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Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade Gen. 5 Features

By Cat333Pokémon on November 24, 2010

In the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 2010, which is an annual parade that takes place in New York City, there will be an extra Pokémon Black and White surprise, in addition to the usual Pikachu & Poké Ball balloon. Stated on the official parade site as a "specialty unit," Reshiram and Zekrom will appear in the parade. (There is a typo on the lineup that spells Reshiram as "Reshriam" instead.)

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 2010 Lineup
Two New Pokemon Joining Pikachu Balloon in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade - Marketwire



North American Names of B/W Starter Pokemon and Region Revealed

By AuraKshatriya on November 22, 2010 has finally revealed the North American names for the 3 starter Pokemon of Pokemon Black and White, as well as the region in the games. Tsutarja, the grass type Pokemon, is called Snivy, a portmanteau of Snake and Ivy. Pokabu, the Fire-Type starter is known as Tepig, a combination of Tepid and Pig, and finally, the Water-Type starter, Mijumaru, is to be called Oshawott, which seems to be a combination of either the name of the city "Oshawa", in Toronto, Canada, or "Ocean", with "Water", and "Otter". Additionally, for the first time in Pokemon`s history, the name of the region in a mainstream game has been changed. The region found in Pokemon Black and White, Isshu, will be known to international audiences as Unova, which seems to be a play on the word "Unknown", referencing how the Isshu (Unova) Region is farther away from any of the previously introduced regions than they are from each other. Additionally, the North American names for the abilities and Species Names of Reshiram and Zekrom have been revealed. Reshiram`s ability is still called "Turboblaze", and it is now known as the Vast White Pokemon (originally being the "White Yang" Pokemon). Zekrom`s ability`s name has been changed to "Teravolt" from "Teravoltage", and it will now be known as the Deep Black Pokemon (originally being called the "Black Yin Pokemon")


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A massive flaw fixed...and a hopefully faster server

By Cat333Pokémon on November 21, 2010

As you may or may not have noticed, VR has been having all sorts of errors over the past month. The chat has been kicking people off repeatedly due to dropped connections. Pages wouldn't load without reason.

Well, I finally found the cause. If you ever peeked at the VictoryBattles board, you may have noticed that there have always been at least ten people looking at it at any given time. Well, here's what happened:

When we closed down the Floatzel Pokédoptables, I created a very simple redirect script that sent all traffic over to the Floatzel Migration thread. It literally sent every single request to a file in that folder to the thread...including all of the embedded adoptables. People typically had 5 adoptables in their signatures on other forums. On popular threads, said people could get in a little posting exchange and there could easily be 20-30 adoptables in a single page. If it's a commonly-viewed page on that forum, notably the first page of a news thread, it could get hit hundreds of times. Even though it only loads the HTML document and none of the images, that is a lot of views. Every time it loads, the server has to put together the PHP scripting for the migration thread. (Well, caching might make it do that less.)

The thread is 256 KB (262,733 bytes) right now, and it has averaged that for some time...
A given page loads 20-30 adoptables at a time...
That page gets hundreds of hits...
All for a little bad-image X in someone's signature.

As of now, the thread has 1,121,538 views, which you can see here. Every one of those views was 256 KB or less. Accounting for people who didn't let all of them load, that's 250 GB of bandwidth and well over a million times the server had to put the page together and quite a few million MySQL queries.

Thank you, FreezeWarp, for fixing up the .htaccess script to properly redirect all the image calls. Instead of that massive thead code, this small (840 bytes) image I whipped up is called:



Mail Fixed

By FW on November 20, 2010

For about the past week email functionality has been mostly broken. This was almost entirely my fault; early Cat and myself were working on something that involved changing the mime type from "text/plain" to "text/html". When reverting this, instead of setting it back to "text/plain" I had a very smelly case of brain flatulence and instead wrote "text/php"... regardless, things are fixed now; thanks for bearing with us.



Massive Amounts of Ken Sugimori Art Revealed

By AuraKshatriya on November 20, 2010

Artwork of nearly all Generation V Pokemon has been revealed via the Pokemon Daisuki Club, the only ones remaining being all event Pokemon and Hihidaruma in it`s Daruma Mode. Below are a few select few Pokemon, specifically the members of two Legendary Trios present in Pokemon Black and White. As a result, spoilers are obviously present, a reason for which the pictures will be placed in a spoiler box:

Spoiler Alert: 

For a full list of all the Pokemon Black and White artwork revealed thus far, follow the link below: (note that this also contains enormous spoilers as well, obviously)

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Three "new" Pokemon to be revealed on on Monday

By AuraKshatriya on November 19, 2010

After months of anticipation following the unveiling of Zekrom and Reshiram to the world, three more "brand new" Pokemon will be revealed to players outside of Japan this Monday, on
The Pokemon in question are the starter Pokemon available to players in Pokemon Black and Pokemon White, Tsutarja, Mijumaru, and Pokabu.





Galactic Battles being released on Box Set

By Magmaster12 on November 16, 2010

Fans can now finally watch episodes of Galactic Battles after a long wait.

The current street date is March 15th.




New CoroCoro Leaks Surface

By AuraKshatriya on November 13, 2010

Despite an arrest being made not to long ago for leaking CoroCoro issues online, the Pokemon-related pages are still being leaked as usual. This issue shows Ken Sugimori artwork for many different Pokemon, and two Gym Leaders, Yacon, and Fuuro. Be warned as these pictures obviously contain huge spoilers for those who haven`t seen and/or played the games.
Spoiler Alert: 






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Multiple Pokemon Black and White Distributions Announced

By AuraKshatriya on November 7, 2010

Aside from the Trade for Evolution!, which has been taking place in Japan since October 10th, more distributions have recently and will be coming up. Tabunne will be available at Pokemon Centers in Japan for over a year (November 3rd of this year to November 4th next year). Instead of being confined specifically to someone`s birthday, it can be obtained either seven days before or after the date also. They`ll be distributed in Cherish Balls, having the new type of Ribbon, the Birthday Ribbon, and will have an ID Number of 11040. This Tabunne`s ability is Healing Heart, and it`s moveset consists of Healing Wave, Refresh, Double Slap, and Helping Hand.

Next up, from December 17th to the 11th of January next year, Pokemon Eggs will be given out over the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, from which players can randomly obtain one of three currently unknown Pokemon. This will mirror Satoshi receiving a Pokemon Egg in the Pokemon: Best Wishes episode The Yabukuron Squad and the Secret Base!?, which will air on December 9th.

Pokemon fans could vote for their favourite Pokemon to be given away through the Pokemon Global Link, with the winner being none other than Arceus, which will be available from November 5th to January 31st. It lacks a Dream World ability, and therefore will retain it`s usual ability, Multitype, and it will be at level 100. It`s moves will be Hyper Beam, Perish Song, Recover, and Judgement, and it will be from the Dream Forest. On a side note, the Pokemon that ranked in the Top 10 from the aformentioned votes are as follows:


Fans will also be able to vote on a new C-Gear Skin starting on November the 10th, which can be applied after accessing the Global Link, with the Pikachu skin still being accessible until January 31st.

Finally, various password-unlocked Pokemon, such as the Gregguru (Croagunk), will be available, with Gregguru being available until November 19th, it`s password being given out in issues of CoroCoro Magazines previously. The Kanto Starter Pokemon can be obtained until March 31st of next year, their passwords having been given out in Pokemon Peer, and the Sinnoh Starter Pokemon will be available until November 30th, their passwords having been given out through the Beginning Set TCG Set. Meanwhile, the Hoenn Starter Pokemon will become unlockable starting on November 20th, and their passwords will be revealed in an upcoming guide for Pokemon Black and White.




Pokemon Black and White Mystery Gift and Ranger Guardian Signs Shaymin Event date

By Aquablast on November 6, 2010

There is a Black and White Mystery Gift that is an egg. Here the thing it is a random Pokemon so hope you get lucky. This event starts on December 17th 2010 and end on January 11th.

On Serebii they post that the Shaymin Event for Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs. This event is called Rescue the Lost Shaymin. You may transfer it to DPtHGSS. If you send it to PtHGSS, it will change forms. This start on 15th of this month and the ending date is unknown.
OT: Oblivia
ID No: 10040
Attack: Defense Curl, Magical Leaf, Leech Seed, Synthesis.



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