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'Oha Suta' reveals more Pokémon and further information

By The Spirit of Time on July 30, 2010

Quote by Pokébeach:Today's Oha Suta revealed three new Pokemon: a deer Pokemon, Shikijika (シキジカ); an unnamed swan Pokemon; and the evolution of Minezumi, Miruhoggu (ミルホッグ). The show also confirmed that the evil team in the game is named Team Plasma, as the rumors from several months ago stated.


Source: Pokébeach

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TONS of new Black/White info, Shikijika, Miruhoggu revealed in a new trailer!!

By OMGITSJAD on July 30, 2010

(From Filb.de and Serebii.net)

New trailer for B/W released, showing off the C-Gear(you can battle, trade, etc. friends pretty much ANYWHERE in the game; so no more stopping by Pokecenters for a quick battle or trade!, High Link, New Pokemon, Pokemon Musical, a new battle style, and more!)

Spoiler Alert: 
image, image, image, image, image, image



HeartGold and SoulSilver Enigma Stone Event!

By James on July 27, 2010


The Pokémon Wi-fi event for HeartGold and SoulSilver has finally come to America, Europe, and Australiasia. In this event you will have the ability to receive a Latios or a Latias (depending on the game) by going on wi-fi and receiving the Enigma Stone. Head over to the Museum in Pewter City to receive the Soul Dew and go outside where either Latias or Latios will appear. The wi-fi event starts on July 31, 2010 and ends on August 27, 2010. Make sure to get yours!

Stay Tuned For More Pokémon Events!

Source and Image : Tohjo Falls

Other Source : Official HG/SS Pokémon Website



Bikutini (Victini): New on Pokémon Sunday

By Cat333Pokémon on July 24, 2010

Bikutini (or Victini), a new monster, was revealed today on Pokémon Sunday. It's listed as #0 in the Isshu Pokédex. Fans of previous games may notice that this number is also that of MissingNo.

Thanks Serebii for this one from the preview:

Bikutini was shown in better detail:

A battle screen:

Girl trainer in battle:

From the Daisuki Club newsletter:

Credit: Pokémon Sunday, Filb.de video, ポケモンだいすき!



Top Global Posters

By FreezeWarp on July 22, 2010

A new page has been added to determine the top posters across all boards. Measured for periods of the past 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days, 365 days, and all time, this extension is useful for seeing how you rank in the top 20. It uses my own code (found here: /index2.php?page=thread&threadid=3983), and can be accessed from the "Quick Links" menu.

Currently #1: Not Me



Pokémon Black/White Starter, Rival, and Wild Battles Footage!

By OMGITSJAD on July 22, 2010

From PokéBeach.com 's Youtube page, here is some awesome footage of Black and White's opening, starter obtaining, and rival battles. Warning, however, this footage contains all of the opening of the game, so if you dont want yourself spoiled, don't watch!

For everyone else:

EDIT: While some of the footage here is old, I think there's some new stuff in it. At least I haven't seen it yet. This also shows you can play with the camera mid battle, probably via the touch screen...hmm...maybe that's what SHOOTER is for!



New monster: Mamanbo

By Yoshi648 on July 21, 2010

Japanese show Oha Suta showed some more video footage of Pokémon Black and White. While showing a triple-fight, a new Pokémon known as ママンボウMamanbō was shown. From it's appearance, we can pretty much confirm it will be an evolution of Luvdisc.


Source: Filb.de and GoNintendo



Beckett Media Sued by The Pokémon Company International

By Cat333Pokémon on July 20, 2010

The Pokémon Company International sued Beckett Media, known for Beckett Unofficial Pokémon Collector, for upwards to $75,000 for publishing unauthorized scans of trading cards from several recent sets and using graphics in order to gain a profit through commissions.

Former PokéZam (previous location of Crystal Islands) owner, Alakazam (Sean Cooper), is an editor for Beckett Unofficial Pokémon Collector.

Courthouse News
Bulbapedia: TPCi files lawsuit against popular magazine publisher



Pokemon Sunday discusses new characters and Pokemon.

By AuraKshatriya on July 17, 2010

As the title says. Here`s the video, courtesy of filb.de (quality should improve upon completing processing)

Well, in today`s episode, the newly-revealed characters of the game, namely Cheren, Belle, Makomo, and N. Makomo is a friend of Prof. Araragi, and after performing a task for her, she will give you the C-Gear, allowing you to have trades straight from the PC, as well as use the Live Caster (once obtained) for video conferencing of two people over Wi-Fi, and four people over local wireless (note that this function is only available for the DSi and 3DS).

Belle and Cheren are both your rivals in the game. Belle (the blonde girl) has become a Pokemon Trainer despite her father not wanting her too, and is somewhat unreliable. In contrast to this, your other rival, Cheren (the boy with glasses) wishes to become Champion of Isshu. He`ll give you tips as you go on your adventure, and is quite intelligent. "N" is the antagonist of the game, and wishes to seperate people and Pokemon to "set the Pokemon free", splitting them so it`s like black and white. Additionally, to try and justify his ideals, he`ll battle you repeatedly throughout the game, and is searching for a means to achieve his goal.

Additionally, some new Pokemon such as Wargle, Rankurusu, and Gochiruzeru were discussed, and it showed Free Fall in action, as well as Magic Room, though, it seems filb.de didn`t record that, so I`ll see if I can upload my own clip of that part.



Pokémon Black and White pre-order bonus.

By Yoshi648 on July 17, 2010

For those of you planning to pre-order Pokémon Black and/or White from Japan, you will receive a pre-order bonus*. They are keychains which display the mascot of the version you got (Resiram or Zekrom) and when the button is pushed it will play said Pokémon's cry. If you pre-order both versions you will get a PokéBall screen cleaner. Since the US and other parts of the world have previously received the same bonuses as Japan, expect to see these as well (though I would prefer figurines like HGSS had).


*Getting the keychains with the game's pre-order will vary based on where you order it from.

Source: GoNintendo


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