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500 Members

By Cat333Pokémon on February 2, 2010

Five hundred (well, really 505) members have joined Victory Road!

Here are the current statistics:
Quote:Threads: 1,824, Posts: 28,774, Members: 505

Keep it up and thank you everyone!



Overhauled! Add: Pichu's World, FireChao, Pokémon-Safage

By Cat333Pokémon on February 1, 2010

First of all, you may notice a severe reduction in the number of affiliates displayed on the right side of the main site. I have forced myself to have no more than 15 after a recommendation by James. However, no sites have been dropped. Instead, they were moved to a page titled "Mini-Affies". If your site is listed here, don't worry about being dropped. I simply have way too many that I have to be picky. If you feel like your site should be moved to the main list, either reply to this post or send me a message.

As for the new affiliates:

Pichu's World, who is partnered up with Pikachu's Hideaway, has an abundance of nice content, including oekakis, free graphics, sprite rips, and an active forum. And you can't argue that the Pichu in the top-left is really cute! A Cat333Pokémon Recommendation!

FireChao is a developing Pokémon site. It has lots of good information on competivite battling. While there isn't a whole lot, it certainly is worth a visit for anyone interested in battling others.

Pokémon-Safage, another Spanish site, recently moved so there isn't much content. The owner told me that the site is currently being moved. Esto sitio es en español.

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Kotone's US Name Revealed!

By evandeck on February 1, 2010

Quote:The official site has updated with details for Saturday's episode and have revealed Kotone (コトネ)'s US name. This name is the same name in both the Animé and the HeartGold & SoulSilver Games and as such, she is now known in English speaking territories as Lyra. This name keeps the same meaning as the Japanese name in that it's based on the sound of a harp.

Source: http://serebii.net/index2.shtml

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Pokémon Generation 5 CONFIRMED

By Cat333Pokémon on January 30, 2010

Generation 5 of Pokémon has been officially confirmed by Nintendo Japan through a press release. There will be a "number of new Pokémons [sic]" (Iwata) in the game, to be released near the end of 2010. However, it is rather odd that Nintendo plans to release a new Pokémon generation in Japan during the same year that HeartGold and SoulSilver Versions were released in the United States, Europe, Australia, and Korea.

Iwata, Satoru, "Investor Relations: Third Quarter Financial Results Briefing for Fiscal Year Ending March 2010", Nintendo Company Japan, 30 January 2010.



New Pokemon RPG due by end of year

By Magmaster12 on January 29, 2010


This may be because of Nintendo's policy on annoucing games in advanced but it probably is Gen V because Game Freak is publishing it.



Vera's Tales Site & Journey of Dreams

By Cat333Pokémon on January 28, 2010

Vera's Tales Site is an Italian website centered around its icon, May (Haruka). This site has so much information that I would probably spend a whole day trying to list it all! It's got loads of stuff on games, personality profiles, news, basics guides, TCG lists, webmaster information, console data, music/movie information, and stuff about the manga. And each of these sections has many pages of its own. :-P A Cat333Pokémon recommendation! Questo sito è in italiano.

Journey of Dreams, another Italian website, also has a great deal of information, but I see something quite unique that I noticed myself looking through: Dinosaurs Analysis. This is one of the few Pokémon websites I've seen with significant information about dinosaurs. It actually relates individual Pokémon to their "origin" millions of years back. A Cat333Pokémon recommendation! Questo sito è in italiano.

As both of these sites are part of a community forum, I believe they may related.

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REMINDER: GameStop Pikachu-coloured Pichu event

By Shadow on January 27, 2010

The Pikachu-coloured Pichu is going to be available at GameStop stores from January 30th to February 14th within Pokémon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum games.

This special Pichu activates a unique event in Pokémon HG/SS when taken to Ilex Forest; it unlocks a special Spiky-eared Pichu which then joins your party as well.

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GameStop Jirachi event - CONFIRMED

By OMGITSJAD on January 27, 2010

The Jirachi Gamestop event was confirmed today and will be coming February 27th to March 13th(dates subject to change) to a local Gamestop near you(most likely US only though :sad: )

This Jirachi will know the special dragon-type move: Draco Meteor, and when traded to a copy of HeartGold or SoulSilver, it will unlock the special Pokewalker course, Edge of the Night Sky.

Source: Serebii(link to Edge of the Night Sky's Pokewalker Course info)
Source 2: Gonintendo with Gamestop AD



New layout is out! HeartSoul World opens!

By Cat333Pokémon on January 23, 2010

The new layout for Floatzel.Net has been published! Just check out any page of the site to see it.

Also, HeartSoul World, to be run by me and EricThePelipper, has opened up. Right now, it just has some simple screenshots and my in-progress Let's Play, but it will get more as the American release nears.



A partner and two affliates

By Cat333Pokémon on January 23, 2010

With my new layout rolled out, I have got two new affiliates and one partner to show you.

Pk-Life is the new partner, a Spanish website with good information and news on a variety of Pokémon items, including games, anime, movies, manga, and much more. Also features Sunray Battle, topsites, chatroom, and an under construction Pokédex. Recommended by Cat! A 5/5 site. (Look for us on the International Affiliates ("Afiliados Inter.") WARNING: This site has pop-up advertising. Esto sitio es en español.

PkOrigen is another Spanish website, but this one is a bit newer on the Web. There seem to be many works in progress around the site, but it certainly looks promising. WARNING: This site has pop-up advertising. Esto sitio es en español.

Hoshiko Designs is a simple site, with basic information on Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokémon, and Web designing.

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