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[SPOILER] Honedge can evolve.

By RotomGuy on September 25, 2013

Meet Doublade, the evolved form of Honedge! Announced via Facebook today, all the details are on the picture.



[SPOILER] Fossil Pokémon Evolution Revealed

By RotomGuy on September 19, 2013


It's now been confirmed to be real, and Tyrantrum has been revealed too.

Additionally, the site that leaked the other evolution states that it learns Lyophilisation, an ice-type move that deals SE damage against water-types! It also has decent chance to freeze.

It has also been revealed by Serebii that no Kalos Pokemon will be recieving any Mega Evolutions in X and Y.



More staff changes

By Cat333Pokémon on September 18, 2013

As you may have noticed, I've dropped many of the staff members. The reason behind this is that at the time we don't need to have that many. Of course, staff is always in flux, so if we need additional moderators, I can always bring some of them back on board, particularly starting next month when Pokémon X and Y release.



[SPOILER] Pokémon X and Y Localisation Details

By GrassPokemonFTW on September 13, 2013

Some more information has surfaced, mostly on localisation of the X and Y Pokémon, NPCs, and features revealed earlier this week! There are a few more interesting reveals as well!

Pokémon English Names:

  • Hariboogu (Chespin's evolution) is called Quilladin.
  • Teerunaa (Fennekin's evolution) is called Braixen.
  • Gekogashira's (Froakie's evolution) is called Frogadier.
  • Chigorasu (the tyrannosaurus fossil Pokémon) is called Tyrunt.
  • Amarusu (the ice dinosaur fossil Pokémon) is called Amaura.
  • Torimian (the poodle Pokémon) is called Furfrou.
  • Nyaonikusu (the gender-differing Psychic cat Pokémon) is called Meowstic.

Character Names:

  • The notably all-female admins of Team Flare are Celosia (purple hair), Aliana (orange hair), Bryony (green hair), and Mable (blue hair).
  • Team Flare also has a main scientist, who goes by the name Xerosic.
  • The actress Karune who will encounter you numerous times during the adventure is known as Diantha.

Pokémon Moveset, Ability, and other Details:

  • Pyroar has aesthetically differing appearance between genders.
  • Details on customizing Furfrou's appearance has been expanded upon. You can customize it into any of 3 forms, but it must be maintained or it will revert to its original form.
  • Furfrou learns the move Baby Doll Eyes, a Fairy-type priority move (though to what extent is unknown) and has the chance of lowering the opponent's Attack.
  • Tyrunt is confirmed to learn Dragon Tail.
  • Tyrunt's ability will be called Strong Jaw, which increases the power of biting moves like Crunch. Amaura's ability is called Refrigerate, which makes Normal-type moves Ice-type moves instead.
  • Tyrunt is borne from the Jaw Fossil, and Amaura from the Sail Fossil.
  • Mega Mewtwo X is confirmed to have an increased Attack stat. Mega Garchomp has increased Attack AND Special Attack, at the cost of Speed.

Type Matchup Details:

  • Ghost-type Pokémon cannot be prevented from switching. For example, moves like Mean Look have no effect on them and abilities like Shadow Tag will not work on them.
  • Electric-type Pokémon can no longer become paralyzed by any means, including through passive effects such as with Body Slam.
  • Grass-type Pokémon are no longer affected by moves that involve spores/powders; Stun Spore, PoisonPowder, Sleep Powder, and maybe Spore do not work.

New Features:

  • There will be a feature allowing you to take 10 second videos (called Trainer PR videos), featuring you and your Pokémon. The mechanics of how this will be done are unknown, but you will be able to adjust camera angles, edit expressions, and even customize the background music.
  • The new Global Link website will be mobile-friendly with its own version that opens on October 12th, with the actual Global Link website going live later in the month.
  • Disconnecting from a wi-fi battle will now result in a game loss.

Spoiler Alert: 

The official Sugimori artwork of the three evolutions of the starter Pokémon.

The official Sugimori artwork of the two fossil Pokémon.

Furfrou and its various different hairstyles...I guess?

The official Sugimori artwork of Meowstic's two formes.

The official Sugimori artwork for Pyroar's male and female form.

Team Flare's admins (clockwise from bottom right: Celosia, Mable, Bryony, Aliana) and Xerosic.

The official Sugimori artwork of Diantha.

Source: Serebii, PokéBeach



[SPOILER] October 2013 CoroCoro reveals more new X and Y info

By zsaberslash on September 11, 2013

Scans of the latest issue of CoroCoro are surfacing and with them comes lots more new X and Y info. New Pokemon names are the Japanese name.

First up, Mewtwo gets a second Mega Evolution named Mega Mewtwo X. It is a Fighting/Psychic type, has the ability Steadfast and has an increased Attack. The previously shown Mega Mewtwo is named MegaMewtwo Y. MegaMewtwo X is exclusive to Pokémon X and its Mega Stone is called Mewtwonite X. Mega Mewtwo is exclusive to Pokémon Y, it is a Psychic-type, can learn Hypnosis and it's Mega Stone is called Mewtwonite Y.

Secondly Garchomp is revealed to have a Mega Evolution called Mega Garchomp. Mega Garchomp has Sand Force as its ability.

Thirdly Fairy-type's type effectiveness have been revealed. Fairy-type attacks are super effective to Fighting, Dark and Dragon types and not very effective on Steel, Fire and Poison types. A Fairy-type Pokémon is weak to Steel and Poison type moves, resists Fighting, Dark and Bug type moves and are immune to Dragon-type moves. Also Steel has lost its Ghost and Dark resistances.

Next, more Pokémon have been revealed. Two new fossil Pokémon are shown:
Chigorasu is a Rock/Dragon and has Hard Chin as its ability which increases the power of moves involving the jaw, for example: Crunch. Amarusu is a Rock/Ice and has Freeze Skin as its ability which turns any Normal-type moves into Ice-type and increases their power. Amarusu can also learn Aurora Beam.
Torimian which was spotted in the recent Pokémon Direct trailer has Fur Coat as its ability, which cuts contact moves power by half. It is a Normal-type. It can have its fur trimmed to changed its appearance by a new mechanic.
Nyaonikusu is a Psychic-type and has major gender differences. The male has a more aggressive movepool while the female has a more supportive movepool. It can have Keen Eye or Infiltrator as its ability.

The starter Pokémon have also had their evolutions revealed:
Chespin evolves into Hariboogu, which is a Grass-type and can learn Mud Shot. Fennekin evolves into Teerunaa, which is a Fire-type and can learn Psycho Cut. Froakie evolves into Gekogashira which is a Water-type and can learn Bounce.

Team Flare's leaders have been revealed as five scientists named: Kuseroshiki, Momiji, Bara, Korea, and Akebi. They are apparently trying to make a "beautiful world".

Also revealed is the ability to change your clothes and hair ingame at a Salon/Boutique. A famous actress called Karune will help you with this.

Finally, Parting Shot, Geomancy and Oblivion Wing are listed as unknown types even though Geomancy was announced as a Fairy-type move and Oblivion Wing was announced as a Dark-type move.

[Source: Bulbanews Pokebeach



[SPOILER] Kanto Starters' Mega Evolution are revealed!

By Aquablast on September 7, 2013

It was revealed that on Pokemon Direct that Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise will now have a Mega Evolution.

Spoiler Alert: 
Mega Venusaur have Thick Fat as it's ability, and it's Defense and Special Defense' stats are now increased.

Spoiler Alert: 
Mega Charizard have Drought as it's ability, and it's Special Attack's stat is now increased.

Spoiler Alert: 
Mega Blastoise have Mega Launcher as it's ability, and it's currently not revealed what increase in stats it have.

It also been announced that Professor Sycamore will give you a choice of one of the Kanto's starter.

Source: Serebii



[MAYBE POSSIBLY SPOILER RUMOR] Hirobyte tells us of more Mega Evo's.

By on September 5, 2013

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Floatzel.Net to be downsized/repurposed

By Cat333Pokémon on September 4, 2013

With the imminent release of VGVids (yes, I have actually been working on it, and it's almost finished), most of the Floatzel.Net content will be moved there. Floatzel.Net itself is going to be practically taken apart and repurposed. More details will be available in the future.

Affiliates in this list: Please leave the affiliation up. I will let you know what to do once things go through.

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[Spoiler] A new way to store and transfer Pokémon revealed

By Shade on September 4, 2013

" The first big Pokemon X and Pokemon Y announcement of this morning's Nintendo Direct was Pokemon Bank. Pokemon Bank is a 3DS application that will allow players to store up to 3000 Pokemon online. Cloud Pokemon, get it? Yeah it wasn't so funny the first time I said it either. Pokemon Bank will be a subscription-based service, which Iwata said would have an, "annual fee."

Features of the Pokemon Bank system include the ability to deposit or withdraw Pokemon from multiple copies of the game, as well as huge 3000 Pokemon storage size. All it requires is that a Pokemon X or Y game card be plugged in (or the downloadable version opened) and then the application can be turned on.

While the addition of an annual fee isn't exactly great news, for an online service that many Pokemon players will be using I suppose server fees have to be paid somehow. No price has yet to be announced, but hopefully Nintendo will keep it affordable for all Pokemon X and Pokemon Y players, young and old. Nintendo's also revealed that there will be a free trail period to start out with.

In addition to Pokemon Bank, Nintendo announced Poke Transporter. Poke Transporter makes transferring Pokemon from other games a much simpler process, as it works hand-in-hand with Pokemon Bank. Just plug in a copy of Pokemon Black, Pokemon White, Pokemon Black 2 or Pokemon White 2 and you can transfer your Pokemon in the Bank. That's all it takes! No other games are planned to be supported at this time, it seems.

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y will be launching October 12 exclusively on the 3DS, now with Pokemon Bank and Poke Transporter! "

Source: Neoseeker



Brand New Original Anime Pokemon Origins

By Magmaster12 on August 16, 2013

It was announced today at the pokemon game show that a new pokemon anime is set to air every Wednesday starting October 2nd.

All we can make from this are these pictures.

image image image image image imageimage


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