Pokémon Sounds

I have recorded a number of various sound effects from the Pokémon animé for you to download below. They are all at a frequency and sampling rate of 22,050 Hz 8 bit mono. More sounds will collect here as I record more.

Nervous Turtwig

195 KB

10 sec

Turtwig.wav Gettin' Twiggy Wtih It

32 KB

2 sec

Bidoof.wav Faced With Steelix Determination

35 KB

2 sec

Buizel.wav Buizel Your Way Out Of This
Piplup, use Bubblebeam!

103 KB

5 sec


507 KB

24 sec

Zigzagoon.wav Showdown At Linoone

57 KB

3 sec

Linoone.wav Gettin' Twiggy With It

94 KB

5 sec

Pachirisu.wav Twice Smitten, Once Shy
Team Rocket sings

134 KB

7 sec

Buizel wants a battle

683 KB

32 sec

buizelfreaks.wav An Elite Meet And Greet
Chimchar cries

1258 KB

59 sec

chimcharcries.wav Tears For Fears

46 KB

2 sec

MudkipClip.wav A Mudkip Mission
Full Mudkip clip

449 KB

20 sec

Mudkip.wav A Mudkip Mission
It's going to eat me!

42 KB

2 sec

ItsGoingToEatMe.wav Giratina and the Sky Warrior
Shaymin doesn't like Giratina

84 KB

4 sec

ShayminDoesntLikeGiratina.wav Giratina and the Sky Warrior