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Pokemon best selling game of 2010 in Japan

By zsaberslash on January 4, 2011

Pokemon Black and White are the best selling games of 2010 in Japan. (Sales figures are taken until the end of November for refrence). They sold a total of nearly 4.5 million copies.
Other Pokemon games that were in the chart were HeartGold and SoulSilver at #13, and Pokemon Ranger: Guardian or Light at #23.

Source: Kotaku



A Forum Rule Revisit: Advertising

By FreezeWarp on December 31, 2010

Lately it has become an issue that people are increasingly advertising their own forums, websites, and similar in places it simply doesn't belong. I'd like to take a quick moment to review when and where you can advertise, and when and where you can't.

What You Can't Do

  • You may NOT advertise your own forum, website, product, chat/IRC, or similar over the Victory Road Chat, by Private Messaging, or by Visitor Messaging more than a few people (or anyone who isn't your friend).
  • You may NOT advertise your own forum or chat/IRC in the advertisement board.
  • You may NOT advertise a chat/IRC anywhere on Victory Road.
  • You may NOT advertise a Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, or anything similar for any of the above.

What You Can Do

  • You may advertise your own forum, website, product, or a Facebook/Myspace/Twitter/etc. page for any of the above (except chat/IRC) in your signature. However, it must not violate the signature rules.
  • You may advertise your own website, product, or your own personal Twitter/Youtube/etc. in the advertisement board.



Victory Road's Yearbook of 2010!

By The Spirit of Time on December 31, 2010

It is already 2011 here in Dubai, and other places in the East. In few hours it will be 2011 in the West, therefore, it is the time to launch Victory Road's first Yearbook!

On December 7, 2006, the community of Victory Road was launched to only contain few members. However, as time progressed through these previous four years, Victory Road grew up to become one of the most known Pokémon forums in the web. Right now, we have reached a total number of 3,786 members, and thus, it is my pleasure to introduce the first Victory Road Yearbook to you all. Its aim to remind you of what happened in the last year of 2010, which I hope was good to you all, and also to give recognition to certain members by rewarding them with titles based upon the public's votes.

To start things off, here's a full list of the achievements and happenings which took place throughout the year in Victory Road:

•The first thing that comes to our mind is the move that occurred to the whole Victory Road Community from PHPP to Vbulletin, which showed a better success, since more features were added; the ability to post visitor messages, make and join social groups, etc.
•Cat333Pokémon introduced The Daily E-mail Newsletter where members can subscribe and receive emails notifying them of what is happening in the whole community.
•FreezeWarp started working on Crystal Islands, a site dedicated to documenting various data of the different domains within the Pokémon kingdom, joined Floatzel.net to be the websites where news is syndicated to, from Victory Road. Recently, Crystal Islands received a new beta look. Now, data can be more easily accessed and is starting to be better catalogued as well.
•Our very own chat client, the Victory Road Chat was also introduced to be available to be downloaded. It recently had its Beta 9.5 (that's beta nine-point-five) release. As a whole, the VRC allows for anybody registered at the Victory Road forums (like yourself) to communicate with everybody else. You can do this in your browser directly on Victory Road or use the client to access different rooms for special purposes - like Role Playing and completely random chit-chat. In the near future Beta 10 will be released, which further capitalizes on all the previous gains of the client while being faster as a whole, supporting broad new features, and in time support for Linux and Mac OS X (in addition to the current Windows client).
•Another interesting feature was added to Victory Road, with the help of Shadow and Sunny, which marked a symbol in its history of battling, was the Victory Road Gym League. Many strong and skilled gym leaders opened their gyms with their own prizes. A lot of members decided to go on through the challenge and beat the whole league to enter the Hall of Fame, which currently has two champions.
•We also got, with thanks to FreezeWarp, our own Arcade Games that proved to be a successful method of keeping our members entertained! Multiple tournaments occurred across the games, and we got several champions as well!
•One of the other committees that show a very great success is our VictoryDex. It is a detailed Pokédex that features Pokémon data, sprites, moves, and more all in a simple interface. Currently, the first 493 Pokémon have extensive data on their level-up, TM, and tutor moves, their breeding groups and egg moves, their stats and EVs, in-game locations, and even their sprites from each game which they appeared. Plus, you can easily search for the Pokémon you want, even if you don't know how to spell their names. If that's not good enough for your needs, Generation 5 information is now available: data for the Pokémon, including listings of their level-up moves and TM moves, are available, along with data on the moves themselves.
•Again, FreezeWarp started working on VictoryBattles, an exciting new battling and adopting system where you can raise, train, trade, battle, and journey with any of the Pokémon of your choosing. It is still very new, and more features are being worked on constantly, but the best is already there to see. Enter the tall grass to fight and capture new monsters or go to the adoption center and rescue them instead. Trade them in the trade center or show them off in your forum signatures. How you train is completely up to you.
•Our Lead Admin, Cat333Pokémon, showed us one of his interesting ideas (as usual), which is The Floatzel Oekaki. Pokékaki, has just recently been launched where you can draw people, Pokémon and, if you're up for a challenge, works of art. Then again, you could also make doddles or be completely random.
•At last, we have got to mention that A’bom created a new layout revision that is quicker to load and a heck of a lot prettier - well, maybe that doesn't appeal to you, but we think it will. Sporting the red and black colors of Zoroark, the new layout combines all the necessary data in a simpler two-column layout on Floatzel, and is mimicked in Victory Road's first default style (ever). The layout can even be used on both the VictoryDex and VictoryBattles as well. Nevertheless, you can still use the default Vbulletin layout or the themes that were donated by FreezeWarp.

Now that we are all reminded with what happened last year, it is the time to announce the awards that you all are waiting for. I want to make it clear that these awards are given upon the nominations of all the members and it is not the staff’s decision. So, let us start!

•The friendliest member in Victory Road, in the first position is Luxray13579 & Fubab_107 with a total number of points of 35! In the second position comes GrassPokemonFTW with 15 points while Cat333Pokemon lies with 14 points in the third position.
•The most active member in Victory Road, in the first position is OMGITSJAD with 52 points! With 15 points, Ningamer and Lucaria come in the second position, while in the third position are Fubab_107, JC, Magmaster12, RK_9 and Luxray13579 with a total number of 10 points.
•The most knowledgeable member in Victory Road is FreezeWarp with 40 points! In the second position comes Bela with 22 points, while .name//Technomancer is the third with 17 points.
•The most helpful member in Victory Road, is Cat333Pokemon who comes in the first position with 30 points in total. Shadow is the second with 25 points in total with FreezeWarp is the third with 20 points in total.
•The funniest member in Victory Road, is Jaredvcxz with 32 points. In the second position is piexing with 20 points while SK and randoguy101 are in the third position with 15 points.
•The best Pokémon battler, in the first position is Alakazamaster with 32 points. In the second position are Sunny and Blues with 17 points. And in the third position is The Spirit of Time with 15 points.
•The best Gym Leader in Victory Road is The Spirit of Time with 22 points. Blues comes in the second position with 20 points while Alakazamaster comes in the third position with 17 points.
•The best Super Smash Bros. Brawl player is Sunny with 25 points. Then comes Alakazamaster with 20 points and in the third position comes OMGITSJAD with 15 points.
•The best Mario Kart Wii player is Wominim with 30 points. In the second position are Flare Soru and Ultimazone with 10 points, while in the third position are Mandy1250 and Ditto616 with 5 points.
•The best writer of Victory Road is Armed_Floatzel with 30 points! In the second position comes Roxas with 20 points. There is no third position due to the numerous amount of members who were nominated for this position.
•The best traditional artist is GreenMan with 55 points. In the second position comes The Spirit of Time and Ningamer with 15 points.
•The best digital artist is PokeRemixStudio with 40 points. In the second position comes Aragornbird with 30 points. In the third position comes Jason_Henge with 12 points.
•The best spriter is Jason_Henge with 40 points. Blair_Willow is the second with 25 points while in the third position is ShinyCrobat42 with 19 points.
•The best signature belongs to GrassPokemonFTW with 25 points, while the second best signature belongs to .name//technomancer with 15 points. In the third position comes Mario227’s signature with 12 points.
•The best avatar belongs to randoguy101 and Luxray13579 with 20 points. In the second position is piexing with 15 points. There is no third position since the other nominated members all had the same amount of points and are like 10 or more.
•The biggest /b/uizel fanatic is piexing with 35 points. With 27 points comes emperorempoleon2 while in the third position comes Jaredvcxz with 22 points.
•The most missed member is LoPun with 20 points. In the second position comes LEAF with 12 points. There is no third position for the same reason as the best avatar.
•The biggest Pokémon fan is Cat333Pokemon with an outstanding number of 70 points! In the second position is Sunny with 15 points while with 10 points come GrassPokemonFTW, PokeRemixStudio and RotomGuy in the third position.

These were all the nominations. Congratulations to all those who got nominated and received these awards. For those who didn’t get nominated, all that I can say is to work hard this year in order to receive an award by next year. At last, a Happy New Year to all of you and May Victory Road live longer with more success!



US D/P/Pt/HG/SS Celebi Event (US)

By GrassPokemonFTW on December 31, 2010

From February 27th 2011 - March 7th 2011, Celebi will be downloadable at GameStop across America. This download will be available on Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, and SoulSilver.
This Celebi can activate two events:
* The Giovanni event in HG/SS at Ilex Forest, where the player learns of the backstory of Team Rocket
* Pokemon Black and White's (English Version) Zorua event in Castelia City when it comes out.

Celebi will be at Level 50, OT GAMESTP, Trainer ID 22710, holding a Jaboca Berry. It will know Leaf Storm, Recover, Nasty Plot and Healing Wish.

Source: http://www.serebii.net



FreezeWarp's Schedule for January

By FreezeWarp on December 29, 2010

Alrighty... Since there's a bunch of stuff I do that people might be interested in, my schedule is roughly as follows:

  • December 29th - January 2nd

    • Victory Road Chat (more on this later) - Highest Priority
    • VRGL Changes (initial changes) - Medium Priority

  • January 3rd - Mid January

    • Final VRGL System - Highest Priority
    • VictoryBattles - Medium Priority
    • VRC - Low Priority

  • Mid January - End of January

    • VictoryBattles - Highest Priority
    • VRC - Low Priority
    • VictoryDex - Low Priority

Just so you know :P



VictoryDex Beta 3

By FreezeWarp on December 29, 2010

Recently the fourth Beta of VictoryBattles was released, and as of today so is the third beta of the Victory Road Pokédex. The released focused primarily on underlying changes, general stabilization, though also boasts some significant changes as well, including:

  • Cries are now included for all Generation 5 Pokémon.
  • Most sprites from Crystal Islands can now be found in a slightly more organized manner at http://dex.victoryroad.net/sprites/. This will get a slightly better treatment soon.
  • Some additional languages are available for all Pokémon, as are the different item translations.
  • Some new stat data, such as growth curves, are included for all Pokémon (a bug was also fixed causing the HP stat to be wrong).
  • Natures are now detailed and can be searched in the main lookup page.
  • The EV and IV calculators are now in working order again.
  • Generation 5 Data has been added to the move Dex.

The main details are the nature dex, EV calculator, and IV calculator. Overall, though, things are much more stable and consistent as well.

For those unaware, the Victory Road Pokédex is an extensive collection of Pokémon Data in an easy-to-browse format. It is a continuation of my work on the Crystal Island Dex, and features extensive data (thanks to Veekun) for all generations on Pokémon, Moves, Items, Abilities, and Natures, while also featuring a search page, EV calculator, and IV calculator.

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Pokémon Black and White: Confirmed Release Date & More

By Aquablast on December 27, 2010

Nintendo has officially reported via press release that Black and White will be released in North America on March 6th, 2011 (roughly when it had been expected to).

Additional details have also been revealed, including that "Black City and White Forest" will have the same name in the US version. Finally, an official trailer for the games was coupled with the press release revealing Munna, Chrimary, Hihidaruma, and Gigaisu, whose names were later released on the official website.

New Pokémon Names
Minccino (Japanese: Chillarmy)
Gigalith (Japanese: Gigaiath)
Sandile (Japanese: Meguroco)
Blitzle (Japanese: Shimama)
Pidove (Japanese: Mamepato)
Klink (Japanese: Gear)
Darmanitan (Japanese: Hihidaruma)
Munna (and probably Musharna) keep their names for the English versions

New Ability Names
Encourage --> Sheer Force
Overconfidence --> Moxie
Pigeon Heart --> Big Pecks

Other New Names
Professor Araragi --> Professor Juniper
Hiun City --> Castelia City

Official Black and White Trailer:

Release Date, Pokémon Names, Ability Names: Pokémon Black & White Official Site
Other & Confirmation: Serebii & Pokebeach



The Elemental Monkeys Names are revealed, and a possible release date!

By The Spirit of Time on December 25, 2010

Some pictures of the boxes of the English version of the games were released. Along with that, a triple battle screenshot on the back of the Pokemon Black box is shown. What is more important is the English names for the elemental monkeys. The grass-type Yanappu is now called Pansage. The Fire-type Baoppu is now called Pansear, and the water-type Hiyappu is now called Panpour. It is now confirmed that N and Team Plasma are keeping their Japanese names.

Another interesting news is that Gamestop said that Black and White will be released on Sunday, April 17th. However, this is not confirmed yet, since Gamestop used to predict release dates before. Of course, we hope it is earlier than that, don't we?

It's been confirmed, as mentioned over here, that Pokémon Black and White are going to be released on March 6th, 2011.


Source: Serebii & Pokébeach



Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, Victory Road

By Cat333Pokémon on December 24, 2010

I'd like to take a moment to wish all who celebrate it a Merry Christmas. For those who celebrate Hanukkah, sorry I'm late, but Happy Hanukkah. If Christmas and Hanukkah aren't your thing, then I wish you Happy Holidays. I hope you spend a lot of time with family and friends this holiday season and equally enjoy the responses from those to whom you give presents as the presents you receive yourself. :D

Also, I hope you all enjoy the Pokémon Christmas theme that we have up.

~ Victory Road Staff



Victory Road "Yearbook" Nominations 2010!

By The Spirit of Time on December 24, 2010

Celebrating Christmas, it is our pleasure, as Victory Road's staff, to introduce the annual yearbook, which is the first of its kind in this forums. In this thread, there is a list of titles in which you as a member have to nominate members to take these awards, which will be announced as soon as the voting is done. Try to make the best possible choices for each title, for you will be giving other members recognition by nominating them to get these titles.

Before giving the list, I hope everyone to follow the rules below:
    The voting process is done privately. Every member has to copy the list to a private message, nominate and send it to The Spirit of Time. Private messages must be sent to him only since he will be the one collecting the results, and sending it to several people will cause confusion.

    For every title, you nominate up to three people. As an example, You nominate Name 1 with 10 points. The second name will have 5 points and the name in the third position gain 2 points. While collecting the results, the winner will be the one with most points.

    No one is allowed to nominate himself.

    You can only send one Private Message. You can't just send several ones with different votes.

    Please nominate one member for the first position in one title only. For example, don't put Name 1 as the first name under "The best battler?" as well as "The best writer?".

    If you don't know whom to nominate for a specific title, then just skip. However, please avoid skipping more than three titles.

    All staff members can vote.

Now that the rules are clear, here is the list in the spoiler:
Spoiler Alert: 
Quote:The most friendly member?

The most active member?

The most helpful member?

The most knowledgeable member?

The funniest member?

The best Pokémon battler?

The best Gym Leader?

The best SSBB player?

The best MKW player?

The best traditional artist?

The best digital artist?

The best writer?

The best spriter (animations included)?

The best signature?

The best avatar?

The biggest /b/uizel fanatic?

The most missed member?

The biggest Pokémon fan?

I advise that before voting to check threads, boards and Floatzel.net's related areas. If anyone has a question then ask it here. Otherwise, if you want to vote, then please send it as a PM to The Spirit of Time. We really hope that many people participate in this event, as the more people who vote, the more accurate the results are. I want to remind you that on the 31st of December, this thread will be closed and no further nomination will be accepted. The results of the voting will be posted on January 1st, 2011 which happens to be the first day of the new year. I wish good luck to everyone, and I hope that many people get the awards they wish for.

At last, Merry Christmas to you all~


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