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About Project*V

By FreezeWarp on October 30, 2010

Project*V is Victory Road's own self-improvement and self-development committee. Started on October 31st, 2010, the project is indeed quite new and not entirely developed yet. However, the one sure thing is the one goal which it centers around: making Victory Road work better for its users. Indeed, the project itself is perhaps merely an experiment, but the goals have always been, and always will be, here to stay.

Currently, Project*V consists of six committees:


  • Lead by FreezeWarp
  • Other members include Jason_Henge and Cat333Pokémon.
  • Covers VictoryBattles programming and design.


  • Lead by FreezeWarp
  • Covers the VictoryDex programming.

Victory Road Chat (VRC)

  • Lead by Cat333Pokémon and KingOfKYA
  • Covers the VRC, including the backend and client programming.

Victory Road Minor Improvement

  • Lead by FreezeWarp
  • Covers forum modifications and the arcade.

Victory Road Theming

  • Not yet organized.
  • Members include Cat333Pokémon, A'Bom, FreezeWarp, and others.
  • Covers Victory Road theming, graphic design, and related work.

Victory Road Gym League (VRGL)

  • Lead by Shadow, Sunny,The Spirit of Time, and Alakazamster.
  • Other members include the separate gym leaders, and FreezeWarp for technical programming.

Each of these committees work together to centralize each project around VictoryRoad. When one project benefits they all do. As a whole, Project*V is lead by FreezeWarp with Cat333Pokémon and OMGITSJAD participating heavily.

'The Future'
More is always planned as its creators become more ambitious, as new creators join the project. Even if you're not the hardest workers, we are always in need to people to participate in the focus groups. Don't by shy to report a bug, make a suggestion, or start a project proposal. You could even lead one if it sounds good.

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Zoroark: Master of Illusions coming 2011 [UNCONFIRMED]

By on October 26, 2010



Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs Special Events

By Aquablast on October 24, 2010

The first event includes reclaiming a Manaphy egg which was stolen by the Pokémon Pinchers. It is called 'Protect The Blue Sphere!' and can be played early in the game. When the egg hatches, the Manaphy will be at level 1.

The second event is called 'Deoxys and the Odd Temple', and is a multi-player mission. Only the host of the mission gets the Dexoys, which is at level 50 when sent over. The Forme of Deoxys which you receive depends on the time you take to capture it:

1 minute remaining = Normal Forme
1 to 3 minutes remaining = Speed Forme
3 to 5 minutes remaining = Defense Forme
At least 5 minutes remaining = Attack Forme (comes with an exclusive move, Meteor Mash)

The third and final event is called 'Investigate the Odd Eruption!', where you need to capture a Heatran in order to save tourists from a volcanic eruption. Heatran is at level 50 when sent over to another Pokémon game, and it knows the moves Eruption, Magma Storm, Earth Power and AncientPower.

EDIT: Shaymin mystery gift is out. It can change into it sky form. The event is called Rescue the Shaymin.

Jan 11th 2011

Source: www.pokemon.com/us

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3,000 Members!

By PokeRemixStudio on October 23, 2010

Yay, our population is now 3,000 members! That's the size of a small town. Congratz!



Banning vs. Infractions vs. Warnings

By FreezeWarp on October 20, 2010

There has been some confusion as of late as to how infractions actually work. I decided it would make sense to detail just exactly how they work along with banning and so-on.

The Warning
A warning is like a fraction accept it has a point value of "0". Points are largely arbitrary. They simply indicate the severity of what you did. At 0, it basically means "You didn't really do anything wrong, but still try not to do it again in the future". Think of it like a mod telling you inside the thread not to double post or whatever - we try to give warnings to not clutter up a thread and keep it between the receiver and the moderator.

The Infraction
An infraction is just like a warning except it carries a point value of 1 or more. The only different is that they sorta tell you did something wrong. A point value of one would be like jay-walking, where a point value of two would be similar to running a red light. Three would probably be similar to punching out a dude at a bar, four would be claiming an extra dependent on your taxes, and five would be like pulling a knife on a guy. I'd rather not go on to avoid being too graphic.

Infractions can have really no limit. As a joke I once gave a guy a 300 point infraction (care to raise your hand?), but that was the end of it. They don't limit what you can do on the forum, but may occasionally be used to determine if a user should be banned. Usually they aren't, though - they just tell a user they did something wrong and they shouldn't repeat their mistake.

The Ban
A ban is what we give you when you have done something really bad or keep doing something bad. It means you can't post or participate in other community actives. Where an infraction is like a speeding warning, a ban is like jail time. Usually these expire after a week or a month, but it depends on the reason we gave it to you and other factors.

If you get an infraction, you really don't need to complain because it simply means "don't do it again". You don't lose any abilities on the forum and usually its just between you and the moderator who gave it to you. A ban on the other hand is something where, if you feel was ill-deserved, you should contact an admin via email. You can find those in our profiles. Of course, if you actually know you did something pretty obviously wrong, it might be better to just wait until the ban is over, which is the case most times.

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Kumasyun and Croagunk Mystery Gift

By Aquablast on October 14, 2010

CoroCoro Magazine has announced a new upcoming Wi-Fi Event for Pokemon Black and White. It will be held from October 22nd to November 29th, 2010, and through it, players will be able to receive a Kumasyun, it`s only notable feature being that it is extremely rare outside of Winter. In addition, an upcoming Global Link Event, which will require a password, was also announced in CoroCoro. It will be held from October 20th to November 19th, 2010, and players will be able to get a Global Link Croagunk with the ability Poison Hand.
Japan Wifi Event: Kumasyun-October 22nd to November 29th 2010. This Pokemon is rare to see outside of Winter.

Japan Wifi Event: Croagunk-October 20th to November 19th 2010. Ability is Poison Hand. This is a Global Link event that will need a password.

Source: Serebii



New Romanisations Revealed

By AuraKshatriya on October 13, 2010

Through various trademarks, new official romanisations have been revealed for more of the Generation V Pokemon. An example of a prior romanisation being revealed was for a Pokemon formerly known as "Chiraami", which was later revealed to be correctly romanised as "Chillarmy", a portmanteau of "Chinchilla" and "Army". For additionaly romanisations, follow the link below. (Note that the link leads to a list of EVERY GENERATION V POKEMON. As a result, it would be a MASSIVE SPOILER. You`ve been warned)





Mew Wi-Fi Event

By Yoshi648 on October 12, 2010

A new Wi-Fi event for Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver is on it's way! This event will give you a Level 5 Mew which only knows one move: Pound. It will come in a Cherish ball and will have a Premier Ribbon. The Wi-Fi event will be available October 15th (this Friday) and will end October 30th (Saturday). It is unknown if this Mew will also be available for download in Diamond/Pearl/Platinum. It is available for download to those in the US/Canada and Europe.

Source: GoNintendo



Project Update

By FreezeWarp on October 9, 2010

Yea... so I've been kinda innactive lately but I am starting to work on my projects again. Here is the list and the approximate finish dates of each:

  • VictoryDex: Generation Five Pokémon (High Priority; Should be Finished Late-October or Early-November)
  • VictoryBattles RC1 (Medium Priority; Should be Finished Late-November)
  • VRGL Badge System Final (Low Priority; Should be Finished Late-October)
  • Crystal Islands Version 2 (Low Priority; Second Beta Mid-November)

I will update the status of each of these in this thread. Indeed, I am starting work on the VRGL Badge System right after I post this.



Pokémon Black and White-themed DSi systems

By Shadow on October 9, 2010

On November 20th in Japan, two new packages of Pokémon Black and White will be released. Included within each package is a copy of one of the games along with a Reshiram and Zekrom-themed DSi system. The DSi will either be black or white in colour, depending on the version you buy, and the title of the game you get will be engraved on its front. The package costs about $240, and it is still unknown whether it will be released outside Japan or not.


Source: PokéBeach


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