Welcome to the programming section of Floatzel.Net. The following programs are all designed for Windows operating systems, Mac users with Boot Camp, and Linux users with the Wine emulator. Otherwise, please head home. These programs are all free to distribute. However, do not sell any of these! Some more programs will be coming soon. Do you have any ideas? Let me know!

QB1 = QuickBasic 1 VB02 = Visual Basic .NET 2002
QB4 = QuickBasic 4.5 VB03 = Visual Basic .NET 2003
VBDOS = Visual Basic DOS VB05 = Visual Basic .NET 2005

Name/Information Date Size (Bytes) Download Lang. Reqs.
BMI Calculator 6-Oct-2005 69,632 BMI.exe VB05 .NET2
Bowling Scorekeeper 10-Apr-2006 53,248 Bowling Score.exe VB05 .NET2
Calculator II 31-Jan-2006 20,480 Calculator II.exe VB03 .NET1
Place Your Bets 25-Sep-2004 55,532 CASINO2.EXE QB1 DOS
Dice Roller 16-Mar-2006 16,384 Dice Rolls.exe VB03 .NET1
Dice Casino 25-Apr-2006 43,931 VB03 .NET1
Factor Finder 15-Nov-2005 11,776 Factors.exe VB02 .NET1
Fibonacci Calculator 22-May-2006 11,264 Fibonacci Numbers.exe VB02 .NET1
Find the Number 7-May-2005 47,858 FIND_NUM.EXE QB1 DOS
Hex Color Converter 16-Jul-2006 32,768 Hex Colors.exe VB05 .NET2
Luigi's Mansion Money Calculator 21-Nov-2005 49,152 Luigi's Mansion Calc.exe VB02 .NET1
Math Game 15-Dec-2005 102,400 Math Game.exe VB02 .NET1
Math Game 2 4-Sep-2005 66,010 MATH2.EXE QB4 DOS
Math Toolbar 6-Mar-2006 12,288 MATHapp.exe VB02 .NET1
Metric Converter 21-Feb-2006 23,552 Metric Conversion.exe VB03 .NET1
New Timer 26-Feb-2005 62,964 NEWTIME.EXE QB1 DOS
Character Counter 23-Feb-2006 53,248 Number of Characters.exe VB02 .NET1
Image Viewer 23-Jan-2006 16,896 Photo Album.exe VB02 .NET1
Pokémon Attack Power Calculator 10-Apr-2006 147,456 Pokemon Attack Power 3.exe VB05 .NET2
Pokémon Battle Sim 26-Oct-2004 509,451 POKEMON.ZIP QB4 DOS
Q & A 15-May-2006 377,733 VB02 .NET1
Refresh Browser 17-Jul-2006 36,864 Refresh Browser 2.exe VB05 .NET2
Electronic Scorekeeper 25-Apr-2005 52,962 SCORE.EXE QB1 DOS
Slots 15-Dec-2005 15,872 Slots.exe VB02 .NET1
Mini Time 4-Jan-2006 21,504 Time.exe VB02 .NET1
Typing Test 6-Jan-2006 16,896 Typing Test.exe VB02 .NET1
Yahtzee 27-Apr-2006 265,005 VB05 .NET2