Darkrai Stories

Darkrai Stories

Welcome to the page of stories from the Darkrai Event at Toys "R" Us on May 31 and June 1, 2008 from 12:00 noon to 4:00 PM. These stories were all submitted by other users (except my own at the top).


An archive of these stories can be found on GameFAQs.


So  i go into TRU.To the Video game section. About 15 or so KIDS.But one stood out.He was gloating about his new darkrai.So without telling him about my lv. 100 i battled his lv. 50-60 team.I sweeped his whole team with only my Torterra.He started crying and his mother came over nagging me. The manager got called and kicked out the kid and his mother for "Public Disturbance".And the kids crowded around this 10 year old witha AR(action replay).They were saying stuff like"how do u do that?!?!?" "I will trade u my lv 30 Kario!!!" and yes one said Kario,i think he means Lucario.I told them he hacked.He challenged me to a battle.While he did that he tutrned his hat around like ash.I sweeped him.The kids crowded me.I traded a Heatran for Event Mew from this 6 year old.Then with kids following me I left.


June 1, Cat333Pokémon, Las Vegas, NV, age 17

Before leaving, I decided to put on my Dialga t-shirt. Upon arrival, my family dropped me off while they visited a nearby store in the same parking lot. When I got to the door, a family with four kids ran in. While walking over to the video game section to get the free coupon and hologram/type chart, I saw many people (mostly older teens, but one guy was about 45) holding a DS and downloading Darkrai, battling, and talking about movesets.

After downloading one Darkrai into each Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, I ask the guy behind the counter about May 31. He said the store had a bunch of younger kids in. I'm glad I didn't come on Saturday! After wandering about the store a bit, looking at Pokémon merchandise, I noticed something: Toys 'R' Us raised the prices of Pokémon cards to about 1.5x normal. I did pick up The Rise of Darkrai, a Diamond/Pearl manga book, and a few figures. Once I got back into the vehicle, I immediately began soft resetting to get a Timid or Naïve one.

Today, I went to Toys R Us. I live in Canada.

I go for Darkrai. I come home with Palkia, Phione, and Darkrai. w00t.
Name: Tim.
Date: June 1st.

When I went some guy that worked there started showing me his shaymin.... plus there were only two little 4 year old looking kids that do not belong to be there.... they probably know nothing about ev training the darkrais so they are gonna go and fite with em and ruin there ev's and everything...lol. Yeah there were like 4 teenagers all trading at a table too..

May 31st, Saturday:

Nothing bad, got the Darkrai and battled a couple people.

June 1st, Sunday:

Mayhem at its worst, screaming kids, things were being thrown, workers were actually screaming at people to calm down. I went there with some friends + GF.

I had an amazing adventure throughout the internet to find out to get a legit one I'll have to buy PMD2.

June 1st. Going to grocery store with family, and TRU is right next store so I decide we'll stop there real quick. First I try to get it from outside the store for two reasons: 1. Save time. 2. I don't know about you, but the idea of downloading it in the car then just driving away seems cool to me. Didn't work so I went in, got the Wonder Card, then left. No one else was there.

I went may 31st, got my Darkrai and then walked around discussing pokemon with some asian kid.

I went in, There were a couple of kids, one was getting mad because he didn't have a Pokedex. I downloaded the member card, then went to the other side of the store and got a new ball for my mini-basketball hoop:) That's about it though.

I went today in Escondido, Cali. @ 1pm.

Very calm and quiet, only 2 workers in the electronics asking me if I need any help before I even pulled out my ds. I saw a few teens come up with their parents, do the download, get the diamond/pearl attack weakness card and the 5 dollar off any Ds game and leave. I just walked around ended up getting a Naruto game for the ds because I have every poke one atm. Anyways, they were completely sold out of the Rise of Darkrai movie, bummer.

One funny thing was when i started to get the darkrai a kid saw my diamond/pearl black nintendo ds and was like, Oh man did you go to japan to get that? Oh wow and I kinda laughed. I just said import and walked away and looked confused,

My drive itself was pretty quick. When I got there, it was almost completely empty. There was one 8 year old and that was it. I said hi to the 8 year old has he was ranting on about how amazing his Darkrai was. He also said how it was the "bestest" pokemon ever and that it could beat even Lucario(I'm here thinking to myself "Is this kid serious...). Well he was playing his game when his mom called him. He accidentally left his game on the counter. I checked his "amazing" Darkrai. It was modest. It's stats seemed pretty good too, although I couldn't be certain as I did not have an IV calculator on my obviously...But I decided to "trade" for his Darkrai. He didn't go empty-handed, I gave him a Lucario. I didn't talk to him after that. When i was leaving the store, I did here him crying about that his Darkrai disappeared. His mom was NOT happy about the crying...It was a good day. I got a modest Darkrai and can sill SR for my own Darkrai. And I made a little brat cry, that is always fun! :D

of course I didn't do that, the place was completely empty. It was very uneventful for me...

- I drove about 8 miles, not far at all.
- Walked in though the exit, like I always use to.
- Went to the video game section, downloaded Darkrai, got my coupon and my chart thing.
- Looked around for a game, bought PMD2, left.

There was like 3 kids there, but they were just looking around holding their DSes and when I was leaving, 2 other kids, a brother and a sister came in downloading Darkrai.

I'm 13. I walked in and downloaded Darkrai while my dad waited for me in the car. There was no one there getting the Darkrai, but there was an extremely friendly and good natured employee who offered help. I reseted until I got a modest one with good IVs. On the whole, it was great, and also my first event ever in my life. Really happy now. = )

I went in. Only two people there (both adults) playing their games talking to each other. I got modest first try, but when I got home I found out it has terrible IVs. I didn't get a chart/card thing though...>_>

Chaos Control3290
First time I ever went to an event. I downloaded by Darkrai, picked it up at the Poke Mart, and saved.

I did not know that you could soft reset to get new, and possibly better Darkrai, so I was stuck with whatever my first Darkrai was. And go figure it turned out to be:

Timid LvL50 -
HP: 144 (28)
Atk: 98 (28)
Def: 99 (8)
Sp.Atk: 155 (30)
Sp.Def: 107 (24)
Spd: 154 (20)

A very good Darkrai, considering it was my first one and I already saved.

Probably the luckiest moment in my Pokemon career! Good luck to everyone still trying!

..yesterday i got to my local TRU quarter to 12, then when the event started downloaded the Darkrai wondercard to my 2 Pearl carts n my one Diamond cart. came back home, spent majority of the day n night SR'ing my 1 pearl and diamond carts for a Hasty/Naive natures with good IV's....finished by like 4 am. i bred Synchronized Abra's in preparation yet the whole time their Synchronized abilities didn't work at all.........whatever....crashed...n woke up at 8 am, restarted my one Pearl (the other i use for online) n Diamond,set both my DS's next to each other and played both simultaneously spending an hour n a half on that before todays event timeframe...'bout an hour and 40 minutes later was able to unlock the mystery gift after getting the first badge. i hear mystery gift unlocks by itself at the event but wasn't gonna risk that. now im just gonna take my time SR'ing both Pearl carts n Diamond cart for Timid/ Modest/ n Jolly natured n good IV'ed TRU Darkrai's.

I went there, and i brought my old, chunky DS. I went, and it said: Darkrai is being transferred, or something like that. Then, my DS just decides to shut off, and corrupts the data. It wouldn't allow me to retry downloading darkrai, or to get him from the pokemart. So, i deleted my save file, played for about ten minutes to get my pokedex, and finally, on my new save, that had made me delete my complete file (luckily, all my good pokes were on my pearl) i had a darkrai. I checked it's nature, and it was modest. It was a bittersweet moment.

may 31

My brother had to drive me( don`t have lisence yet) When I went in TRU hardly anyone was there, it was quiet. So I looked around at DS, and Wii games for about 5 minutes wasn`t really interested in anything. So I popped open my ds and a employee comes over and says "We`re having problems with our connection but it should work now" Then he obviously gave me the dialga/palkai thing and save $5 any ds game. Then I left. I saw some little kids and an 18 year old year old before I left. So unexepectelly, I wasn`t the oldest one thee.

I went to a nearby Toys 'R' Us on June first. The worker giving out the coupons and cards took used my DS to show some other people how to get Darkrai. I was given a card and a coupon. I then used my Pearl game to get a second one and the guy gave me another coupon and card. There was almost no one there.

I went saturday. I pulled up to the store and saw a lot of cars in the lot. I decided to try to do it from the car first and it worked fine. After i went inside to see if there were any kids or people there and no one was in the video game section. i was kinda dissapointed.

They saw my three boxes of shinies.
I was 40 minutes late for the party I had to go to next.

Oh jeez, mine's good.

I walked in keeping a sort of low profile, and got my DS out walking in. My mom walked towards the Barbie section out of boredom, and when I got to the video game section, all the kids with their DS's out were crowding around the Darkrai poster thing. After about a minute, I realized they thought the sign was the source of the mystery gift.


I proceeded to look around and found Guitar Hero 3, which was actually the game itself and not a demo. I got 4 stars on Cult of Personality, Expert, 171k, and no one saw it. :(

May 31st:

Had to work until 3:45, I was going to go after work, but I couldn't get off the register until 4:15.

June 1st:

Got there around 1:30 or so (I slept in), I looked around for wherever it was supposed to be. Finally I gave up and asked someone. It was at the video game counter. I saw a kid there and downloaded my two Darkrai's on both games. The lady there was about 20-21 or so, and on her time card it said 'Pokemon Goddess'. Anyway, I walked around, no one else was there for the event, I was looking for someone to test my new team on. So at about 2:30 I gave up and went to Burger King, which is in the same parking lot. I ate my food and came back. I then looked for a Digimon Data Squad Digivice, to find that my search was in vain. So I looked around, bought Jam Sessions for like $5.29. Then I saw some kids. The siblings wouldn't battle me, it looks like they all had some sort of mental disability, and the other one agreed saying that his level 50 something Palkia would beat me. I just laughed. When he saw my level 100's he chickened out, but after some convincing he decided to battle me. His dad came in and he forced his son to go away, maybe he thought I would do things to his kid or something. I'm guessing the kid was in Special Ed, he reminded me of his sister. I gave up, put in Jam Sessions and went home to SR for a decent IVed Darkrai on Diamond, deciding to wait for Pearl for a while.

Got up at 11:45 at May 31, got to TRU by Noon. There was no crowd. A group of little kids with there moms/grandmoms. They sounded like 2nd or 3rd graders. "Look! It's coming down!" "Where do I go to get it?" Expressions similar to these were passed. There was this older guy there, looked like the typical nerd, semi-fat, glasses, had a blue DS carrying pouch(probably filled with a TCG deck). I was the second oldest there. The oldest being that other guy. My sister got one too, but she saved soon afterwards before I could tell her to SR, she is stuck with Impish. I came home(SRing in the Car)
SRed the rest of the day. SRed most of today until an hour ago when I got a modest with 26/30/28 in the last 3 stats. Overall, 'twas fun.

May 31, went with my boyfriend and our two best friends, we're all 19. We walked in about 15 mins early and looked around, found the sign and when I realized one of my friends hadn't unlocked Mystery Gift I did it for him just in case. We wandered around and then looked at games until I thought they'd probably started, it worked great and I got a Timid with great IV's first try. (Boyfriend and friend weren't so lucky) There were hardly any small kids there, mostly teenagers, and even then not many. Probably 30 people around 12:30. One of my friends (didn't have pokemon already) bought himself Pearl and we left. No coupon or card for us, lol. I was really surprised everything went so smoothly...

oh you know

wading through oceans of 8 yr olds
the embarrassment as parent after parent stares at you
keeping the little kids from chewing on me...

...the usual

My Darkrai story is not too exciting but I enjoyed having the experience. I walked over to TRU on my lunch break from work and saw the Darkrai sign (which i took a pic of with my phone) and then took out my ds to activate the mystery gift. I was so excited to see the Darkrai go into my game and I felt like a little kid playing pokemon yellow for the first time. There was not many people there. I saw one kid around 15 with his dialgla/pailkia hologram card looking at other games and as I was leaving some 10 year old kid was pulling out his ds. I went back to work and tried to get a good natured Darkrai but then gave up and went home and got a timid one on my 6th or 7th try. Overall it was awesome and I was glad to go an actual pokemon event.

I went on the 31st to get Darkrai on my Diamond cartridge. There were only a couple kids there. Maybe 13 or 14 years old. They wanted to battle me, but I had other places to be so I left. Unfortunately, I didn't realize that you could save and reset for nature and IVs and I ended up with a pretty awful nature and bad IVs. This put me over the edge on my idea of buying Pearl. So I headed out to Walmart at like midnight and grabbed Pearl and played it for an hour or so. I head into my TRU today and there's only 1 other person that I could tell was there for Darkrai. I was already late for meeting up with some people when I got there, so I just downloaded the Darkrai and saved in front of the dude. When I got back to my place, I started trying to get a decent Darkrai. I ended up with a Modest one with 30-31 Ivs in special attaack and 31 in speed. I'm pretty pleased with it.

Yeah, I didn't come up with the idea til around midnight so Walmart was the only place open that sold the game. If it had been earlier in the day (or if I had had time to get it today and still make the event) I probably would have gone to Gamestop and gotten a used copy, so TRU pretty much had no chance of getting my money. I somehow think they'll survive the loss, though.

May 31

My mom drove me to TRU right after I had Chinese school, and she thought that TRU wasn't there anymore since there was this tannish greyish building where it stood (I think it was under construction), but there was the sign and the word "Entrance." There was this small clump of kids around the downloading spot and I even saw this kid from my Chinese school and his sister. They took a long time, I bet they were SR - I don't know many who know about that, but he seems like the type to go online and search for info on video games. I downloaded my Darkrai and walked out. I didn't know about SR until very recently, so I got a Brave natured Darkrai - it doesn't matter to me anyways; I'll probably never use it. Turns out it caught Pokerus from my other pokemon anyways, so I can EV train it whenever.

Are you ready for THIS?!

My friend and I walked into Toys R Us. Suddenly I say "oh hey, look at that sign. its about Darkrai."
So we read the sign, followed the instructions, got our Darkrais and left. no one else was there.

I win.

My stories similar to last September's Manaphy event:

I got there really earlier and waited for one of my other friends to show up.I watched as tons of little kids,and some really confused or just plain bored parents,arrived with DS's in hand.TheTRU lady [oddly enough,the same lady from last time] gathered everyone near the counter and instructed everyone what to do.After we got our Darkrais,we helped some random little kids figure out how to DL Darkrai,since their Parents didn't even know what a PokeMon was to begin with.After that,just because my buddy and I are such kind people,we traded them some extra Legendary Pokes we had on our games.Trust me,you give a child a free Jirachi or Dialga,and he'll think you're god.

Then we got some beers and went to the movies.

aqua mew
May 31

I was exhausted thanks to staying up till 4 AM while having a bad cold, but I got up early anyway because I didn't want to get there after all the other Pokemon players who were going had already left (that's what happened with the Manaphy event, which is why that was fairly boring). Fortunately, this TRU happens to be about 10 minutes away. So Dad took me there, and when we got there at... around 12:30... the only other people there for the event were my friend (who I actually met at another TRU event, that one where they were supposedly giving out rare Pokemon, but actually weren't) and an employee who had the event DS.

So I get the Wonder Card on my brother's Pearl (had to use my DS because his is broken) and then my Diamond, and pick up my hologram card and coupon (which unfortunately is useless due to the fact that there were no plans on spending money on any games at the moment... sad because they had Professor Layton, which I want), and my friend and I walk around, looking at and talking about the DS stuff, and then his brother comes over and says they have to leave.

After they left, I decided to stick around a little longer to see if anyone else would show up, even though I was sick and therefore wasn't intending to stay terribly long. Then this group of kids came up to the table for their Darkrais, but the guy wasn't there, so they had to go to the counter and get his attention. So he turns on the event DS, and... the kids don't have Mystery Gift options, and none of them knew how to unlock it, so I tried to help, but I couldn't quite remember either... I know it's supposed to automatically unlock when an actual Mystery Gift is in range, but apparently they didn't, so I have no idea what the employee was doing, and actually he didn't either. He was insisting that in order to get the Mystery Gift, you had to "trash" a party Pokemon, obviously unaware that Darkrai doesn't go straight to your party when you do the download. Good thing the kids were smart enough to interpret "trash" as "deposit". Eventually another employee showed up with the instructions, around which point Dad and I decided it was time to leave, with my Darkrai Wonder Card, hologram card, useless coupon, and Diet Mountain Dew. Oh well, I'll get Professor Layton some other time...

I drove there before work, took about 10-15 minutes to get there. In about 5 minutes, I had already downloaded my 3 Darkrai (1 on my Diamond, 1 on each of my 2 Pearl ROMs). There were a couple of kids, and a small group of tweens/teens. I had an offer for a battle from one of them, which I had to decline, as I don't have a team. I got the coupon and the cool lenticular card, browsed for DS games, found none of interest, and left for work.

I went to Toys R Us with my friend to get a Darkrai and challenge the nooby little kids. I heard ridiculous comments like, "I got a level 100 Suicune" "My Entei can beat that" etc, etc.

I managed to beat 2 people there. One guy with a team full of level 100s not Ev trained, the other one was a guy with a level 100 Zapdos, level 98 Lugia, 2 level 70 Celebis(one was shiny, one wasn't) a darkrai, and I forgot the last one.

My friend fought against family of pokemon trainers. A sister, and older brother and a youngest brother. He beat the sister, lost against the older brother, and quit against the little kid.

Also, I saw a kid there who looked 10 years old but he was 14. He played against a little kid who thought his team could beat the 14 year old. Unfortunately, the 14 year old had a team full of level 100s and the little kid had like random leveled pokemon -_- A level 60 something Cacturne, a level 81 Dialga, etc. The battle was 5-0 surprisingly, the little kid only managed to take out one level 100.

It was like 2 something and I was about to leave so I just looked at one more battle. It was a girl's Charizard vs a guy's Mewtwo. She was spamming double team so I left.

I don't have a story because I just shilled out money for an AR so I could unlock the event in the game myself, without having to wait for events to roll around.

Got lost driving like 40+ miles, but when we finally got there I just stood outside the building and got the darkrai. I figured since I drove all that way I might as well go inside. Me my little brother and his friend all went. I looked for those peices from the "pokemon trading figure game" but I couldn't find any do they still make figures for the TFG?

I went today (June 1). I drove less then 5 minutes to my local Toys R Us. Parked in a parking spot. Turned my DS on, and got my Darkrai without ever leaving my car. Turned off my DS and drove home. Total time was about 15 minutes. The end.

got there.
walk to game section. no one there.
I ask the clerk about the event. he point's me to a tiny sign.
no one else was there.....

i got a darkrai today =D
spec atk+ spec def-
2-3 hp ivs (lol)
28-29 atk ivs (!!!)
31 def ivs (!!!!)
30-31 spec atk ivs (!!!!)
14-15 spec def ivs (meh)
30-31 speed ivs (!!!!)

...if only it was shiny....

Just walked in today and got him in D and P. (both naughty when I didn't SR ;_;) I was there maybe 12:10 or 12:15 when I got there, there were 3-4 dudes, one I was about to battle when his mom had him go home (lol, the guy was my age to). So I was there with Some other guys discussing our Darkrai's and such, and when they left, well, a swarm of little kids and my mom wasn't picking me up for a half hour...

oh well, it was worth it.

Compared to my first event (1st gen Mew) this event was actually a bit boring. It was however a lot easier and quicker though.

Drove to the bank. Drove a couple miles down the road to TRU. Went in the store and went over to the big sign just outside the video game area, downloaded the wonder card onto my Diamond using my red DS, and then onto Pearl using my red/black DSLite. Didn't see anyone else downloading Darkrai. (Though I didn't actually look inside the video game area.)
Then I left the store and stopped off at a restaurant on the way back home for lunch. Later I SRed for a Timid on my Pearl and did some SRing on my Diamond to see if a shiny would come up. (Is that possible? I've heard people saying this Darkrai can't be shiny.)

Am going to try and get a good nature/IV one on my Diamond in case I decide to trade it.

Went on May 31, drive was only 10 minutes. A few people were there battling, I just downloaded one in to each of my games. helped 3 kids with their's and wandered the store for a bit. Pretty unEVENTful (pun intended) really. I got one that is modest and decent IVs and I am still working on the second one.

This is lame. But whatever.

First day, 9:30 AM, before work, a little after the store opened. Went in, downloaded 7 Darkrai. Went to work. :P

Downloaded it early, just like the Manaphy Event.

Well, here's my little story, just to add. Went on June 1st, and oddly enough, there was nobody in the games section. Well, one employee, but no people. I asked him how the whole Darkrai thing worked (even though I was pretty sure it was through Mystery Gift) and..........to put it kindly, he probably didn't play Pokemon (which is understandable, to each his own) but at least he knew enough to let somebody who DOES play know what they're supposed to do.

As I'm downloading mine, some other kid comes in and starts asking about it, and TRU guy is starting to fumble over words again, so I ask the kid "Do you have mystery gift yet?" "Yeah, I do" "Okay, you're all set then. Do that, and a mailman will have it for you in the pokemart." Then all of a sudden this kid starts going on about how he has an Action Replay and he got himself the Membership Card so he already had a Darkrai, and I'm thinking "Is this kid serious? HERE'S a conversation I want to avoid." So I quickly duck away and just look at games for a bit.

Now the neat part. As I'm leaving, the dad, with the kid, asks me "Are you with TRU?". I politely let him know that that wasn't the case, and even so, he then asks me "So.....what's this all about anyways?" in a rather genuine manner. Somehow, it struck me that he was trying to get a firmer grasp on what exactly it was that was so cool to his son about what was going on at this event. I'd like to think I helped them get a bit closer. And also, a bit of hilarity ensued.

Me: blah blah blah information etc so, the only way to get these specific characters are through these events.

Kid: Or Action Replay.

Me: *condescending look* Well, yeah, but thats not necessari---

Kid: Yeah, I know, it's cheating.

*Dads eyes widen almost imperceptibly*

Me: *to the Dad* Well, needless to say, the only LEGIT way to get these characters is through events.

May 31st
1:42 pm

I walked in to TRU with my mother that thought that nothing was happening at TRU, being ANOTHER relative that doesn't trust me at all and surely wishes I was dead. I went over to the gaming section, trying to read the Japanese Katakana to get mystery gift in my Pearl, panicking silently and in my head. Then I read the DAMN poster. It said that I needed an ENGLISH version of the game.

So I went over to my mother and asked her if I could buy something(Diamond version, eww...) and with her thinking that the event costed money, let me get a Diamond version with the coupon.

I then spent EXACTLY one hour and thirty minutes to get to the point where I could get Darkrai from Mystery Gift. But forgetting what word to place with WIFI(It was CONNECTION! I AM SO DAMN FORGETFUL!!!!), I asked a 7 year old twin for help. The kid turned off my game(THANK GOD THIS SKY DRAGON(Rayquaza, duh) SAVED BEFORE HAND) and I was shocked. I asked him why and turned my Nintendo DS. As I walked over to my mom and was about to tell her that I'd be a while longer, the DS picked up a signal. That little guy saved me from another half hour of crap.

I went and thanked him, while mom complimented him by calling him cute. I am now currently soft reseting, first time that I have tried this with a strong resolve, for a Rash(SP ATTK), very organized behavior Darkrai.

At first, I tried SRing for a shiny! HAHAHA!

Little Neck NY

I wanted to get a Darkrai, but I lost my Pearl. So I went for my brother. Walked in, looked confused because I didn't see any signs...I went to rzone area, saw a few kids/teens/adults with their DS.

Turned mine on, grabbed the Darkrai, made sure the green dude was in the pokemart, saved, got in my car and left.

It definitely brought back old memories of those TRU Pokemon Leagues back in 1999....

May 31st.

I sit at my computer desk, watching the flood of 'ZOMG AH GATA MAH DAWKRYE' topics.

Pissed me off.

June 1st.

Same as above. Didn't last long, got stuck mowing my giant lawn.


Safer Sephiroth 777
May 31.I woke up from sleep,saw some pages on the net.Then I made an Alamos Darkair with the correct id and moves,random iv's and put it in my game.I don't live in USA anyways.That is.

Unfortunately i did not get a Darkrai since i have a job where i work all night and i never get a Friday or Saturday off i missed both days of the event because i was sleeping all day.

Yeah it sucks all i do all weekend every weekend is work and sleep no time for fun stuff

Got Darkrai, Spiritomb Egg, Palkia Traded for Pokédex Entry only And pwned a Jerk who was Bragging about hisUnbeatable EV Trained Pokémon

Thought I'd add my story....

Woke up 8 am. Wanted to leave by 9 am, but didn't get on the road til 9:30 am.

Got to the border around 10:30am.

Arrived at Toys R Us around 2 pm. Downloaded 4 Darkrais (2 for me, 1 each for 2 of my nephews). Took less than 5 mins for the 4 game carts. Walked around the store for about 10 mins.

Left for home 2:30 pm. Stopped for gas and a bite. Got home around 7 pm.

Total kilometres driven = 736!!! (Wishing Nintendo will have the next event include Canada!!)

Saw Darkrai event at TRU topic on anime board so I looked it up.

Go there the next day (yesterday) mom drops me off at about 3. I go back to the game area and dl Darkrai no one else was there. Then I saved (didn't know what IV's are and still dont understand EVs). I didn't know about this card thing or see it for that matter. Anyway I went to the action figure aisle and saw some cool minature SSJ Goku and Frieza pack figures and bought it.

Walked in early, 11:30, but they were not going to start until noon. At noon, someone asked where the DS and the cartridge was. They hunted it down, and then there was this old lady working with the DS and trying to follow the instructions on a sheet of paper. 10 minutes later the wifi finally comes up. 10 minutes after that I have downloaded 11 Darkrai. I bought PMD:Time and left at 12:30. Easy.

My TRU is like a ghhost town. I at least expected to see some people there but there was absolutely nobody. It took me like 3 minutes to get it.

I got mine in Las Vegas on June 1

A few people there no one was really talking or tradeing...

honestly I hadn't even played my DS in awhile...

I was hopeing to battle someone since I dont really know anyone else who plays and I don't have easy access to wi-fi ....yet...

though I never EV trained or anything like that so I probably would have lost but still would have been fun ....

Played my cousin a few hours ago, and we both used our Darkrai.

Except, mine is now EV trained and has a different moveset. I laughed as he watched in horror. His entire team was swept by a Darkrai set that wasn't even that good.

Stopped by after work on Sunday around 3:45. Electronics department was empty aside from the clerk who wasn't paying a damn bit of attention. Got the Darkrai, walked out.

Ehh... nothing very good happened... My father,My nephews, and nephews mother came along. My father was looking at the PS3 stuff He really wants to get one lol
My nephews where looking at games, nephews mother going to buy 2 game for them.

Although, there where only 2 or 3 people at the event a cute asain dude and his gf I guess...
and a 22 or older man I would of asked the asian dude to battle but I thought that would be rude... because Him and His gf where helping eachother with there Pokemon games.

And then we went to Best Buy My nephews mother was going to buy a ipod and then nephews where bugging her for 2 more games... My father dragged My along to look at more PS3 stuff (Hey, I want a PS3 to for MGS4 but I'm not that crazy about it father...)

And then we went out to eat and went home.

*asks mom* "Can we go to Toys 'R Us so I can get a cool pokemon?"
"Gas prices are too high, so I don't wanna waste our gas."
"It's only 10 minutes away!"
"...I'll give you $10."
...I hate my mom

I have a couple good stories about my event so I hope someone reads it all...

I picked up my girlfriend and we drove the 30 minute drive to the TRU. She had do do some grocery shopping anyway. Well I got there with me and my brothers DS. We go up to the door and an employee yells, "there's no power THE STORE'S CLOSED."

Turns out a powerline was downed by a car or something. Even the traffic lights were out. My girlfriend saw some kids playing DS so I decided to go ask the employees. Thankfully the guy with the DS download was giving Darkrai away outside.

After some fumbling around we got our Darkrais plus one for my brother. Then a guy came to get one for what I assume was his daughter. He was scared of erasing her save so I got it for him. The girl already had a Pokedex of 490. I assume it was legit/semi-legit or she'd just have them all.

Anyway I was disappointed we weren't able to hang around and battle/trade/whatever, but at least we got Darkrai.


Okay I have one more story that was actually shortly after the TRU event. After we got back to my gf's place she wanted to have a Pokemon Double Battle. I thought "Hmmm, I'll bet she puts darkrai first." I put two Chesto Berries on my starters, destroyed darkrai with Machamp, and won 5 to 1.

I get my cousin to start his Pearl game the day before (hasn't played Pokemon since Yellow), and had him come with me. Both of us got Darkrais and he used it to beat people in Darkrai matches (for some odd reason) before he even got his first badge. I gave him a few other pokemon afterwards to help him get started. Then had to deal with weirdos who said they had truly legit Arceuses that they'd be willing to trade for more Darkrais. Apprently they went to other TRUs and "got them" from special events the week before. I looked at him then just walked away.

Well let's see. I had originally wanted to go on Saturday but that was shot down because my parents were both at work.

On Sunday my family goes out for lunch at around 11:30, and I see my cousin's family there, kinda strange but ok. Then afterwards my dad took me to Circuit City in which I looked for Pokemon Emerald since it was at a mere $10, but no luck.

I leave, walk across the street, and get to Toys R' Us. I walk in sort of expecting a crowd of people but there was no one, except for one other kid looking at the sign for getting Darkrai. I walk past him, get to R' Zone (I think that's what it's called), walk around looking for the signal point, but again found nothing. I decide to just open my DS and hopefully find a signal, in which I do. The kid I saw earlier comes in gets a little too close to me, so I felt kind of weird talking to him, but he asked me how to get Darkrai so I told him how.

Now with nothing to do, I just look at DS games and nothing is there that interests me. I wanted to buy TWEWY, but it wasn't there and I didn't feel like asking the people at the counter.

So from there I left and walk across the street again and go to Best Buy (strange that all three of these are in the same block, but convenient for shoppers) and look at some TVs since my family was planning on buying a new one. The one we have currently is like 11 years old. I find my dad, we talk about some TVs, go into Panasonic bus thingy outside of Best Buy and finally leave. Surprisingly, ever since I downloaded Darkrai, I haven't turned my DS back on.

heres what happend
(may 31) coudnt go because my mom was sick had to tend to her ):
(june 1)i get ready asap i cant drive so i had to wait for the grandparents to take me
moveing on i got thare at 1:45 i go to the games
its empty ):i was looking for a battle
i look at the darkrai poster i read it so i''m like wtf whares the event at
then my grandmother is like go ask the guy at the counter so i said
sir can you please tell me whare the darkrai event is he said right over thare
i say in the back of my head you f*cking idiot why didnt you think of that i pull the ds out
didnt know about sring
so i end up with a docile nature lvls atack109 defense 104 sp atk 148 sp def 98 speed 145 bad part is i was going to ev train it now i cant

so i go buy me some wwe figures monster jam for ds and a atv game for my psp
and some guy that works in the game with the 1st guy i talked to he said charmander char and said hes the best you know that right i almost passed out laughing to my self

so now that i didnt know about sring i end up with a fed up darkrai

I used my R4 & the WIld Pokemon Modifier cheat to get him a month after the Diamond/Pearl release. No problems, no stupid children to deal with etc.

sat at home and got two free ones. Both had a good nature, 28 Sp. Atk IV's and one had 18 speed. Not bad.

I got my Darkrai on June 1st, there weren't as much people there as I thought there would be. But I forgot about resetting for a good nature and ended up getting a brave Darkrai lol.

I was an idiot and completely forgot about the Darkrai event... Even though I went to two movies over the weekend (once on Sunday and once on Saturday) and our local theater happens to be right next to a Toys R Us... So, this morning while I was brushing my teeth and letting my mind wander I suddenly remembered the event (which by then it was too late) and smacked myself on the forehead... Sigh... :P

Chino, CA

June 1st

Went to a very bare Toys R Us in a plaza that housed a Circuit City and a Home Depot. My ride, my homie, was semi-stoned after a smoke session with one of his dudes, so suffice to say, the drive was fun. When I got there, the very place they were giving Darkrai's was barren. 4-5 kids around the booth, so there wasn't any crowding. It was going to be an in and out job, but my friend got tied up with a Burnout demo, and me with a $5 off coupon for any DS game the clerk handed to me after the recieve. Nanostray 2 was the best $16.00 I've ever spent on a game

May 31: Walk in to TRU. Nobody's there. I DL Darkrai. The clerk asks if I got Darkrai. I somehow misunderstood him and said no. He pulls out the DS. I say, "Oh, Darkrai? I got it already" so I walk away, standing around SRing. The guy calls me back and gives me the holo card/type chart thing. I walk over, still, nobod'ys there. I get the card. I turn around--five or six people standing in line behind me waiting, most of them older than me. 0.o I stand around SRing for a while, then leave.

May 31st

I went there, and there was a line. A big line. (~20 people. x_X) People behind me wondered "i don't think this is the line for buying games", so I informed them that the line was for obtaining Darkrai. I tried scanning for the wondergift and got it. I asked people who left the line if there was any benefit of
waiting in line, they said "No, they just obtained the mystery gift for you, or activated it if it wasn't already", so I left, happily, with my Bold Darkrai.

I walked in, got my Darkrai, then left. Isn't that AMAZING!? :o

Well, we got there, I walked in with my parents and my younger brother. I enlisted them to help me download Darkrai on all of our cartridges, so we did that quickly after finding the station. There was a huge fat dude there, wearing a fanny-pack and soft-resetting like crazy. The person that was there at the station was prompting everybody to have a slot open for Darkrai before downloading and that you needed to pick up Darkrai IMMEDIATELY after you downloaded him. There wasn't anybody else. While my parents browsed the store (My dad's a HotWheels fan) I checked out an opened Premiere edition Brawl guide as a witnessed a hispanic couple walk to the game section, saying they were looking for video games for five-year olds. I chortled at this, but then the employee asked what consoles they had. Confused, they said they had only a PC. He directed them to several shelves, stocked with a number of games that seemed would be appealing to kids, including some with pink covers and notable cartoon characters on them. I put the Brawl guide on the shelf after realizing it wouldn't tell me how to get the Ouendan or EBA trophies, and saw them walk away with Civilization. I then found out that my parents were already in the car and got me a gumball from the machines in the front of the store.

Ultima, Florida

Invader TAK
Uh, I went in. Got Darkrai on my Diamond and Pearl games, got the free Type Chart, bought Brain Age 2 with the 5$ Off Coupon, then left.

ok here my story i went june 1st
so me and my bro and dad went to TRU and we went to the game section and there was 2 teens and 1 12 year old and an old man down loading darkrai and the 12 year old girl said "wats a wonder card " so i look around and then i tell her wat it was the ***** didnt even say thank u so any way after i downloaded darkrai i went to a pokemart and saved and on my 1st try i got a timid nature and then i left and gave the ds to my bro cause he 4 got his and he downloaded it but i didnt cheack the nature all the kids there didnt even want to battle

Went May 31st at 1:30 P.M. in Lousiana

Had told my little brother about the event (age 7) and got him interested in it. Bringing my DS/Diamond version along, I drove us to the nearest Toys R Us in Town. Getting there, I saw almost no cars in the parking lot and got kind of leary about the event being held at this one. (I didn't bother to check) after going inside, my brother and I went straight to the video games section and found only one couple in there shopping for something, no Darkrai display for the event or anything even signifying the event being held. After looking around at the games for a bit, I took my brother for one walk around the store and headed back into the games section. After coming back, there was one older looking woman with some 13-14 yeard boy with her who came up to the counter and asked while holding up his DS about the Poke'mon event. The lady told them she would do it at the counter and immediately set to getting the kid his Darkrai.

After I watched them for 8 minutes because of difficulties getting started, I told my little brother to go pick up the copy of Pokemon Pearl he wanted and we'd wait in line. While waiting in line behind the couple from before who were purchasing some Guita hero stuff, 2 other 14-15 year old looking guys came in with DS in hand and waited a distance behind us, as another person came in, and all 3 started talking about the game with each other. I kept my DS in my pocket till it was time for me and my brother.

I had already read up on what to do to be ready to get my Darkrai since it was going to be my first Poke'mon event-thing. After coming up to the counter I pulled out my DS from my pocket (which got me looks from the group of 3 behind me) and told the lady that after doing "this" I wanted to use the $5 off coupon to get the Pearl game for my litle brother. She said sure thing and immediately set to getting me my Darkrai which went smooth and easy, as well as my showing my little brother what was going on, which he thought was pretty neat.

As we finished the exchange, I gave the little card with with the hologram on it to my little brother and got the game rung up, upon which we walked out, both satisfied even though they didn't have anything to show they were doing the event (Which is really why I wanted my brother to come in the first palce was to experience it and buy him a new game)

Same store as RAVEZero, i think. 12:15 go in. 12:16, some 8 year old says yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(WTF????????)12:17got the card thing and the cupon. 12:17 +30 seconds got in car and finished SRing. 12:18 drove away. it was just like ravezero said it was, also, it was in chino hills, CA. 3 min, dun

Man i think i have the worst outcome of the event when i was r on my 4 ds i come to find out that my litle brother was messing with the date and the best iv darkrai i got was a calm 31/15/31/21/31/31 and the date is may 31 2099! so i was totaly pissed because now it looks like a hacked but atleast hex value is there so no worries... i did manage to sr for a hasty 31/31/x/x/x/31 and i got 5 more to soft reset for :)

Went, got darkrai and accidently stole some dudes manaphy egg from his pokemon ranger
My freind was making bets with people weather or not i could beat them though.

May 31
Azusa, Ca

This was my third event. I go in download Darkrai, but I stayed around for a while because I wanted to battle someone. I see some people doing a 2 vs. 2 battle and start to watch them. One of them was insisting that Dark types are weak against fire and the others didn't really believe him. Then he told them to look at the charts they just got and needless to say, he was pretty embarrassed. I find some one else to battle. His team was all OU and obviously EV trained, which surprised me, but I beat 5 of his pokemon with Lanturn, then let Lanturn faint because I felt sorry for him. I brought out Gallade and used Close Combat on Tyranitar. He complimented my Lanturn, then went home. I saw someone I recognized from the Manaphy Event and traded a Mew for a Deoxys. A little while later I battled someone else and won again. His team was all OU and EVd as well. This time it was a closer match (4-6). Right after that a guy came up to me and asked how to get Darkrai and I told him, then he asked if he could borrow a Spiritomb to breed and I let him (I'm wondering if he is RaikouTCG?). We started talking and he told me about a tournament coming up in LA and asked if I had pokerus. I didn't so he let me borrow one of his infected pokemon to spread it to my game. The event was almost over so I just left. It went well. I got Darkrai, Deoxys, Pokerus, had two fun battles and found out about a tournament.

I worked on Saturday from 1-5 and had to go on a family trip all day Sunday, so I rushed in after a work meeting (that went until noon) and before my shift started on Saturday. I took both my Diamond and Pearl games (but left my brother's Pearl at home, because I didn't know if they would allow me to get more than one anyways--this was my first Pokemon event). I got to the store a little after noon, and there was one mom with 2-3 kids downloading (looked like 1-2 were hers and then friends). I downloaded to both games, so it took a little longer. A few other kids (including a huge group of what appeared to be middle school girls, suprisingly) came in, but I didn't see a single person my age. The TRU employee did say he was a Pokefan too though and we talked a little bit. He'd downloaded his already, but wasn't able to check for good IVs and just settled for a Timid.

I wish I'd been able to go back later or on Sunday and get one for my brother's Pearl version and maybe actually talk to a few people (if there were any my age), but it didn't work out. Oh well, maybe next time...

PA23's Journal --- Entry #1 : An Epic Day At The Day Care

Oh, yeah, an epic journey... I was hired by some crackpot old fool named Pearlian to fetch his Darkrai from the Day Care. IMAGINE! The Darkrai's there, floating around as if on steroids and won't cease flying. And how those old Pearlian interpret this?

"I asked my mom what hardy means and she told me it means my Darkrai is happy!"

Obviously, he did not get any English (Advanced English, for that matter) lessons. Hardy is hardly happy. I looked around at the Day Care, and hoo boy were there hordes of Darkrai crouching at a silent corner, mumbling to themselves. It seems only Pearlian had a Hardy Darkrai, and all the others are Modest. And what's that?

He's happy.

However young he may be... As I went towards his Darkrai, it went into a racket and started spawning holes all over. All Pokemon there were of course frightened and ran around. Just then, guess who stepped in?


And the first words he said: "OMG ARE U JEALOUS OF ME???"

That just made my day, I swear. I swear it did. In the end, I had to release my Infernape to Close Combat the oh-so-happy Darkrai. Pearlian was, to be frank, quite enthusiastic. He looked. And looked. And rolled his eyes.


When we didn't respond, he added:

"I heard my friend say his adamnat Charizard is soooooo strong but i think he wrong because my hardy Darkrai will beat him soooo bad!!!!!!!!!!"

...And turned around. Little did he know that his little Darkrai is there being continuously scorched to the point of death by an Adamant Charizard with Flamethrowers, Fire Blasts and Heat Waves...

In the end, guess what we all said?


Oh yeah, forgot about the date. It's June the 1st.

I'm from England, so I didn't get one. That's my story.


I hope there's a UK Darkrai event soon...

Michigan, May 31st

I woke up around 9:34 a.m. And I spent most of the morning looking stuff up in Gamefaqs. I got to these boards and noticed the many Darkrai topics. I didn't think much of them untill I saw one topic called "TRU DARKRAI EVENT". Something in my mind clicked as I realized that there was another TRU event. I found out all the necessary info for it. My dad calls from work, I tell him to take me to the event. I arrive at TRU around 3:20. There was no signs or anything. Pushing my doubts aside, I head to the game section. There are a couple of kids there. And I'm pretty sure I saw one 30 or 40 something year old man. So I download my Darkrai with no problems. One of the kids there challenges me. We fight, and I almost won. Oh well, I'm not a competitve person anyway. So I leave with out the coupon and card. As I'm leaving, a teen is walking in with what I think is his dad. The teen and I catch each others eye, so I motion to my ds to show that I already got mine. Then my dad drives me home. It was pretty fun. And I got a Darkrai with good stats and a lax nature.

I walked into the store and picked up my ****ing Darkrai.


yeah, i went with my brothers (3) and we all got our darkrai. their were four adults i guess battling each other, and they all looked like total geeks. thank god 4 serebii.net, or else i would have never known about this! =)

Action Replay.
What kind of freak wastes thier time (and gas) on that sort of thing? Theyd get money if they would do it through the wii

I Battled a 5 year old. Swept with Tauros.

31st May

*Doesn't live in America so can't get Darkrai*

8 am : Lay in bed awake

9am : Went to eat breakfast

9.30 am: Switched on DS and computer

9 .35 pm : Saw time and date at the bottom of computer and realised "Hey, today's the Darkrai event in America. Well, at least, in twelve hours time for them.. I wish Singapore had one too"

9.35 to 9.50 : Brooded about lack of Pokemon events in Singapore.

9.50 : Pokesav'd Timid Darkrai with 30 IVs in SpA and random IV's for the rest.

Till now : Trying to make my Darkrai fully legit-looking as possible. Can someone tell me what is says in the summary page of your Darkrai? Obtained @ level 50, New Moon Island, no?

I haven't posted yet, since nothing interesting happened, but, whatever. Went to TRU late, at about 3:30, so no one was there (kinda disappointing.) The guy at the desk knew right away what I wanted, but he didn't bother to ask if I knew how to do it until I had already downloaded my first one. I got three - one from my Diamond, one for my Pearl, and one for my best friend's Pearl. She just got the game the day before, and couldn't make it, so I stopped by her house to pick it up. Chatted with the guy at the counter for a bit, and left the section.

They I had to track down my mom and little brother (and watch my brother end up with a ton of Speed Racer merch) and left. On the way home we went to Wendy's and ended up spending 30 minutes dealing with the *****iest manager ever.

Drove home, realized I still had my friend's game, drove to her house, went home. Traded her a Houndour, and went home.

The end. May 31st.

I work at TRU and worked the entire event. *looks around* Looks like I'm the only one that works there too. But wow, it sounded like most of your events sucked. I had at least a dozen people in my department the entire day playing D/P. Our store's actually turned out to be a real "event". I even got my Darkrai, even though I was too busy working too soft reset for a decent one (I got lax nature *sob*).No battling for me, either. *double sob*

But here's the Darkrai story to end all Darkrai stories... This family of four comes in wanting Darkrai from me. They thought I could just hand them over Darkrai physically as if it was a trading card. They didn't even know that it was in-game only. In fact, these guys didn't even have a DS when they came into the store. So what happens is I sell two DSes to the two kids and one copy of D/P each to them just so they can get the goddamn thing. And these kids didn't even know how to get their Pokedexes. I literally had to play each of their games 20 minutes to get them to that place, while simultaneously helping actual customers and other Darkrai recipients (I was the only one working, too)! And I don't know how, but one of the DSs already had peanut butter on it after they just ****in opened them! I don't know about you, but I'd love parents that'd drop $400 dollars on me so I could get one effin Pokemon!

But that folks, is why this company loves doing these events.

It's all good though, I got a Jolly shiny Eevee from a friend I hadn't seen in forever. :) BTW if anyone wants, I can get a copy of our "instructions" for the event. They were a hilarious read, to say the very least. It literally had the phrase, "Please, Think of the Children!" on it.

Whaaat?! I had no idea! And I went to the Manaphy event before... =(

Oh well, I can't even remember what I was doing that day anyway. =D

But I think the day before I was around a TRU... ****in' whatev.

June 1st, I went around...1pm. Nobody was there, so downloaded Drkrai, then I bought me a rubber ball and a barrel ah monkehs!