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Unactive for 3 - 4 days!

By CloneCharizard on October 28, 2009

I know I am still a new, so you will all be wondering how have I become an admin & be so unactive, the reason for this is I am designing my new website along with new forums. This will take 3 - 4 days so in the mean time I will not be very active during those days on these forums or even any of the others that I am an admin at.



Compatibility Confirmed in All Major Browsers

By Cat333Pokémon on October 28, 2009

After fixing up the site's coding, I've confirmed that most of the site (meaning its layout and the major pages) works well in all major browsers.

Internet Explorer 8: No flaws
Internet Explorer 7: No flaws
Internet Explorer 6: Small overlap (correcting now), transparency
Internet Explorer 5.5: Small right margin (correcting now), transparency
Internet Explorer 3: Too terrible to list
Firefox 3.5: No flaws
Firefox 3: No flaws
Firefox 2: No flaws
Firefox 1.5: Small graphics issues
Safari 4: Hit counter shows error (alleviated on home page)
Chrome 3: No flaws
Opera 9.36: No flaws
Opera Wii: YouTube player JavaScript doesn't work
Netscape 9: Small graphics issues
Netscape 4.8: Too terrible to list
Konqueror: Hit counter shows error

Untested in last month:
Opera 10
Safari 3
Safari 2
Opera DSi

There is also an issue where some browsers show anything in Arial Black in italics. I'm fixing that now too.



Pokémon Rumble release date confirmed.

By Yoshi648 on October 28, 2009

Snippit of larger poster

Pokémon Rumble (WiiWare) will be released November 16th in the U.S. (This also happens to be the day right after New Super Mario Brothers Wii will be released). It will be available for 1000 Wii Points ($10).

Thanks to Magmaster12 and Bulbapedia

Quote by Cat333Pokémon:In North America, Pokémon Rumble (in Japan as Melee! Pokémon Scramble) was confirmed for release on November 16, 2009 to the Wii Shop Channel (requires Wii Software 4.2 or newer).

Unlike the original Japanese version, which was released for 1,500 Wii Points (1500 yen), the North American version will be available to purchase for only 1,000 Wii Points (10 US dollars).



New Wi-Fi events for HeartGold/SoulSilver

By Yoshi648 on October 28, 2009

The official Pokémon Japanese website has announced some new Wi-Fi events for those of you with HeartGold/SoulSilver.

From November 11th to November 23rd you can download a Mew. It will be level 5 and will have the Premier Ribbon. This Mew will then be available to Diamond/Pearl/Platinum (again Japan only) January 29th to February 11th.

From November 27th through January 11th you can download the Enigma Crystal. This item is to be taken to the Pewter City Museum which will activate the Soul Dew. This will allow you to battle either Latios (HeartGold) or Latias (SoulSilver).




By Yoshi648 on October 26, 2009

This is just a reminder to PLEASE read and follow the rules. I have been seeing lots of people fail at spelling/grammar, spamming the Games board, and excessive use of smilies in every post.




CloneCharizard the new Admin!

By CloneCharizard on October 25, 2009

Hello everyone, probably none of you know me other than Cat333Pokemon who has made me an Administrator. I will help out the site & forums. :D Oh and just so you all know I am an experienced forum Administrator & website designer.



200 members!

By Cat333Pokémon on October 25, 2009

As of today, October 25, 2009, 200 members have joined the forum! Thanks everyone and continue posting. 8)



Two New Partners: PLN and PWBT

By Cat333Pokémon on October 25, 2009

The websites Pokémon Legends and PWBT, both run at least in part by CloneCharizard, have become partner sites to Floatzel.Net.

According to another admin (LakeOfRage) of another site (International Pokémon News Center) that will be joining the partners soon, a partner is someone you share content with, notably for news and images. (I seriously need a better definition.)

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Pokémon Rumble - TCG

By Yoshi648 on October 24, 2009

The US will soon be receiving the Pokémon Rumble TCG set this December. Hopefully this will be a sign that the actual WiiWare game will be coming stateside sometime by the end of the year.





Next Pokemon Movie

By Amethyst on October 23, 2009

Omg have you guys seen the trailer here? (btw let me know if a topic has been posted somewhere about this already)


It might only be a minor scene or just a teaser and not even a scene at all but what do you guys think? Instead of 3 beegies vs. uber beegie, it's uber beegie vs. uber beegie 0.0! Also Raikou needs a movie already lol


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