager).

Windows Media Player 11 - My, that's a long progress bar.

Windows Vista Explorer - I don't remember, but the graphics mode was set to 16 colors at the time.

Unknown - Older programs sometimes require Compatibility Mode to run on newer operating systems, sometimes because it can't read the OS name.

Windows Internet Explorer 7 - One less line and the devil would be on the other computer  (666).

ScanCraft CS-P - Scanning through a parallel port can be quite slow. Sometimes the scanner runs out of RAM and requires a restart.

Mac OS X Finder and Microsoft Word 2004 - Microsoft Word crashed and shot out an error that is almost word-for-word identical to applications crashing on Windows XP, right down to saying "Please tell Microsoft about this problem."

Mac OS X Finder and Microsoft Word 2004 - Continued from the message above, even the reporting screen is very similar.

iMovie - Reading from a flash disk doesn't work in iMovie, unless I really was low on space. (I could have been, even though the file was about 25 MB and about 300 MB was free.)

iTunesE + QuickTime Installer - For some strange reason, the installer started to mess with the fonts. I guess I don't have the default one installed. 

Pcsx2 - I seriously hate it when a word is left off. 

Microsoft Word 2007 - Opening a temporary file is not a good idea, especially if it deletes itself half way through opening. 

Super© - Again, more text is left off. 

Super© - This is starting to get annoying.

Windows Vista Explorer - At least this message is better than a Blue Screen Of Death. 

Virtual Disk Service - Try to shrink an existing hard disk and you'll get an error like this one.

RealPlayer 11 GOLD - Uhh...What does "General" mean in this?

Microsoft Word 4 - If you are using an old computer, Undo will not work with large operations. 

Symantec AntiVirus - Try to disable AntiVirus and this appears. 

AOL 9.1 - Your message is too long. 

A-Tech website - I haven't seen something like this before. 

A-Tech website - This happens if you fail to type "yes" in the box is the previous error. 

Cool Edit Pro - Upon opening an "invalid" MIDI, 30 of these messages pop up. Sent in by Staraptor569.

AOL 9.1 - Mama mia! I have that many messages?! 

Bulbapedia - Instead of returning a 403 Forbidden, a soft error was returned, with both a 403 and 404 on it.

Program Compatibility Assistant - It would help if the program that I was trying to get wasn't an Internet connectivity program! 


Mac OS 9 - It would help if I knew what error #3 was. 

Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 - I guess I can't put two versions of IE on one computer.

AMCAP - I haven't the foggiest. 

Windows Internet Explorer - I knew the page I was on was dangerous, but I wasn't expecting it when it started to try and close stuff! 

no$gba emulator - Some homebrew ROMs do not run properly in the emulator. "Oops!" 

The Fishinator - This is a hacking tool for Insaniquarium Deluxe. If you leave some of the details of a fish off or your settings, the program abruptly crashes.

Winamp - Oh my. There were about 110 of these on my screen. 

Hover! - Yeah, I am not using a 256-color driver. I'm using a 65,536-color driver (16-bit)! 

Netscape Navigator 9, Safari 3, Windows Internet Explorer 7, Mozilla Firefox 2 - When my 'net died, I kept trying to get to the web in all four browsers. The weird part is the header in Mozilla Firefox. 

BlueJ, GridWorld - To quote my CS teacher, "You wrote bad code!" 

Microsoft Internet Explorer 3 - Don't try to load MySpace on IE3. It just won't work. 

Program unkown - Uhh... 

Spybot Registry Monitor - Anything that touches the registry is asked to the user. Only problem here is that the buttons are gone. 

Windows Script Host - More bad code. 

Windows XP Explorer, Sim City 2000 - Sim City 2000 caused the video drivers in Windows XP to stop responding, causing the bit depth to drop to 16-color mode! Sent in by tkneal2.

Moyea FLV Downloader - This program allows you to download those FLVs used by sites like YouTube. Only problem is that if it gets stuck, you have to deal with this bad grammar. 

Keyboard Setup Assistant - Windows can accept a Mac keyboard with no problem, but it doesn't work the other way around. Sent in by tkneal2. 

Windows Movie Maker 2 - "The operation completed successfully" is not a critical error. 

deviantART - Bad file types, perhaps? 

USB Manager - I didn't know I had that many USB ports! 

MySpace - You can only setup your MySpace name once. I guess they really need to emphasize that. 

CNET Video - NaN is the length of the video, which doesn't play. It must have been downtime because none of my browsers worked, even after resetting my connection. 

.NET Framework 2.0 Setup - Why was that other program telling me I didn't have it? 

Windows XP Explorer - That server is getting full. 

Windows XP Explorer - That server is getting dangerously full. 

Novell - I guess I needed a message about it, too.

Pokémon: Den of Ages - Darn it, my name is Cat333Pokémon.

Windows Me Explorer - I don't have enough memory to run a 39 KB program? 

SynthFont - No, I don't have any idea why. 

Ubuntu Linux - Then where ARE they? 

Ubuntu Linux - The drive was working fine five minutes ago. 

Windows 3.1 Explorer - Wow, I didn't know that the OS could tell me on the BSOD screen that there is no need to use Ctrl+Alt+Del. 

Faronics Deep Freeze - I guess another one bites the dust. This program still works even after this.

GParted - Linux doesn't trust any non-root user with the hard drive, even if they try. Sent in by tkneal2.