Here are a few of the awards Floatzel.Net has received, as well as memberships the site is in.

Direct Awards

I am merely sending this PM to acknowledge you that I am enjoying your forums greatly, as the members are nice and respectful, and the topics are interesting as well. Therefore, I thank and congratulate you for your dedication which is clearly structured in these forums, and I wish you all the best in the future.

Your's most truly,

Enjoyable Forum Award, from Shadow of PokéZam

Thanks for hosting!
Thanks from Achamo~Torchic for hosting her site and helping her make it work correctly.

Sphinx's Seal of Approval
Award from Sphinx for being an excellent webmaster

Memberships, Quiz Results, & General Awards

Join the AAPA!
Official Member of the AAPA

All-Generation Pokémon Fan
All-Generation Pokémon Fan

Stop the Flaming
Stop the flaming!

Join the Pokémon Pride Club
Pokémon fan and proud of it

I watch banned episodes
I watch banned episodes

I'm an official Pokémon Trainer!
Official Pokémon Trainer

Good luck with this!
The Award of Extreme Patience

I got lost in Achamo~Torchic
I got a 404 error on Achamo~Torchic

XxPGxX hidden page
I found the hidden page on XxPGxX

Webring has been flagged as phishing, so I've removed that.