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Topsites and Adoptables considered for permanent shutdown

By Cat333Pokémon on September 19, 2010

As you may have noticed, the VR server had to be force rebooted approximately twenty times in the last four hours. We may have traced the cause to be, when coupled with the flood of traffic from Pokémon Black and White, the topsites and the adoptables. We have been quite certain that the Rusnak Adoptables are one of the worst pieces of software that can be run on a server due to extremely poor optimization and query flooding.

If you have adoptables, you are highly urged to request for FreezeWarp to migrate them over to VictoryBattles when he starts. This is very serious. PLEASE DO THIS FOR THE SAKE OF THE SERVER, and please don't argue because you like Floatzel Pokédoptables more than VictoryBattles.

The adoptables may be re-opened with extremely limited scripts (clicks only, nothing else). The topsites are most likely going to be permanently shut down unless we can successfully move them to a separate isolated VPS.

Thank you, and very many apologies for the downtime.



Pokémon Black and White Sprite Gallery

By Cat333Pokémon on September 19, 2010

With many thanks to Eevee of veekun for providing the images and letting me use them, I have opened up the Pokémon Black and White Sprite Gallery. The gallery showcases the currently available sprite collection, which consists of the male versions of both normal and shiny front and back images. If you are on a slow connection, you can opt to hide generations to only show images from the generation you want.



100,000 Posts

By Cat333Pokémon on September 17, 2010

100,000. I am honestly stunned right now. A total of one hundred thousand posts seems like an impossible number for many folks who are new to forum webmastering. Alas, it has been quite a long adventure. I can still remember way back when, when every thousand posts was a huge milestone. Heck, I can still remember when Victory Road was a tiny forum named Buizel.Net Forum with two dozen members and a few “active” topics receiving a post or two a day. Looking back, I’m shocked. I thought this place would just be a tiny little site where a few friends of mine would hang out and swap stories. Haha, I remember when I could keep up with every single post and do all the moderation myself. Nowadays, that would be impossible. Victory Road surely is a lot more than I expected.

I also must thank every one of you members for your posting, gossiping, arguing, debating, discussing, spamming, and trolling. The sum of all of that truly makes a community in my eyes. Synergy is why I am proud of everyone: a team effort created a place where people can meet for a little fun and entertainment. All of the two thousand members here have made up the wonderful world I can call my second home, as well as many others who have personally told me that. I hope they will continue to keep this place their home for many years to come. I truly feel honored to be the leader of this website. Thank you very much for all of your hard work, dedication, friendship, and love you have contributed.

Speaking of love and friendship, that brings me to my next point. I love you all; I really do. Obviously, I don’t love you like a spouse or something, but as friends. Some of you I would enjoy meeting in real life. Some of you I have met in real life. Others, well, *chuckles* maybe we can just be acquaintances online. Nevertheless, everyone here has earned a place in my heart. Thanks for being good friends!

In conclusion (or TL;DR): thank you very much for your time, your friendship, your dedication, your voice, your…everything. I love you all like family.



Pokemon Black and White are Region locked

By Buoysel on September 17, 2010

BIG news for those of us importing Pokemon Black and or White: The games are confirmed region locked.

Don't panic just yet guys, the region lock only works with DSi and DSi XL. If you have an old DS or a DS lite you will be able to play the game just fine. Also note that if you have a DSi or a DSi XL that is from the Japanese market you will also be able to play your imported game. For those of you who only have a DSi that is from the American market, you might want to look into getting a used DS lite from GameStop or something.

For those of you who don't know what region locked is, it is when a manufacturer makes a device that will not work on equipment that is sold out side of their country, for example a Pokemon Black game will not work DSi sold in the US, however it will work on a DSi that was originally sold in Japan.

Spoiler Alert: 

This is an important update regarding your Pokemon Black / White Japanese
Version pre-order #197#####

We got the first units of Pokemon Black / White in and confirmed, that the
games are indeed region-locked on Nintendo DSi and Nintendo DSi XL

Please understand that we are not able to accept returns due to region
lock issues. We are sending you this email to keep you informed and to ask
you to make a decision based on this information.

First off, if you have a Nintendo DS or DS Lite Console from any region
then there is no problem

However, if you have a Non-Japanese DSi / DSi XL console then the title
doesn't not work at all on your console. The console simply will say: 'no
game cartridge'.

Please make sure that you either have a Nintendo DS / Nintendo DS Lite
- or -
a JAPANESE DSi / DSi LL to ensure that you can play the game.

More info on this matter has been compiled here

If you are currently in possession of a Non-Japanese Nintendo DSi or
Nintendo DSi XL and you want to play this title, we recommend to check our
selection of Nintendo DSi & DSi LL models here (only those marked Japanese
will play the game 100%)

If you want to cancel your order or change it, please do so as soon as
possible, as we are starting to ship them out. The majority of preorders
will be shipped on Saturday, September 18th.

You can change your order online in your account. However, the option of
changing an order will disappear once the order is being prepared for
shipping, in this case please contact our customer service for any

Spoiler Alert: 

Dear all, thank you so much for your order for Pokemon Black / White. We've done some testing and we have found out the following information below.

We have made shipment for your order, but we would like to confirm with the following:

US DS Regular - Works
US DS Lite - Works
US DSi - Does Not Work
US DSi XL - Does Not Work
JPN DS Regular - Works
JPN DS Lite - Works
JPN DSi - Works
JPN DSi XL - Works

1. If your system is not compatible, we could provide a refund, but please do not open the game(s). We will pay for return shipping.

2. If your system is compatible, or if you would like the game anyway and would like to purchase a compatible system with us or locally, you could let us know or simply keep the game.

We thank you in advance and are looking forward to your response.



Important Piracy Rules

By Cat333Pokémon on September 16, 2010

This is an official amendment to the Forum Guidelines.

  • These rules apply to all parts of Victory Road, including private messages.
  • Linking to a commercial ROM file, ISO image, or warez; music, book, television episode, or film download; or a page where a these commercial media can be downloaded will result in an significant negative consequences. Homebrew ROMs and most game hacks (IPS patches) do not count as commercial data and can be linked and discussed without issue.
  • Linking to an IPS patch or providing cheat codes, such as those used by an Action Replay, that circumvent anti-piracy techniques installed by the designer, publisher, or a third party is also considered illegal and will also result in significant negative consequences.
  • Promotion of piracy is also not allowed. Promotion is defined as supporting of illegally obtaining copyrighted media, professing preference of piracy over purchasing, admitting to owning illegal media, or stating knowledge of where to obtain illegal media. This will result in a verbal warning, followed by an infraction, and then a three-day ban.
  • Discussing ROM disassembly and information about ROM data being disassembled by other parties is allowed.
  • [*]These rules may be freely edited at any time as necessary by staff members. These rules also have a loose interpretation applied; in other words, if someone is looking for a loophole, the rules can be bent to apply to that loophole. Staff members caught editing these rules for their own illicit means will succomb to the same ban rules as normal members.



All the Isshu Pokémon Sprites here!

By The Spirit of Time on September 16, 2010

With the crazy amount of information that is getting revealed in no time, I decided to create this thread where all the sprites of the Pokémon will be listed instead of cramming the already crammed threads. Of course, I should first state that these sprites are taken from both Pokébeach and Pokéxperto, so great thanks to them.

[These images have been removed for legal purposes. Nintendo has sent a notice to PokéBeach involving their removal.]

The dex doesn't include alternate forms.



Pokémon Black and White official leaks thread!

By Shadow on September 16, 2010

Hello everyone!

It seems like a lot of Japanese people have already received their copies of Black and White, as tons of information has been posted on many different forums, like 2ch. Here's a fully detailed list of all the new information:


'New Pokémon'

Spoiler Alert: 

  • Hahderia, Yorterrie's 1st stage evolution.
  • Reparudasu, Choroneko's evolution.
  • Baokki, Baoppu's evolution.
  • Hiyakki, Hiyappu's evolution.
  • Zebraika, Shimama's evolution.
  • Kokoromori, Koromori's evolution.
  • Dakkora, a Fighting-type Pokémon holding a wooden plank. It has two evolutions.
  • Otamaro, the tadpole Pokémon. It has a Water-typing which changes into Water/Ground when it evolves.
  • Dageki, the Judo Pokémon.
  • Hahakurimo, Kurumiru's final evolution.
  • Fushide, a Bug/Poison centipede.
  • Hoiiga, the evolution of Fushide, the centipede Pokémon.
  • Ishizumai, the Hermit Crab Pokémon. Bug/Rock.
  • Zuruggu, the Dark/Fighting Pokémon.
  • Shinporah, the Flying Mask Pokémon. Only one eye, two golden wings without feathers. Psychic/Flying type.
  • Desumasu, Desukan's pre-evolution.
  • Yabukoron, the Garbage Bag Pokémon. It is a pure Poison-type.
  • Gochimu, Gochiruzeru's first pre-evolution.
  • Yuniran, Rankurusu's first pre-evolution.

EDIT - 16th September, 7:34 PM:

Spoiler Alert: 
  • Clearer picture of Hatooboo, the evolution of Mamepato.
  • Gamgaru, the 1st evolution of Otamaru.
  • Koaruhii, the pre-evolution of Swana.
  • Warubiru, the 1st evolution of Meguroko.
  • Erufuun, Monmen's evolution. It evolves using a Sun Stone. (I used a different source because the picture is clearer there).
  • Bachuru, Denchura's pre-evolution.
  • Kaburumo, a new Bug-type Pokémon.
  • Banipucchi, the Ice Cream Ball Pokémon. A white/blue ice cream ball with tiny body, almost like a baby. Pure Ice type.
  • Doredia, Churine's evolution.
  • Marakachi, the Cactus Pokémon. It is a pure Grass type and has the ability Water Absorb.
  • Gantoru, Gaigaiasu's pre-evolution.

EDIT - 16th September, 9:23 PM:

Spoiler Alert: 
  • Dotetsukotsu. the evolution of Dokkorar.
  • Pururiru, a new Pokémon.
  • Shibishirasu, the Small Lamprey Pokémon. It has a pure Electric typing.
  • Pendora, the final evolution of Fushide.
  • Purotage, the Archelon Fossil Pokémon. It is Water/Rock.
  • Yanakki, the evolution of Yanappu.
  • Aken, the Archaeopteryx Fossil Pokémon. A bird with yellow, red and blue feathers.
  • Tesshido, the Iron Ball Pokémon. It is Steel/Grass.
  • Kurumayu, the middle evolution of Kurumiru.
  • Rigurii, Green/Blue Alien Pokémon. Pure Psychic type.
  • Chobomaki, a new Bug-type. It is a clam with red body and a helmet shell.
  • Gobitto, the Hexagonal Mirror Pokémon. Front part of mirror features an angry face full of hate. Pure Ice type.
  • Hitomoshi, the Ghost Candle Pokémon. Fire/Ghost typing.
  • Murrando, the final evolution of Yorterrie.
  • Gomoniru, the pre-evolution of Gochiruzeru.
  • Kunhorou, the final evolution of Mamepato. It also has an alternate form which depends on the gender. The first one is male while the second one is female.
  • Daburan, the pre-evolution of Rankurusu.
  • Baniricchi, the evolved form of Banipucchi.
  • Nageki, the counter-part of Dageki.
  • Kumashun, a baby polar bear with a giant blue snot. It is a pure Ice-type Pokémon.

Note: No further coverage of new Pokémon will be continued, since all of the Pokémon sprites have been added to sites like Serebii and Pokébeach.


'Gym leaders and Elite 4'

Spoiler Alert: 
  • 1st Gym: Dento, Poddo, and Kon - Grass, Fire, Water - Tri Badge - Sanyou City. All Pokemon up to Level 20 will obey.
  • 2nd Gym: Aloe - Normal - Basic Badge - Shippou City. All Pokemon up to Level 30 will obey.
  • 3rd Gym: Aati - Bug - Beetle Badge - Hiun City. All Pokemon up to Level 40 will obey.
  • 4th Gym: Kamitsure - Electric - Bolt Badge - Raimon City. All Pokemon up to Level 50 will obey.
  • 5th Gym: Yakon - Ground - Quake Badge - Hodomoe City. All Pokemon up to Level 60 will obey.
  • 6th Gym: Furou - Flying - Jet Badge - Fukiyosa City. All Pokemon up to Level 70 will obey.
  • 7th Gym: Hachiku - Ice - Icicle Badge - Sekka City. All Pokemon up to Level 80 will obey.
  • 8th Gym: Iris (exclusive to Black) / Shaga (exclusive to White) - Dragon - Legend Badge - Souryuu City. All Pokemon will obey.


EDIT - 17th September, 9:09 PM:

Spoiler Alert: 
  • Shikimi is the the first Elite 4 member. She specializes in the Ghost type, and has a Desukan (Lv.48 ), a Burunkeru (Lv.48 ), a Goruggo (Lv.48 ), and aShanderaa (Lv.50).
  • Giima is the second member of the Elite 4. He uses Dark-type Pokémon and his team consists of Zuruzukin (Lv.48 ), Warubiaru (Lv.48 ), Reparudasu (Lv.48 ), and Kirikizan (Lv.50).
  • The third member of the Elite 4 is Katorea, who specializes in Psychic-type Pokémon. She has a Rankurusu (Lv.48 ), Musharna (Lv.48 ), Shinborah (Lv.48 ), and Gochiruzeru (Lv.50). She's also one of the Frontier Brains in Sinnoh (called Caitlin in English).
  • The final Elite 4 member is Renbu, who has a Fighting-type team made of Nageki (Lv.48 ), Dageki (Lv.48 ), Roopushin (Lv.48 ) , and Kojondo (Lv.50).
  • The champion is reported to be Belle. Her team consists of Muurando (Lv.66), Yanakkii (Lv.66), Musharna (Lv.66), and Enbuoo/Jaroda/Daikenki (Lv.70). Your choice of starter will determine her last Pokémon.

  • Shikimi





'Miscellaneous information'

Spoiler Alert: 
  • There are 6 HMs in the game: Cut, Fly, Surf, Strength, Waterfall, and Dive.
  • This is your in-game mother.
  • There are only 8 Pokémon boxes in the PC. It's possible that more boxes will appear once you defeat the Elite 4 and get the National Pokédex, since that is a low number of boxes.
  • Tsutarja evolves into Jyanobii at Level 17.
  • Baoppu and Munna can be caught in the Abandoned Lot of Dreams.
  • Burn Up is a new, physical Fire attack with a base power of 50, accuracy of 90, and PP of 20.
  • A new TM called Vengeance replaces the previous TM67 Recycle from Generation IV. You get it once you defeat Aloe, the Normal-type gym leader.
  • A new TM called Volt Charge replaces TM72 Avalanche from Generation IV. It is a special attack, has a base power of 70, accuracy of 100, and PP of 20. You get it once you defeat Kamitsure, the Electric-type gym leader.
  • Aati, the Bug-type gym leader, uses a Hoiiga (Lv.21), Ishizumai (Lv.21), and a Hahakomori (Lv.23). When you defeat him, you get TM76, which is a new attack called Bug Resistance.
  • Kamitsure, the Electric-type Gym Leader, uses two Emonga at Level 25 and a Zebraika at Level 27.
  • Zorua evolves into Zoroark at Level 30.
  • Furou, the Flying-type gym leader, uses a Kokoromori at level 33, Kenhorou at level 33, and Swanna at level 35.
  • [NEW] You find Purotoga and Aken (the fossils) in Rizoodo Desert after defeating the third gym. You can then revive it in Shippou City.
  • [NEW] Although the purpose is not known yet, your Trainer card lists your own Nature.
  • [NEW] Sinnoh's Champion, Cynthia, is in the Isshu region. She asks you for a battle, and has a team of Spiritomb, Milotic, Garchomp, Lucario, Wooguru, and Shibirudon. She comes during the spring and summer only, but you can battle her many times. (I thought they said there's not going to be any old characters in the games?)
  • [NEW] A new area called the Seabed Ruins is accessible by Dive, and has weird symbols all over the walls.
  • [NEW] Investigator Looker makes a return in Black and White. (Again, I thought they said there's not going to be any old characters in the games?)
  • [NEW] You are able to store 720 Pokémon (equivalent to 24 boxes) in the PC after a certain point.
  • [NEW] A new Champion called Adeku challenges you after the Elite 4 rematches. He has an Agirudaa, Buffalon, Kurimugan, Baibanira, Shubarugo, and Urugamosu. All of his team members are at Level 75, with exception of Urugamosu who is at Level 77.
  • [NEW] The Rotom formes lose their Ghost-type when they are traded to Black and White. They become the type of the attack they specialize in: Electric/Grass, Electric/Fire, Electric/Water, Electric/Ice, and Electric/Flying.
  • [*][NEW] Many of the alternate abilities which Pokémon can have in the Dream World have been revealed. Have a look at Serebii's page for a detailed list. It is still incomplete, though.

Note: Any information which relates to the plot of the games will NOT be mentioned over here.


Special thanks to Pokébeach for the new information as well as for the various images.



Japanese site updated (15th September)

By zsaberslash on September 15, 2010

According to Serebii the Japanese site has updated with some of the info and screenshots from CoroCoro. The images are in better quality than they are in CoroCoro.

In addition to this, it has put up info of the restraints of the Transfer Machine:
The Pokemon transferred must not know HM Moves.
They must not have a hold item.
Once the Pokemon is transferred it cannot be brought back onto Gen IV games.

Source: Serebii Japanese Pokemon Site



Churine and Monmen information

By RotomGuy on September 15, 2010

Did I get here first? Think so.

Anyway, new information about these 2 where revealed. It has been confirmed that Churine is a pokemon white exclusive and Monmen is a black exclusive. Churines national dex number is #548 and Monmens Isshu number is #052. The moves Churine knows at capture are Growth, Leech Seed, Sleep Powder and Mega Drain while Monmen knows these at capture: Growth, Leech Seed, Stun Spore and Mega Drain. Churine is the bulb pokemon and Monmen is the cotton ball pokemon. Churine and Monmens pokedex entries where even given.
Churine: Churine has a taste for soil rich in nutrients so crops that are raised where it lives grow well.

Monmen: If monmen is attacked, it will send cotton flying. The cotton fools the enemy while Monmen has a chance to escape.

I'll get a picture as soon as possible.

Source: Serebii



The best original soundtracks of the TV Pokémon Animé 1997~2010!

By The Spirit of Time on September 15, 2010

TV Anime Pocket Monster Original Soundtrack Best 1997-2010 is a new soundtrack that was released in Japan containing background music from the animé since its first show. It is divided into two discs, in which the first one contains music from Kanto and Johto while the second one contains music from Hoenn and Sinnoh. The CD can be bought through this site CD Japan for about $31.00.

Here is a small portion of the musics you would find:


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