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Special Crobat Download At Pokemon World Championships!

By James on August 13, 2010

A special Pokémon will be distributed to gamers with Nintendo DS systems at the Pokémon World Championships that is taking place this week in Waikoloa, Hawaii. The Crobat is level 30 and holds a Life Orb.


Quote by PokémonWorldChampionship Admin:"Attention, all gamers who plan to attend the Pokémon World Championships this weekend! Don’t forget to bring your copy of the Pokémon Diamond, Pokémon Pearl, Pokémon Platinum Version, Pokémon HeartGold Version or Pokémon SoulSilver Version game to the event. You’ll have the chance to receive a competition-ready Crobat for your game. This distribution will be available for only a limited time on Sunday, so be sure to bring your Nintendo DS and one of the Pokémon games listed here so you can get this awesome Crobat!"

Stay Tuned Fore More Pokémon Events!

Source and Image : Official Pokémon World Championships Website



Pikachu to be Distributed at Japanese 7-Eleven

By Pokémon Master on August 12, 2010

The Japanese 7-Eleven website announced a Pokémon Event distribution.

This Pikachu will be be available in 15 stores located in Tokyo. It will be distributed from August 20, 2010 to September 5, 2010. Of course all games DPt and HGSS can recieve it.

I, myself, have no idea if this will unlock any event in BW or if it's just an event.

Source: http://www.sej.co.jp/cmp/wifi1007.html



VictoryBattles Beta 3 Launched

By Cat333Pokémon on August 10, 2010

VictoryBattles, which is our battling and adoption system, has been released with the first fully public and presumably stable beta. With it, you can raise up as many Pokémon as you want, battle and trade them, and care for them. With both capturing and adopting, you can find nearly 500 species of Pokémon, and a few other strange creatures, as well. These Pokémon can also be placed in signatures for others to help you care for them.


To get started, check out VictoryBattles today! Simply login with your Victory Road account and you'll be good to go. Discuss this project and make bug reports on the VictoryBattles board.



Tabunne Leaked, Blogger Post Reveals Demo Details, Basurao and Darumakka Pictured

By AuraKshatriya on August 10, 2010

More pictures from the Black and White demo buses have been leaked onto the internet. They have confirmed the existence of the rumored Pokemon, Tabunne. It is apparently a Normal-type, and is able to (though not limited to) learn the moves Growl, Doubleslap, and Helping Hand. Basurao, another Pokemon that was rumored, and pictured (albeit poorly) also also been pictured more clearly. It is a Water-type. Darumakka, the supposed pre-evolution of Hihidaruma, is also pictured more clearly. These pictures can all be found below:




In addition, a blogger was able to play a demo of the game at Haneda Airport, and posted details about it:

-In the demo, each playthrough randomly gives the player a team of three out of Tsutaaja, Pokabu, Mijumaru, Shikijika, and Zorua. The season, as well as which three Pokemon are usable varies each time.

-The demo takes place in and around the area of Sekka City.

-The objective of the demo was apparently to battle both Cheren and Bell, and then seek out Prof. Araragi.

-Even with Illusion activated, which causes Zorua to take the form of the second Pokemon in the party, the battle screen still says "What will Zorua do?". Even weaker attacks will dissolve the Illusion, and neither the type, nor the moves of the Pokemon Zorua transforms into are transferred to Zorua. It also knew Faint Attack and Fury Swipes in the demo.

-In the demo, Shikijika knew the moves Double Kick, Faint Attack, Leech Seed, and Take Down.

-Pokabu has a high HP stat and Attack stat, but low Defense. It`s signature attack, Nitro Charge, is a Physical Fire-type move with a base power of 50, 100% accuracy, and has a chance to raise the user`s speed.

-Mijumaru has a high Attack stat. The blogger also speculates that it`s final evolution may be a Water/Fighting-type. It`s signature move, Shell Blade is a Physical, Water-type move with a base power of 75, 95% accuracy, and a chance to lower the opponent`s Defense stat. The blogger described the animation for the move as "Using Crush Claw with a shell".

-The blogger didn`t manage to see Tsutaaja`s stats, but other people he spoke to who had also played the demo said it focuses on Special stats. It`s signature attack, Grass Mixer, is a Grass-type, Physical move with a base power of 65, 90% accuracy, and has a chance of lowering the opponent`s accuracy.


Original Blog Post:



Lots of CoroCoro scans

By Cat333Pokémon on August 9, 2010

Scans from the latest issue of CoroCoro have been leaked onto 2ch like they usually do around this time of the month. Many snippings, provided by Serebii, show off a variety of new features in the game.

Aroe (or Aloe), the gym leader of Shippou City


Dento, the gym leader of Sanyou City



Shikijika and its seasonal changes


Miruhoggu and Mamanbou

Team Plasma

Pokémon Musical

Victini and its event




Miracle Shooter

Rotation Battle

Importing Vaporeon after obtaining the National Dex

C Gear


Battle Subway



Top Global Posters Re-Enabled

By FreezeWarp on August 9, 2010

The top global posters have been re-enabled. They also 100% respect a forum's "do-or-don't count towards post count" setting; previously a blacklist of only specific forums was used, now everything works perfectly (since I finally figured out this bitfield thing :P).

Remember, you can access it by going to "Quick Links" and then "Top Posters".



More and more information leaked!

By The Spirit of Time on August 9, 2010

-A new image was leaked about anew Pokémon. It doesn't seem to be from CoroCoro, so the image is still unconfirmed. A Pokémon has been shown, named Wakoishi. I couldn't get the image, so if anyone can get it, it would help. Regarding this Pokémon, no more information was revealed, apart from its name.

- It is also confirmed that different wild Pokémon will appear in different seasons.

- Sturdy ability has changed. Before, only OHKO moves were negated against this ability. However, in B/W, any move can't OHKO the user of this ability.

- Victini is found in the basement of the lighthouse, and if by accident you knocked it out, it will appear again.

- This is Victini's Dex entry: "It makes limitless energy inside its body. It releases this energy on any Pokemon who touches it." The player will meet Victini on Liberty Garden Island while investigating an incident there.

- Pokemon found in the Dream World will sometimes have different abilities, such as Vaporeon with Hydration.

- Berries are now only available in the Dream World

- The PokeShifter is only available after defeating the Elite Four, further reinforcing the previous blog post by Jun`ichi Masuda that there will be only Generation V Pokemon prior to obtaining the National Dex.

- The Pokemon Black and White game cases will come in boxes which feature Reshiram and Zekrom`s tails illuminated, as well as a Black (or White, depending on which version is bought) edging pattern over the standard box colour.

-The special abilities (not for your Pokemon, but for the player) obtained through completing High-Link missions is called "Deru Power". It can have affects such as doubling experience points gained by a Pokemon, or halving PokeMart costs, etc., and it is obtained from the Entrance Tree in the High-Link Area.

- Using the Global Link, one may download new Pokemon Musical songs, as well as covers for the C-Gear.

- Pokemon Musicals take place in the Musical Hall, with the Goods Case storing items such as accessories and costumes for the Pokemon to wear. Additionally, fans from the audience may give the player gifts once the show ends.

- In Karakusa Town, Team Plasma will be firstly shown giving a speech about how to free Pokémon from humans. Notice that this is the same ambition of the antagonist 'N'.

- There will be backgrounds that can be downloaded and allow you to customize your Pokédex using Global Link.

- Through the High Link, you can trade items and berries.

- It is confirmed now that the Battle Subway has the same exact features as the Battle Tower.

- It has been confirmed that there are 8 Gyms in Isshu to be challenged.

- The first two Gyms, Dento`s in Sanyou City, and Aloe`s in Shippou City, require the player answer questions rather than battle other trainers in order to battle the Gym Leader. One such question asked by Dento involves type compatibility, whereas a question asked by Aloe is "What is something delicious which is warmed in a pan, that you eat?".

- Shippou City contains a museum which is presumably part of the Gym. It is also is a very traditional city, having railroad tracks being 100 years old.

- Makomo, Prof. Araragi`s friend, lives in Sanyou City.

- TMs will no longer expire after being used, in the same way as HMs.

- In dark green grass, Double Wild Pokemon battles can take place (as previously seen in a trailer with the female protagonist encountering two Miruhoggu at once).

- It is also confirmed that Isshu region will have only 8 gym badges.

Sources: www.serebii.net & www.pokebeach.com



Victini Featured on Pokemon Sunday

By AuraKshatriya on August 7, 2010

On today`s episode of Pokemon Sunday, the Liberty Ticket Victini Event was shown. Victini`s ability, Victory Star, was also elaborated on. It increases Victini`s accuracy, as well as the accuracy of any other Pokemon on the same team as Victini. The move "Complete Burn" was also explained a bit further in detail. It deals damage and burns the opponent`s berries, making them unusable. It`s other moves are Confusion, Quick Attack, and Endure (at the time of capture). The location it is caught in is called the "Liberty Garden Tower", a place you can visit once you obtain the Liberty Ticket.

The video can be viewed below:

Video Courtesy of Filb.de

The silhouettes in the preview for the episode to air on the 11th were of the recently leakrd Gigaiasu, Mamanbo, and the insect-like Pokemon found on the server of Yahoo Japan`s Pokemon website.



September's issue of CoroCoro is here with new Pokemon BW Info!

By OMGITSJAD on August 7, 2010

Source: Serebii
New scans are leaking out from September's issue of the Japanese magazine, CoroCoro. This issue features some brand new Pokémon, as well as updates on some old...new ones.


  • The first scan features the new Pokémon Mooguryuu, a ground-type Pokemon. It has two new abilities, Sand Throw and Sand Power. Sand Throw doubles the Pokémon's speed while Sandstorm is in play. Sand Power boosts the power of Ground, Rock and Steel type moves in a Sandstorm.

  • Next is Kurukiru, a Bug/Grass-type Pokémon. It has a new move called Bug Resistance, which should be able to attack two opponents at once and has a chance to lower the opponent's SpDef.

  • 3rd, we have Mamanbou, a Water-type Pokémon. It has a new ability, Healing Heart that should be useful for double & triple battles because it removes status effects from your partner in battle.

  • Here is just a showing of every Pokémon we know so far, which is a total of 27.

  • Here is a showing of the special box arts that Pokémon Black/White will have.

  • New picture featuring either a snowy area or the way the game looks like during Winter.

Story Info:

  • Our heroes and rivals hometown is Kanoko Town (カノコタウン)
  • They meet Team Plasma in Karakusa Town first.
  • Dento is the first gym leader, who you fight in Sanyo City (サンヨウシティで).
  • Aloe is the 2nd gym leader, who you fight in Shippou City (シッポウシティ).

Battle Features:

  • The Miracle Shooter lets you use items(Potion, etc.) in wireless battles. You need to gain points to use them first, however.
  • The Battle Subway is a lot like the Battle Tower, where you fight 7 trainers in a row and gain points to use at stores to redeem them for items.

Stay tuned for more, we'll be editing this with new info as it comes.



Black and White Tour Bus Reveals New Details

By AuraKshatriya on August 6, 2010

A scan from the Pokemon Black and White tour buses going through Japan has surfaced on the internet. It shows the official artwork of a previously shown Pokemon, Gigaiasu. It is classified as the "High Pressure Pokemon", and is a pure Rock-type with the ability "Sturdy". It`s height is 1.7m tall, and it weighs in at 270 kg. Additionally, a brand new Pokemon was revealed, Emonga, the Flying Squirrel Pokemon, an Electric/Flying-type Pokemon with the ability static. It is 0.4m (the same height as Victini), and weighs 5 kg. The scan can be found below:


Also, a picture of some gameplay from inside the tour bus has revealed another new Pokemon:


It is apparently named "Darumakka" (ダルマッカ), a Fire-type Pokemon, and the pre-evolution of Hihidaruma.

Details on Shikijika, the deer-like Pokemon revealed in the Black and White Promotional trailer have also been revealed:

1.Shikijika is a Normal/Grass type and has the ability Chlorophyll.
2.Shikijika`s appearance will change based on the season. In Spring, it will be pink, Summer green, Autumn orange, and Winter brown.
-Note that this also provides evidence that seasonal changes will be made visible in the game`s overworld, which some people began speculating after seeing 5:08 of this trailer:

3.Another new Pokemon mentioned (though no pictures were given) is
Basurao (バスラオ), which knows Aqua Jet and Uproar.

4.Growth seems to now have a slightly altered effect. It now raises the Attack stat in addition to the Special Attack stat by one stage when it is used.

5.Aloe, that has been shown before, is a gym leader of Shippou City.

And finally, Shell Blade, a move which Mijumaru is known to learn, has had some details about it revealed. It has a base power of 75 and is a Physical move. It`s accuracy is 95%, and it`s additional effect is a chance of lowering Defense stat of the Pokemon hit by the move.

Source(s):[Serebii.net]-[PokeJungle.net] - [Pokébeach.com]


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