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I am not responsible for the content of any of the websites that are outside of Floatzel.Net. All of these websites are the property of their owners and are presented as-is, without liability. The usage of these sites is your own will and I shall not be at fault if any problems, accidental or advertent, arise with the usage of them.

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You may use one of these as the Floatzel.Net button or a text link if your site uses those. If you need a button in a different size, ask me. Feel free to make your own button; you can submit it (and receive credit) if you want it added. In addition, you do not have to host the image on your own server. You can simply hotlink to the images here.

Finally, if your site does go offline for a while or you move domains without redirects or announcements, I might remove your button. If this is the case, simply send me an e-mail if the site is online along with your current URL. I'll put your button back up and update your URL if necessary. I don't just drop affiliates unless the site hasn't been updated in a year (That just tells me the webmaster doesn't even care.) or has a "This site is dead" notice. Again, if you decide to revive your site and I've dropped your link, e-mail me!

Affiliate Requirements

  • Be suitable for ages 13+

  • Provide reasonably accurate information

  • Provide original information. All original content must be your own work to be analyzed. Pages that are copied or borrowed from another source will not be counted in my evaluation. These are examples of items that are NOT considered, unless you are the original creator of the content:

    • Flash/Silverlight games/videos (unless they're your own)

    • MicroWorlds applets

    • Do Not Click Here

    • Marquee of Doom

    • Borrowed Pokédexes

    • Premade chat software

    • YouTube videos (again, unless they're your own)

    • Chain letter quotations, stories, articles, or pictures

    • JavaScript games (Pikachu Pet, Pokémon Invaders)

    • Borrowed content from Bulbapedia, Serebii, PokéBeach, or other popular sites (EXCEPTION: If you're adding items to a news page and quote/link articles, images, and video and give credit to original page, you are exempt from this rule. I mainly am referring to sites that hotlink images from many other sites; at least host them yourself!)

    • Pokémon of the Day/Week/Month page

    • Guestbook

    • Scavenger hunt

    • Plugboard

    • Awards, affiliation, external links, and stats; friend codes, Xbox Live ID, or PSN name; e-mail addresses; AIM, Live (MSN), Yahoo!, Skype, ICQ number, or other IM identity; and related miscellany

    • Adoptables and other site pets

    • Pandorabot

  • Get updated. I don't really care how often, just don't create a site then leave it to rot.

  • Not be affiliated with any inappropriate or adult sites

  • Not have excessive advertisements. While simple banner advertisements are perfectly fine, I don't want to see pop-ups or anything that makes it difficult for me to view your site.

  • Must credit borrowed content. Not doing this one will actually make me not want to affiliate. Thievery is wrong.

  • Have no glaring errors all over the site

  • Use proper spelling and grammar. Not following this one can cause visitors to your site to be annoyed. If you talk like this: "hi welcome to my site i liek nintnedo and pokemon my favorate pokemon iz floatzel", you probably won't be accepted.

  • Provide a link to Floatzel.Net on an "Affiliates" list

  • Not be illegal (no commercial ROMs, music, or programs)

  • Any kind of Pokémon, Mario, animé or video gaming site is acceptable. But if your site is something else, don't be afraid to ask!

  • You may use any host you wish, as long as the home of the host does not distribute illegal or inappropriate content. This means that FreeWebs/Webs, Lycos Angelfire, Yahoo! GeoCities, AOL Hometown, Tripod, Eevee's HQ, and more are allowed.

  • There is no page requirement; however, you must consider your site's content sans the bulleted items above.

When you e-mail me, please provide the name of the site, a link to the site, and a button (88×31 preferred). You do not need to supply a button if there are some on your site. A short description of the site would be nice, but is not necessary. Your button will appear on the affiliates list in the right menu.

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Case Studies

If you're wondering if your site is any good or how to ask me to affiliate, this section is for you. All negative messages are posted without names to provide security to the user that provided them. If you would like your study to be removed or your name to be censored, please e-mail me.

Affiliate Request #1 (Dewgong's Sea)

Dewgong's Sea

Hello and my name is Seadra. I own Dewgong's Sea, a small little Pokemon
site with unique content. My goal is to make people think, because when
people think outside the box, it spawns creativity and encourages different
ways of problem solving. I like Floatzel.Net alot, because it's
informative, intuitive and unique. :)

This is about all that your site's request needs to be. It contains the site name, a link, and a good explanation why you'd want to affiliate. As shown here, praising a webmaster for a good website puts you on the master's good side, meaning that even if the master declines, you'll still get a positive response.

As for the site itself, it has an excellent design and simplistic layout. To me, it looks like nearly all of the content is either original or properly credited. It's also frequently updated, has links in all the right places, and has a good sprite archive.

Affiliate Request #2

I would like my website #censored# to be on you affiliate list and my email wont let me do buttons or links. just put #censored# in bing and my site will come up. it wont work in google... for me at least I am on youtube as well im am #censored#... I don’t exspect you to recognize that name. I am still working on my site and it should be up and running although it dosent have all the content it will yet.

While this guy certainly did make a strong attempt (38 e-mails in the exchange) to become an affiliate, I had to repeatedly deny his site. This user is obviously inexperienced with the FreeWebs SiteBuilder, as everything on site was made with just a few lines of text. He even tried to impress me by adding more "content", but much of it was taken without credit. Several applets looked like default stuff, the wiki didn't look like it was necessary, the member list was silly, the guestbook was padded with his own posts, and there was almost no text. The forum has 0 posts, the blog is empty, the videos are all mine (seriously), the AR codes are uncredited, and the 5 game reviews are short enough to be posted on Twitter (that's <140 characters). Had I graded sites, his would have received a negative score.

Oh, and the line about his e-mail not allowing buttons or links is a joke. He sent me several images for his site icon, most of which were illegible.

Affiliate Reply #1 (The Cave of Dragonflies)

Hi. Sorry for the late reply; I've been horribly behind on affiliation requests and am trying to catch up.

Nice site, and yes, I'll affiliate. The name "Anti-Anti-Pokémon Alliance" on the Sections that Suck page was actually not specifically directed at that one; I just used the most generic name for these sorts of sections I could think of. :P Though, yeah, it was one of the many, many inspirations for it. Your own AAP article is quite good, however.

Just to nitpick a little, a couple of your pages clearly haven't been updated for a while (there was one page that had something about how Platinum is coming out in the US this summer), and in your description of the Mew trick, you neglect to mention that it's important to press B and exit the start menu when it pops up rather than save your game first, which would otherwise be one's first thought. Otherwise, your site was a breath of fresh air after the other affiliation requests I've been going through, where I've been typing up lengthy paragraphs explaining that no, you can't have 521 effort points in a stat, and natures don't raise or lower a stat by 50%. Nice work.

Unfortunately I'm not at home right now, so I won't be able to get your button up until tomorrow, but the deal is done. If I forget, feel free to kick me.

...I need to send you the error message my scanner gives me sometimes. It says "Resource short maybe occur error!" Engrish for the win.

In the original message, I mentioned various pages on my site with original content and apologized for having one section of my site, the AAPA, which was listed on Sections That Suck. Anyway, this is an excellent webmaster response. As she was busy, she clearly explained why the response was delivered almost a month late. The second paragraph addresses the aforementioned apology. The third, which is easily the best part of any response I've received, explains sections of my site that need work. If you receive an affiliation request from another site, I recommend doing this. It at least tells them that you looked at their site. All in all, I congratulate Butterfree for having an excellent, thorough response.