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Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs official release date and box art/screen shots!

By Luxray13579 on September 8, 2010

Pokemon.com has released the official box art, release date, and many screen shots for the new Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs game!
The American release date is set for October 4th 2010.

As in the first two Pokemon Ranger games, the main tool you use is the Capture Styler, which is a small device you use to capture Pokémon. You create loops around the Pokémon using the Touch Screen. Once a Pokémon has been captured, you can use its abilities to help you capture stronger Pokémon later. For example, the captured Pokémon can use Poké-Assists to help you during captures, or some can do Field Moves that removes obstacles in your path as you explore.

You can also summon Pokémon by writing symbols called "Ranger Signs" using the Touch Screen. You can even summon Legendary Pokémon like Raikou, Entei, and Suicune!

New to the Pokemon Ranger series is the multiplayer missions! Up to four players within close proximity to each other can connect with DS Local Wireless Connection.

Spoiler Alert: 
The female and male protagonists
Swimming, and based on the bar you might have a breath limit.
Running around with captured Pokemon
Flying off on Latios
A Guradian Sign
The Official Box Art

'Source (and more screen shots):'



Famitsu rates Black and White a perfect 40/40 score

By Cat333Pokémon on September 8, 2010

Famitsu, a Japanese gaming magazine, has rated Pokémon Black and White with the highest possible score: 40/40, which is a perfect 10 in all four categories. Pokémon Black and White (as a combination) is the fifteenth game to receive a perfect score since Famitsu has started doing game reviews. The pair is the first Pokémon entry on the perfect list.


Sources: Famitsu (rating not published online yet), Bulbapedia



Isshu is New York, CONFIRMED!

By HeatRotomFTW1997 on September 6, 2010

Hello, everyone! While browsing the web, I found out that a tear out from the magazine, Pokemon Pia (Peer) has been released, confirming Isshu based on New York. The text below states: Our adventure setting is in New York?!


I personally am happy about this. Thoughts, anyone?



Random Server Errors

By James on September 4, 2010

As you may or may have no seen yesterday there was a server error for about 3 minutes or so. It was COMPLETELY random and Cat has no idea to what the cause is. We don't even know what to call this random issue <_<. There may be a slight lag for about 2 minutes or so. Since Cat hosts my site, my site went on a major lag and I apologize to all other hosted sites who have this issue. I will keep you all updated if this happens again and to what the REAL cause is.

**Note : It is not an error within the MySQL but Cat presumes its a PHP error**

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Monkey Trio revealed: Yanappu, Hiyappu and Baoppu

By Ningamer on September 4, 2010

A new image has leaked on 2ch, showing a photo of a box given out in Japan. It features Yanappu and two new Pokémon: Hiyappu and Baoppu. They are a trio of Pokémon: Yanappu is grass-type, Hiyappu is water-type and Baoppu is fire-type. Yanappu and Hiyappu are both seen and look similar (Though Hiyappu is blue), but Baoppu is unseen. It can be assumed that it too is a monkey like the others.
Source: Serebii



New Pokémon + Animé details, Massive B/W information to be revealed on September 12th

By RotomGuy on September 2, 2010

Today some pictures of Pokémon Black and White got put up on Serebii, one of which shows a new Pokémon. Here is the link to see it: image It is the one which is completely covered by accessories on the right.

In addition to that, the Japanese site for Best Wishes revealed that Jessie and James will have black customes, and that they will be sent to the Isshu region by Giovanni to take control of it. They become classified as Team Rocket's Advanced Troops due to that.

Spoiler Alert: 

Credit to Pokébeach for the picture.

Lastly, the TV Tokyo site mentioned that the upcoming episode of Pokémon Sunday, which will air on September 12th, will reveal lots of new information about Pokémon Black and White. It probably has a relation to CoroCoro, since it airs before CoroCoro's release.

'Source = Serebii', Pokébeach



2,000 Members!

By PokeRemixStudio on September 1, 2010

Yep, we hit 2k just a while, if not minutes, ago. I'm looking at the number of members and it says exactly 2,000 :^D

Congrats Victory Road!



The three starters' evolutions!

By The Spirit of Time on September 1, 2010

Serebii doesn't post unconfirmed news, but Serebii himself stated that these moves are still unconfirmed, although he confirmed that the source was truthful in previous occasions.

So, this is Tsutarja's two evolutions:

Next is Pokabu's evolutions:

At last, Mijumaru's evolutions:

No extra information were revealed, but the pictures themselves are quite valuable! Honestly, all the evolutions look cool and unique.



Black/White: Three New Nintendo Channel Trailers

By Ningamer on September 1, 2010

Over in Japan, the Nintendo Channel has been updated with three new trailers from Pokémon Black and White. The trailers don't contain many major news, but there's a lot of unseen footage. A new move was shown called Heat Stamp, which Pokabu can learn, and Iris from Best Wishes is seen in-game. The evolution animation is shown, along with surfing (The rapids from R/S/E return!), Dento's gym, a desert and lots more!

'Source: Serebii'



Pokemon Johto Legendary Sweepstakes

By Aquablast on August 31, 2010

Source www.pokemon.com
Pokemon.com is having a contest start August 30th (which was yesterday) to the 19th of September. First place get a DSiXL, HG, SS, 36 pack of Undaunted, the legendary beast tins, and guide books for HGSS. Second place get one of the legendary beasts tin. 3 can win the first place and 300 can win the second place. For information more www.pokemon.com/win. This is only for USA people.


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