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Pokemon Gray Website Domain Registered

By zsaberslash on October 19, 2011

Pokemongray.com has been registered by Melbourne IT Digital Brand Services. Melbourne IT DBS also registered the domain for Pokemon Black and White.

The other English counterpart Grey has not been registered and is, at the time of writing, a pay-per-click website.

While this could be a hint towards the third version of Black and White, this may be Nintendo covering ground so others can't register the domain.



New PokéPark 2:Beyond the World Trailer Released

By AuraKshatriya on October 18, 2011

A new trailer for the upcoming game, PokéPark 2:Beyond the World was recently released, and may be viewed below:

This trailer serves to indicate that the Wish Park is in fact existent in a parallel dimension to the PokéPark, and is inhabited by Pokémon that are acting strange. Attractions shown include a racing game through space, a dancing attraction run by Lopunny, as well as some sort of reflex-based game involving Pikachu. New features include what seems to be a "Boss Battle" of sorts, with a Serperior being the main opponent, and other Grass-type Pokémon obstructing the player's path to it with their attacks.



Jun'ichi Masuda Reveals New Details About N

By AuraKshatriya on October 15, 2011

Jun'ichi Masuda, the Director of the Pokémon Company, as well as its main composer, has revealed new details on the main "antagonist" of Pokémon Black and White, N:

-N's real name is "Natural Harmonia Gropius", N being derived from the term Natural Number.
-N is beyond other humans, in terms of IQ.
-N is a genius, whose mathematical ability is such that he is called a "Math Wizard".
-He is able to see the past and future of people.
-He is prone to extreme mood swings, and is able to think on his feet.
-Rumor has it that N was born from Pokémon, with the parents being unknown.
-While he loves Pokémon, N is weary of humans.
-N believes in the needs of Pokémon always coming first.
-N believes himself to be a perfect being.
-Due to his nature, he was shunned and scorned by humans, making his connection with Pokémon that much stronger.

Jun'ichi also noted how he took the origin of N's name into consideration when making his two musical themes, through the use of selective semitone alternation so as to make use of keys with prime numbers.

Source(s):[Jun'ichi Masuda's Director's Column]



2011 Autumn Friendly GBU Competition

By DashArmy on October 13, 2011

The guys over at the Global Battle Union have announced the first Wi-Fi based competition in celebration of a sixth month anniversary, the 2011 Autumn Friendly Competition. Participation is currently limited to the first 10,000 35,000 players, myself being included, while subject to change. Once you're signed into Pokemon Global Link, you can sign up using the link below.

The major rules are as follows:

  • Double Battle, Wonder Launcher off
  • Unova pokedex only, from #001-148 and #151
  • Four to six Pokemon are to be placed in the Battle Box
  • A 30 minute for the time limit will be enforced, along with a minute for move selection
  • Players are not to disconnect until the match results are uploaded. Constant disconnections may result in penalties.

The rest of the details can be found below.


Global Battle Union



Ruby/Sapphire remakes being considered by Junichi Masuda

By isbragg on October 12, 2011

In response to a fan's Tweet asking about the possibility of R/S remakes, Junichi Masuda Tweeted, "@RSremake ありがとう!想いはしっかり受け止めました。RSはマスダにとっても大切な作品。いいもの創りたいです。ありがとう!!" Translated, it reads, "Thank you for your thoughts. Ruby and Sapphire are important games to me. I will consider your request." This is the first official consideration for Gen. III remakes.

Junichi Masuda's Tweet

This tweet is a reply to this:
「@Junichi_Masuda 増田さんへ。ルビー・サファイア(RS)のリメイクは、とにかくRSという原作、そしてRS世代(現在の中高生ぐらい)の人達のことを大切にしたリメイクにしてください。CMでは金銀リメイクの時のようにRS世代に当時の思い出を語らせたり、そしてGBプレイヤーみたいに『GBAプレイヤー』などを搭載したり。RSは大人気作であり、多くの人々に愛されています。だからこそ感動できるリメイクを作ってください。この事を増田さん以外の制作チームの方にも伝えていただきたいです。長文失礼しました。私はRSが大好きで、この事はどうしても知ってほしくて、この機会に伝えさせていただきました。『原作のRSと、RS世代を大切にした』リメイクを絶対にお願いします、多くの人々がそれを望んでいます。信じています。」

Translation, thanks to Cat:
"To Mr. Masuda: Regarding Ruby/Sapphire (originally just called 'RS'), most of the teens are of the RS Generation. Please remake them for us to cherish. When the commercials for Gold/Silver remakes aired, those of us in the RS Generation recalled our memories of days gone by, also reminded by the GB Sound item of the times we connected our GBAs to the Game Boy Player. Ruby and Sapphire were extremely popular and were loved by many people. That is why we ask that you please make a remake, so we can all be moved emotionally by them again. Masuda, I know you listen to the things people say outside of the production team. I hope this long message is not being disrespectful. I love RS, and because people really want to know, please allow me to take this opportunity to make a request. For those who cherish RS, and for the RS Generation, please attempt to remake them for the many who want them. We believe in you."



Official Nintendo Magazine Announces French Mamoswine Event

By AuraKshatriya on October 8, 2011

An upcoming French Global Link Event has been revealed by the Official Nintendo Magazine, from which a Level 34 Mamoswine, with the ability Thick Fat, may be obtained. In effect from October 20th, and ending on the 19th of January, next year, the password for the event is MAMNintendoOfficial. Whether other parts of the world, besides France, will be getting this event is currently unknown.




Site reformation

By Cat333Pokémon on October 7, 2011

With FreezeWarp's an ex-administrator's departure, we are completely reforming the forum, the projects associated with it, and the chat.

For now, all I prefer to say regarding projects is that Mario Minus World is going to be revived as a purely database-driven website, and there will be a new project titled "VRAC."

There will also be a staff reform soon.

Any ideas at all, drop a message on the forum suggestions thread or create a new thread on that board.

For chat ideas, view this thread: http://victoryroad.net/showthread.php?t=9168



Official Pokémon Youtube Channel Releases Dual 14th Movie Trailer

By AuraKshatriya on October 2, 2011

Following the recent release of a theatrical trailer for Pokémon The Movie:White-Victini and Zekrom, The Pokémon Company's Official Youtube Channel has released a trailer showcasing both movies for an upcoming release. Despite this, however, whether Pokémon The Movie:Black-Victini and Reshiram will also have a theatrical release remains unconfirmed. The trailer in question may be viewed below.



Pokémon the Movie: White -Victini and Zekrom Trailer Released

By LugiaDialga on September 25, 2011

Pokémon the Movie: White - Victini and Zekrom is set to be released in movie theaters across the U.S. for one special weekend only on December 3rd & 4th! No further information has been given about any plans to show Victini and Reshiram in theaters as of yet. For more information about the movie, visit http://www.pokemon.com/us/movies/movie-pokemon-the-movie-whitevictini-and-zekrom-december-2011/

Source: http://pokebeach.com/2011/09/victini-and-zekrom-movie-trailer



Banette available in Dream World to celebrate Halloween

By Shade on September 20, 2011

Get Ready for Halloween with Banette!

Get the Ghost-type Pokémon Banette for your Pokémon Black Version or Pokémon White Version game! Look in the October issue of Nintendo Power magazine to find a special password, NPCHARACTER. Using it will let you befriend Banette with Faint Attack, Shadow Ball, Hex, and Cotton Guard at the Pokémon Global Link. Banette will be available for only a short time, so be sure to pick up the October Nintendo Power to find the password today. Visit the Promotions page once you have the password to receive Banette! Happy Halloween!

Source: Pokémon Global Link


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