Review: Pokémon: Johto Photo Finish (GBA Video)

Game Boy Advance

Rating: 6

October 14, 2004

Something New

Introduction (9/10): “Nice Idea”
Nintendo was trying something new here: placing television episodes of select shows on a pocket GBA video. The Game Boy Advance Videos are rather nice for those that don't want to bring a portable DVD player or a miniature TV. However, it's not a very good price: $20 for the same thing as a low-priced DVD, only far lower quality.

Gameplay (NA/10): “It's not a game; it's that simple.”

Story (6/10): “Story? Umm...����
Though not being a game, it still has a story: Ash is competing in the Silver Conference. Will he win? I can't tell you that or any more because this is designed for those who are thinking about buying it.

Graphics (3/10): “This is supposed to be a video?”
I can't believe it! This is supposed to have great graphics, seeing how it's a video. Even for GBA, the graphics are quite blurred, as well as some pixelization. Oh well, I guess for the capacity of the cartridge, what do you expect. Sorry! They should have not compressed some parts and should have made repeated scenes be in a gif image-like format.

Sound (4/10): “The sound can be a nuisance, even though square wave can be better.”
The sound is not stereo. There is a very high compression level. They should have redone the sound mixing as an instrument/audio bank. However, it would lose its exactness to the TV series.

Replayability (7/10): “Watching it over and over and over can get boring.”
It can. Sorry, but I have only watched it three times since I got it (about two months ago). The video can be neat, but like movies, repetitive.

Final Word (Rent): “Everyone has different opinions, so see if you like it first.”
If you like Pokémon, the Anime series, and/or the video games, then you may want to check this out. I love all three, but not so much this. If you do like it, buy it. If you don't then don't have anything to do with it. Note to Pokémon haters: Don't even look at it.

Introduction: 9
Story: 6
Graphics: 3
Sound: 4
Replayability: 7
My Personal Liking: 8
Average: 6.5
My Score: 6