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[NOT CONFIRMED] Pokémon Black/White American release date

By Shadow on October 6, 2010

Two people who went to Gamestop for placing pre-orders of Pokémon Black & White were told that the games would be released on Friday April 22nd, 2011 in America, at a price of $40. It's interesting to note that the release date mentioned is the same as Pokémon Diamond and Pearl's, so it's most likely just a guess based around that. Also, the main Pokémon games are usually released on Sundays, which means that this is probably not the exact release date. However, it still gives us a good clue about the period within which the games will be released in America.

Source: PokéBeach



Pokémon Movie 14 - Trailer released

By The Spirit of Time on October 5, 2010

The first movie of the Best Wishes series has got its own teaser trailer announced on the official Pokemon movie website. This trailer has been seen in Japan after the movie: The Ruler of Illusions: Zoroark. It is rumored that the movie will be released in Japanese theaters in July, 2011. It is assured though that Victini will be in the movie.

The movie website also announced that the movie: The Ruler of Illusions: Zoroark DVD will be released in Japan on December 17th.

Here is the trailer:

Source: Pokébeach



Pokémon Black & White: the best-selling Pokémon games in history

By Shadow on September 30, 2010

Pokémon Black & White broke yet another record. Having sold 2.6 million units in the first two days only, according to a report from Famitsu Magazine, they are now the best-selling Pokémon games in history. Taking the previous record of having 1 million pre-orders in Japan into consideration, this makes Pokémon Black & White both the fastest- and best-selling Pokémon games ever!

Source: PokéBeach



New Pokémon game and Dream World update.

By zsaberslash on September 29, 2010

A new Pokémon game was announced today: Battle & Get! Pokémon Typing DS. From what is known it's a typing game similar to Mario Teaches Typing. It's set for release in Japan in 2011. The developers are Genius Sonority who also did Colosseum, XD and Battle Revolution.

Also the Dream World has been updated. It's planned to be back up by the week of October 11th. Additionally, the use has been limited to anyone with a game synced with the system. They'll also be limiting access to an hour per day.

Source: Serebii



3DS release dates

By RotomGuy on September 29, 2010

3DS will be released in Japan on the 26th of Febuary 2011. A month later, the English release. This is on March 2011. The exact date is unknown. Plus, a new 3DS game is coming out. It is called Battle & Get. It is aimed at a younger audiance and will teach romanization for Japanese to English. You are a charecter walking along a path capturing pokemon. As you type in the letters in English, the pokemon becomes captured. It is going to be released in Japan in 2011 like the 3DS, and it will probaly not be released anywhere else. Gen V will be in it.

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Kyoto Trade for Evolution!

By Pokémon Master on September 27, 2010

The official Pokémon Japan website has announced that Pokémon will be at an annual Kyoto festival for college and university students.

Not all details are known at this time. The announcement states that more details will be revealed on Friday, October 1. This will probably announce more universities and what the Pokémon might be.


To celebrate the release of Pokémon Black and White, attendees are invited to bring the DS and Pokémon games to trade and battle other players on October 10, 2010. They can also receive one of the event Pokémon being distributed.

Source: http://www.pokemon-sp.jp/news-sp/2010/09/0924_01.html



E-mail server working again

By Cat333Pokémon on September 26, 2010

If you have notifications enabled and have checked your inbox today, you may have noticed some messages from Victory Road. It took us quite a while because we weren't quite sure how to get it working again, but e-mail is finally fixed. We'll be issuing the standard Victory Road newsletter again in a few days both as a way to catch folks up and to remind other members of their registration. This also means that contact form at the bottom will work correctly again.

If you are having trouble with the e-mail being marked as spam/bulk, please add noreply@victoryroad.net to your address book. Remember that this e-mail address doesn't handle replies, so don't send questions to it.

If you wish to opt out of thread subscription notifications, don't mark the messages as spam. Instead, go to the User CP, then choose Edit Options. In the second category is an option with the heading "Default Thread Subscription Mode" with a dropdown box. Set that to "No email notification" and click Save Changes. Then go to List Subscriptions. If you want to disable all notifications from all threads, click Empty Current Folder. You can also manually click the box at the top of the rest of the checkboxes, choose "No email notification," then click Go for every page if you still want to see your subscriptions on Victory Road.
Edit: There is a issue with comcast and roadrunner email.
Edit: Emails all working



Top 10 of PPN and Downtime Update

By FreezeWarp on September 23, 2010

As of this writing, the VictoryRoad Network, which composes of Floatzel.net, Crystal Islands, VictoryRoad Forums, VictoryBattles, and the VictoryDex has reached #10 on the PPN Top 50. What does this mean? We're doing pretty dang good. The PPN Top 50 is a counter for certain Pokémon sites along with other "similar" sites. It is usually considered the crown of Pokémon topsites, with other topsites important, but generally a liability. So what does this mean? It means we are one of the most visited Pokémon destinations in the world - not #1 by any means, but we're up there.

The VR Network continues to grow in other ways, too - as our downtime has certainly shown. However we have been online for about 24 hours now, and that doesn't seem to be changing. There has been one downside to this: the Floatzel topsites are almost definitely going defunct, and the Floatzel Adoptables will also see some restrictions (and possibility outright removal). Still, our other projects will only expand further, with the VRGL soon to see a major new improvement, the VictoryRoad Chat (VRC) to receive a complete overhaul, Crystal Islands 2.0 in the works, and more. These are all coming, and we can't wait to show you. Cat and myself should keep you updated on these as they move forward.

Finally, a great many thanks to KingOfKYA for maintaining the server and brining it back up during the past week, as well as all of his previous work, our wonderful forum staff for their work keeping the place clean and respectable, and of course Cat for his continued efforts to pull everything together and the other two million things I've not the energy to name.



We're still overloading!

By Cat333Pokémon on September 20, 2010

This might be the weirdest sounding error, but KYA and I have traced the cause of the downtime to be related to the VPS that VR and Floatzel are on losing access to the Internet somehow. FreezeWarp's VPS still has access to the Victory Road one, such as sending and receiving commands and downloading files. However, beyond the server, nobody can connect to the VPS. We're still looking into the cause.

As it stands, the high traffic is quite insane: 8,000 unique visitors in a single day, which is almost unimaginable for some people. We would hate to lose the machine because of this, but we'd also hate to lose the visitors.



Concern Involving Images of Pokemon B/W

By GrassPokemonFTW on September 19, 2010

Yesterday, Pokebeach got a message from a Nintendo lawyer asking to have all images of B/W Pokemon, gameplay, etc. removed from their website for "copyright infringement" issues. The lawyer mentioned the following:

"While Nintendo appreciates your interest in and support of the Pokémon game series, your publication of this content infringes Nintendo’s copyrights in violation of federal law. Your activity also and has the potential to cause substantial damage to Nintendo, and leaves Nintendo with no choice but to take steps to protect its intellectual property rights."

"We have accordingly submitted a copyright infringement notice to your domain registrar under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and anticipate that your website will be taken down shortly. We encourage you to immediately remove from your website all graphics, screenshots, and other protected content taken from the Pokémon Black and Pokémon White games. Going forward, you must also refrain from posting any screenshots, videos, or other content that infringes Nintendo’s rights in the Pokémon series or any other game."

"Your full and immediate compliance with the foregoing should render further action on Nintendo’s part unnecessary. It is essential that we receive your written response confirming that you have taken these necessary actions by Sunday, September 19, 12:00 p.m. PDT, however, or Nintendo will have no choice but to consider its alternative legal remedies."

According to Water Pokemon Master of PokeBeach, this lawyer will be making his rounds on all Pokemon-related websites and giving the same information. I find it advisable that we should take whatever precautions to prevent the lawyer from finding anything that Nintendo might have a problem with; as some of you might have already told, I've done my part and removed Tsutaaja, Yanappu, Kurumiru, and Shikijika from my sig.

That said, commentary on the B/W games are definitely allowed. That goes for art of fifth gen Pokemon that were created by someone other than

Pokebeach has already complied to Nintendo's wishes; all B/W sprites have been replaced with Ditto, (The Isshu Pokedex only containes photos of a frowning Ditto), and all B/W Pokemon shown on the front page of Pokebeach had their faces replaced with Ditto.

It has not been told how long this ban will last; until the lawyer's threat remains in place, we should take whatever precautions we can to keep VR safe from harm.



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