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12th Movie English Title Get!

By Yoshi648 on August 10, 2009

We got the name for the 12th movie: Arceus and the Jewel of Life


They also pronounce Arceus as "Ar-say-us". Most people have typically pronounced it as "Ar-see-is" or "Ar-see us".



New Administrator

By Floatzel on August 8, 2009

Hello. I'm the new admin on this board, and I now help Cat out with his website, which includes this forum. You may also catch me on his Ustream broadcasts.



New Affiliates, Drop Affiliates, New Buttons

By Cat333Pokémon on August 5, 2009

Yet another new top affiliate! This time, it's The Forest Manor, a site with many tools for web layouts. Unfortunately, I had to drop several other affiliates off because their sites are gone and I cannot find them. If you are one of these sites, please send me an e-mail telling me where your new website is!

Update: I received a second affiliation request, which I promptly accepted. Today's second affiliate is Team Rango, which also has a good amount of information and videos of opening card packs.

Webmasters: I have added several new buttons to the affiliation page for those who wish to have a greater selection.

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Important: Signature Evaluation

By Cat333Pokémon on August 3, 2009

I have noticed a signifcant addition of Brawl cards, Mario Kart licenses, and Dragonfly Cave quiz results, among other things. Please limit yourself in the items in your signature. It should only be a small identification thing. Please use the time you are using to read this to evaluate your signature. 'If you have multiple images with a height of at least 100 pixels, they MUST be on the same line.' Exceptions can be made if you ask.

Failure to comply with this rule by the mass will force me to remove the ability to use images in signatures (which sucks). 'Failure to comply as an individual will cause a warning to be added to your profile.' And I will be editing signatures.




By Ditto616 on August 3, 2009

Today on the Pokemon Official Website, Arceus was officially revealed to the United States!... *looks for Arceus Smiley, but can't find one* :?:



Arceus Revealed, New Affiliate, HG/SS Fund, Beta Homepage

By Cat333Pokémon on August 3, 2009

New top affiliate! Of course, it's AobaruNet, the same site that just handed me the code for the AAPA! Thanks, Aobaru-Kun. Be sure to check this site out; it has lots of great content.

After I got my Darkrai earlier today, a new shocker hit the fan at the Official Pokémon Website: ARCEUS. Yep, the Pokémon that represents God has now been revealed outside of Japan along with tip-offs on a TCG expansion and 12th movie. Arceus is also the Pokémon of the Month for August 2009.

Next, I've started a fund of sorts. If you've got some spare money and would like to watch me play Pokémon HeartGold or SoulSilver live on broadcast shortly after the Japanese release, make a donation above. The reason the goal is $75 is because of shipping and processing fees.

Finally, the new beta home page is now public and online. As it is still in its beta stage, be sure to report any problems regarding detection by sending me an e-mail.

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One Year "Anniversary"

By Cat333Pokémon on August 1, 2009

July 30 marks one year since the forum was re-opened! Celebrate by dancing!




Board Revision

By Cat333Pokémon on August 1, 2009

I've done a little housekeeping around the forum, moving boards around and merging some more. Here are the changes made:

  • As you can see, there is no longer a Nintendo category. The Wii + GameCube and Classic boards under it were merged to a single Nintendo board under the Consoles category. The Friend Code board was renamed and also moved under Consoles. Anything Smash Bros. was moved under Other Game Series.
  • Mario (Wii) was renamed to Mario Console because I realized that all other console games would go under Mario General.
  • [*]Pokémon DPP was renamed to Pokémon DS to clarify the purpose of the board. Pokémon Console was created.

Any topics relevant to the new boards were moved as appropriate.

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Took Them Long Enough!

By Cat333Pokémon on July 30, 2009

FINALLY, the first Wi-Fi distributed secret item is coming to owners of a North American copy of Pokémon [s:3u5jp6m4]Diamond/Pearl/[/s:3u5jp6m4]Platinum. It's the Member Card, used to get Darkrai. Now all the Canadians and Mexicans that didn't want to drive to the US can finally get a legitimate Darkrai for free.



AAPA, Page Changes, Fanart

By Cat333Pokémon on July 29, 2009

Being obliged to Aobaru of AobaruNet, I now have a "new" section on my website, the AAPA (short for Anti-Anti-Pokémon Alliance). This section used to be hosted on AobaruNet and run by Aobaru. However, here is the text from an e-mail I received regarding it:

Quote by Aobaru-kun:Due to extreme lack of interest in the AAPA, I will (sadly) be shutting it down. You should remove all my AAPA buttons, as soon I will be deleting them. Thanks for all your patience.

I replied, asking if I could host it instead, to which Aobaru agreed.

I've made a few changes to the pages. If you see any more pages that appear to be incorrectly linked, shoot me an e-mail.

Another new page is [s:eficcf7s]planned[/s:eficcf7s] finished: a fan-art page. I've been working a bit with Flash lately and have created a few Pokémon images. This can be found on the left under Pokémon > Media > My Fanart.

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