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UK to hold Liberty Ticket Event

By AuraKshatriya on January 24, 2011

MCV Magazine has revealed information regarding an upcoming event for Pokemon Black and White in the UK. From March 4th to April 22nd, players will be able to download the Liberty Ticket event item, which allows one to encounter and battle a wild Victini in the games. Whether this will be a Wi-Fi or store-based event, as well as it's US date, have yet to be revealed.

Source(s): [ www.Serebii.net ]



Pokémon to have a "blockbuster" year in 2011

By OMGITSJAD on January 24, 2011

A PR e-mail from The Pokémon Company International states:
Quote:BELLEVUE, WA - January 24th, 2011 - Pokémon™, one of the most successful entertainment properties in the world and the second-largest video game franchise of all-time, is celebrating a blockbuster year in 2011. Led by the release of the Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version video games for the Nintendo DS™family of systems, The Pokémon Company International will roll out an all-new animated television series and feature-length film. A brand-new trading card game (TCG) expansion, Pokémon TCG: Black & White, and merchandise, including an innovative new toy line, round out an exciting year of offerings from the company. A comprehensive, multi-million dollar marketing campaign supports the brand's initiatives, in addition to video game marketing from Nintendo of America Inc. This multi-pronged strategy will thrust Pokémon into the spotlight across its many entertainment offerings.

Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version launches in the U.S. on March 6th as one of the most anticipated video game releases of the year, introducing players to a brand-new world with more than 150 never-before-seen Pokémon featured in an all new adventure. The games' release in Japan last September shattered all existing sales records in that country, making them the fastest-selling Nintendo DS games in history with 5 million units sold (Famitsu, Jan. 2011).

"The release of Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version gives us the opportunity to launch brand-new entertainment that our existing and new fans will love," said J.C. Smith, director of Consumer Marketing for The Pokémon Company International. "Every major pillar of the brand-including video games, TV animation, feature films, andthe Pokémon Trading Card Game-will see exciting changes throughout the year."

Pokémon kicks off the year with a new animated series and full-length feature film set to air on Cartoon Network, Pokémon's national broadcast partner. The year's animation entertainment begins with the film debut of Pokémon-Zoroark: Master of Illusions on February 5th at 7:00 p.m., to be followed just one week later by the special premiere of two episodes of the new animated series-Pokémon: Black and White-on February 12th beginning at 9:00 a.m., starring an entirely new cast of Pokémon characters who join Ash and Pikachu on their continuing adventures.

In April, Pokémon will launch the Pokémon Trading Card Game: Black & White expansion, an all-new set of Pokémon TCG cards featuring new Pokémon, Trainers, and environments inspired by the video games. Pokémon TCG collectors and players will discover new expansions of Pokémon TCG: Black & White throughout the year. This latest installment of the TCG will add to a franchise that boasts more than 15 billion cards sold in over 60 countries.

The franchise's year will be kick-started by an extensive, multi-million dollar marketing campaign beginning with the nationwide Pokémon Black Version & White Version Tour, arriving at major malls beginning February 5th. The tour will hit 14 key markets over a seven-week schedule offering fans a first-look at the new video games and a slate of activities designed to heighten awareness and create a groundswell of anticipation around the franchise. The itinerary will include immersive Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version video game demonstrations, free screenings of the new Pokémon movie, Pokémon-Zoroark: Master of Illusions, photo opportunities with Pokémon characters, and various games and prize-winning opportunities for fans. A Pokémon Center store offering a variety of merchandise will also be on-site.

The Pokémon Company International will extend its grassroots marketing strategy with special character distributions throughout the year for the Pokémon video games at select retailers across the country. These character distributions offer Pokémon video game players the chance to receive, via Nintendo® Wi-Fi Connection, specific Pokémon that will not be available through regular gameplay.

Pokémon fans interested in playing the new video games and trading card game competitively can do so through Play! Pokémon events. These gaming tournaments, held throughout North America, Europe and Asia, culminate in the highly anticipated Pokémon World Championships in San Diego, California in August 2011, which hosts thousands of Pokémon players from around the world.

At retail, all-new Pokémon licensed merchandise is slated to roll-out throughout 2011, including a full line-up of toys from JAKKS Pacific. JAKKS plans to launch an all new Skill & Action line of toys for older kids which allows them to "Catch," "Train," & "Battle" their Pokémon in unique, interactive and competitive toy-based experiences. JAKKS will also launch new collectible figures and plush featuring all-new Pokémon characters, playsets that emulate the new region, and "Trainer" role play items inspired by the TV animation series.

To learn more about Pokémon please visit www.pokemon.com.

Looks like there's a lot to come from Pokémon in 2011!
Source: GoNintendo



Shared hosting Update.

By KingOfKYA on January 23, 2011

Shared Hosting has been updated. Please report any issues via support ticket or email me directly.

replace space with @

Quote:After two Release Candidates, the ispCP Team would like to announce the immediate availability of ispCP Omega 1.0.7 final Release. This release addresses the following issues:

Added FCGID 2.2 compatibility
Added jQuery as JavaScript Framework
Added new exceptions/errors handling libraries
Added PHP 5.3 compatibility
Added Subdomain Redirects
Added Support of HTTP(S) Ports differing from 80 & 443
Added Terms of Service
Enhanced Domain Alias Handling
Enhanced FreeBSD Support
Enhanced custom DNS records manager
Enhanced Setup/Update/Uninstall processes
Improved IDNA support
Improved SETUP look and feel
Improved User Handling
Postgrey Port Change (depending on distribution)
Removed HTML-Purifier
Re-written Translation Handling
Re-written Ticket System
Security Improvements

ispCP Omega is an open source solution to all your web hosting needs. You can download the latest stable release from the downloads section. Before you download ispCP, please browse through our comprehensive ispCP documentation section and review the System Requirements, Installing ispCP, Frequently Asked Questions and HowTo's.




Last Chance for Event Entei

By FreezeWarp on January 22, 2011

For those interested in getting the event Entei at the local Gamestop, be warned that you have until tomorrow (Sunday, January 23rd) to do so.

More Information: /index2.php?page=thread&threadid=6630



Zoroark: Master of Illusions - TV Premiere

By Yoshi648 on January 22, 2011

The 13th Pokémon movie Zoroark: Master of Illusions will have it's U.S. TV premiere on February 5th at 7PM on Cartoon Network (to verify the time for your area, please visit the TV Guide's website). Since it is airing on the 5th, this will be the first showing of the movie since all but one of the stops on the Pokémon Black and White Tour are on later dates. A re-showing of the 11th movie Giratina and the Sky Warrior will be shown prior (5 PM) to the new movie (for those of you who like hearing Shaymin say "It's going to eat me!").

Source: Serebii



Last night's downtime

By Cat333Pokémon on January 21, 2011

The downtime from 9 PM to midnight Pacific (midnight to 3 AM Eastern) was actually scheduled several days in advance by HiVelocity (physical relocation of the server rack to a new facility). It was my fault for failing to inform everyone of this happening. From now on, I'll pass along any of these messages I receive from the host. I apologize for not informing you.



Pokemon:Best Wishes Series Dub Title Revealed

By AuraKshatriya on January 19, 2011

The dub title of the new Pokémon animé season has been revealed, via the Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver official website. The new series will simply be called "Pokémon Black and White", the names of the fifth generation games.
In Japan, it is called "Pokemon:Best Wishes", a play on the first initials of the games, as well as how the romaji for "Wishes" (roughly "Uisshus") resembles the Japanese name of the Unova Region, "Isshu".

Source(s): [ http://www.pokemongoldsilver.com/us/#/news/ashspikachu ]

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Victoryroad and SharedHosting Server Update

By KingOfKYA on January 18, 2011

As you have been aware the last few weeks the I haven been making modifications to the server. That I am happy to report after the rough first day :). Everything is running better than we have ever had it. Load (Linux's way of measuring the work server is doing) is way down. To put in perspective load on victoryroad was 8-10 now its .26-1 huge gain. That was all fixed by locating mysql to the main server and not running it in a virtual pc.

In addition this effects victorybattles as well as victoryroad.

Also the shared hosting node has been given more ram to account for hight usage lately. It should also notice snapper page loads indirectly because of the mysql server move.

Hopefully No more downtime for a while

Quote:Just to inform everyone: as work continues on VRIM, the successor to VRC, support for VRC is going to wane as development resources are shifted over to the new project. VRIM is being built from the ground up by FreezeWarp (serverside coding, browser application, and API) and me (project direction and client downloadable application), basing very little on the existing VRC. The dead refreshes for Main, connection terminations, and other small bits of lag will very likely not be fixed due to this shift.
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Shonen Sunday to Feature New Pokemon Manga Aimed at Older Fans

By AuraKshatriya on January 17, 2011

It has been announced, through posters and fliers at the Jisedai World Hobby Fair Winter 2011, that Shogakukan will be featuring a new Pokemon manga series in its Weekly Shonen Sunday. The name of the manga is currently unknown, however, it will apparently be aimed at older audiences as opposed to the other Pokemon manga (such as Pokemon Special) which are typically seen as being aimed at children. This is quite rare, as almost all Pokemon-related merchandising is usually directed towards children, and marketing it expanded on from there. Previous manga series featured in Shonen Sunday include Detective Conan ("Case Closed" in North America), and InuYasha. The new Pokemon manga will begin serialization is March, and is meant to be an attempt at "expanding the market".


[ www.PokeBeach.com ]

[ http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2011-01-16/new-pokemon-manga-to-run-in-shonen-sunday-mag-in-march ]



New Pokemon B&W Wifi and Global link Events

By TrdrsPokeTrader on January 14, 2011

The official site has updated with new details on a new Wifi event that will take place at the end of the month. To go along with next weeks B&W episode featuring Ash's Egg hatching, a Zuruggu is to be distributed over Wifi from January 28th to February 10th. This Zuruggu is Level 1 and is holding Muscle Band. They have also announced that the special fan designed Dream World house is now availiable for download in the Global Link until Valentine's Day. Also, from January 27th to March 30th, you will be able to download some special C Gear skins featuring Piplup and Croagunk to tie in with the upcoming Anime specials which feature Dawn and Brock.


Piplup C Gear:

Croagunk C Gear:

Source: Serebii


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