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Global Link Poll Giveaway

By The Spirit of Time on September 15, 2010

In the Pokémon Global Link website, there will be a poll from September 18th, 2010 to Novmber 1st, 2010 in which a Pokémon should be chosen. The winner of the 1st place will be accessible in the Dream World starting from November 5th, 2010 till January 31st, 2011. Although the website didn't specifically name any of these Pokémon that will be in the poll, but there were several Pokémon that appeared within the image:
Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Mewtwo, Mew, Chickorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile, Lugia, Ho-Oh, Celebi, Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip, Groudon, Kyogre, Rayquaza, Jirachi, Deoxys, Turtwig, Chimchar, Piplup, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Manaphy, Darkrai and Arceus.
These are probably the Pokémon that people should choose from.

Source: Serebii



New Legendaries Leaked

By Ningamer on September 14, 2010

Two new images have been leaked onto Spanish website Pokéxperto, supposedly featuring three of the new legendaries, as well as Baffuron. Not a lot is known about them yet, but here are the pictures:
Spoiler Alert: 
Pokébeach claim that these are the three Pokémon from the fighting trio, with the rock one in the first image and the grass and steel ones in the second image.

I'm not entirely sure whether these are confirmed yet, so don't take these too seriously.
Source: Serebii, Pokéxperto, PokéBeach



Pokémon Sunday - September 12th

By The Spirit of Time on September 12, 2010

Nothing more than what has been revealed last night, but we have some new confirmations.

The first one is that no old characters will appear in these games, which means that Prof. Oak or Cynthia won't be seen in Isshu.

It also confirms that "N" will appear battle you with Choroneko, which we already know from yesterday.

HMs are also confirmed now, despite the fact that TMs will never be used up. This has been proved when Mamoko gave the player HM01-Cut.

The very first wild Pokémon to appear are Chillarmy and Minezumi.

Mijumaru will learn Shell Blade at Lv. 7.

They mentioned that the C-Gear took four years to program, which tells us that they have been working on these games for years.

Desukaan, Denchura, and Ononokusu are revealed, but nothing new from yesterday.

Here are some videos:

Source: Pokébeach



An interview about the new Pokémon designs

By The Spirit of Time on September 11, 2010

Here is a translated interview taken from Pokémon Peer.

Quote:Today we’re meeting with all of the graphic designers, who can be considered the parents of Pokemon. To start, please tell us how you are involved with the Pocket Monsters series.

Sugimori: I’m in charge as the 2D art director. The GM of design. I supervise the dot art (sprite graphics displayed on the game screen). I’ve been involved with the Pocket Monsters series since its inception, so I also supervised the design of the original human and Pokemon characters. This time I was slightly less involved, but I did work on the hero and Pokemon designs.

Oumura: I’m in charge of 2D graphics. I started with Pocket Monsters Diamond and Pearl, and this time I worked on the designs of the human characters and Pokemon such as Mijumaru.

Sugimori: Ibe and Tagami came on board at Game Freak when we were working on Pocket Monsters Platinum. This is the first time they’ve made a game from scratch.

Ibe: Right. The Pokemon I was in charge of designing was Victini. Aside from that, I designed about 10 other Pokemon.

Tagami: I designed Tsutaaja. After that, the Little Pigeon Pokemon Mamepato, and a Bug-type Pokemon called Kurumiru, for example. I worked on about 10 Pokemon.

Between the 4 of you are everything from veterans to newcomers, but how many designers worked on Pocket Monsters Black and White in total?

Sugimori: There were 17 people total. Each person designed about 10 Pokemon. [Note: 17x10 = 170!]

This time all of the Pokemon are new. When did you start designing the Pokemon?

Oumura: Around the Spring of 2008.

Sugimori: We were developing it at the same time as Pocket Monsters Platinum and Pocket Monsters Heart Gold and Soul Silver. In this game, since old Pokemon do not appear, and a new world is the stage, we needed to create an ecosystem purely for the newly-designed Pokemon. Up until now, we designed with the philosophy that, “a mouse-like Pokemon already exists, so let’s make other Pokemon”—but this time they were all new. So, once again we designed a mouse-like Pokemon, a dog-like Pokemon, etc. from scratch.

Then, you started from nothing in the true sense of the word. What kind of Pokemon did you think of?

Sugimori: At first I told the designers, “You can draw freely; draw things you like.” Gradually, the number of Pokemon was decided, and the instructions became more concrete, such as, “We don’t have enough of this Type, can you try to draw some?” By the end they were directly ordered, “Draw this Pokemon!”

Ibe: I like dogs, so I submitted a dog-like Pokemon.

Sugimori: Right. She likes dogs. The Pokemon designs are a collection of the individual designers’ emotional attachments. That’s why I originally said, “Why don’t you draw the things you like?”

Tagami: In my case, it’s bugs. There really is an insect that wads up leaves, called an Otoshibumi. I thought that behavior was fascinating, so I tried to design a Pokemon based on it.

Oumura: I looked at the lineup of Pokemon that everyone had submitted to me, and designed whatever was missing. Piplup from Pocket Monsters Diamond and Pearl was embraced, and this time I was once again designing Water-type Pokemon. Not to suggest that Water-types are my specialty.

Mr. Oumura was Mijumaru, Mr. Tagami was Tsutaaja. You designed the 3 Starter Pokemon.

Sugimori: The 3 Starter Pokemon and the Legendary Pokemon were a lot of trouble.

Tagami: A lot of trouble. I think of Tsutaaja all the time.

Sugimori: Of course, it was determined that the 3 Starters would be Grass, Fire, and Water-type Pokemon. We’ll combine the shared horror of our experiences up until now. The Water-type and dog weren’t cute, the Grass-type and ??? looked scary [note: we'll fix this sentence later]. (laughs). This time, a designer who isn’t here presented the Fire-type as a pig, and Mr. Tagami presented the Grass-type Pokemon as a snake. I decided it was an interesting combination.

Tagami: I was reading a picture book and it said, “There are snakes that look like vines.” I said, “That’s it!” (laughs) It was a hint at an idea.

Sugimori: I told him that snakes are discomforting. “When you see the line entering its stomach, it’s creepy."

Tagami: But being discomforting is a snake’s most important trait. I was conscious of that with Tsutaaja as well.

Sugimori: Since it was discomforting, if we took that away, it would become a character without any personality.

You combined the elements of the Grass-type and the snake to create a Pokemon.

Sugimori: Next we needed to give it a personality. It will be boring if all 3 Starters have the same personality, so we pick a direction for the personality, such as Naughty or Gentle. This time, the pig Pokemon was Naughty, and it had a reckless feel. Tsutaaja was aristocratic….for example like “The Rose of Versailles”. (laughs)

Tagami: I created an image like something out of an art museum. Like the Hermitage Museum in Russia. (laughs)

Sugimori: This time, the Water-type was the most troublesome.

Oomura: I said, “How about a sea otter for the Water-type?” But if a sea otter were to evolve, what would it become? That’s where I hit a wall. Eventually I said that if a sea otter was to evolve, it would transform into something completely different.

Sugimori: Since we intended for those 3 starter Pokemon to be with the hero throughout the game, we wanted them to have surprising evolutions. We kept adding more twists so the forms of the third-stage Evolutions would have an impact.

Oomura: Also, this time we wanted the 3 starter Pokemon to be split into Japanese, Western, and Chinese imagery. We said Tsutaaja would represent Western imagery, Pokabu Chinese, and Mijumaru Japanese. We discussed it: "Couldn't a sea otter be a samurai?"

Everyone: Hahaha.

Oomura: I was a little worried, so I went to watch the sea otters at the aquarium. I happened to see the sea lion show, I noticed how strong the sea lions were. I thought, ah, I’ll try combining sea lions and otters together. I came up with the idea of them fighting by using the shells on their stomachs like swords, and Mijumaru and its [next] evolution were completed.

In order to design Pokemon you even visited an aquarium. Did you go out to research often?

Sugimori: At the beginning of development, the entire team went to the zoo. In this case it was the Tama Zoo that we visited. We each went our own way to watch the animals. The mole exhibit was really interesting. Tubes were connected through the ceiling, and the moles ran through them at incredible speeds. I was shocked.

Tagami: Usually I look at picture books and nature programs on television. When I heard about Mr. Oomura’s trip to the aquarium, I also went to the zoo to observe the snakes. But I watched the snakes for about 30 minutes, and they didn’t move at all. (laughs)

Ibe: I also went to zoos and pet shops where I could actually touch the animals. I checked where the joints met and watched how the birds folded their wings. (laughs)

That’s interesting. What ended up being your best reference?

Oomura: Actually observing living animals, of course. As the game’s development grew more hectic we couldn’t go out to research, but we’d come to understand how the animals moved, captured prey, etc., and that made drawing easier.

Tagami: When the development was hectic, I would reference the people walking around town. People’s hairstyles and so on. It was interesting. (laughs)

Sugimori: It’s as they said. Many different things went into the Pokemon. For example, with the Fire-type Pokemon, the pipes from furnaces and ironworks went into the shape of the body and the markings. By tying different images together, new designs were born...

Source: Pokébeach



[FULLY REVEALED] The Pokédex of Isshu and some interesting news!

By The Spirit of Time on September 11, 2010

I was in a dilemma whether to post this or not for days, but with the latest leak of CoroCoro, I am more of sure that what I am going to post is real. Now before I start, I want to make a note that the Pokédex is too large and I can't post everything individually, so it is nearlly going to be like Pokébeach. Other than Pokébeach, we should also give credit to Pokéxperto, which was revealing a lot of information lately.

Spoiler Alert: 
494/000 - Victini - Basic - Psychic/Fire
495/001 - Tsutarja - Basic - Grass
496/002 - Jyanobii - Stage 1 - Grass
497/003 - Jaroda - Stage 2 - Grass
498/004 - Pokabu - Basic - Fire
499/005 - Chaobuu - Stage 1 - Fire/Fighting
500/006 - Enbuoo - Stage 2 - Fire/Fighting
501/007 - Mijumaru - Basic - Water
502/008 - Futachimaru - Stage 1 - Water
503/009 - Daikenki - Stage 2 - Water
504/010 - Minezumi - Basic - Normal
505/011 - Miruhoggu - Stage 1 - Normal
506/012 - Yorterrie - Basic - Normal: A small dog-like Pokemon. Probably a breed of the Shih Tzu race (but with brown-golden hair).
507/013 - Hahderia - Stage 1 - Normal: Longer dog-like Pokemon, has same face but with mustache. Face and legs are golden, body is dark gray.
508/014 - Murrando - Stage 2 - Normal: A dog-like Pokemon that resembles an adult Shih Tzu but with a longer body. Long mustache and black-to-gray body.
509/015 - Choroneko - Basic - Dark: A cat-like Pokemon with a somewhat suspicious look. (Purple cat from the Pre-BW Special Preview.)
510/016 - Reparudasu - Stage 1 - Dark: A Pokemon that resembles a panther. Most of its body is purple, but legs, head and body marks are light brown. Very elegant and slender.
511/017 - Yanappu - Basic - Grass
512/018 - Yanakki - Stage 1 - Grass: Same design as Yanappu but larger, with an Elvis forelock, more hair, and arrogant pose.
513/019 - Baoppu - Basic - Fire: A monkey with an orange/red body with a flame-style hair and tail. It has a sleepy face.
514/020 - Baokki - Stage 1 - Fire: It is fatter than Grass evolution and seems confused. Tail and hair have flames. Red/orange color.
515/021 - Hiyappu - Basic - Water: A monkey that's cheerful and has fountain-shaped hair. Light blue color.
516/022 - Hiyakii - Stage 1 - Water: The most sociable of all these monkeys, it has a somewhat rasta hair style. Light blue color.
517/023 - Munna - Basic - Psychic
518/024 - Musharna - Stage 1 - Psychic
519/025 - Mamepato - Basic - Normal/Flying
520/026 - Hatooboo - Stage 1 - Normal/Flying
521/027 - Kunhorou - Stage 2 - Normal/Flying: Typical bird Pokemon with an arrogant pose, resembles a pigeon. Same colors, but brown chest. It has an alternate form which is more colourful. The difference is based on genders.
522/028 - Shimama - Basic - Electric
523/029 - Zebraika - Stage 1 - Electric: Still a zebra, but bigger, fiercer, and with more white stripes and hair.
524/030 - Dangoro - Basic - Rock
525/031 - Gatoru - Stage 1 - Rock
526/032 - Gigaiasu - Stage 2 - Rock
527/033 - Koromori - Basic - Psychic/Flying
528/034 - Kokoromori - Stage 1 - Psychic/Flying: A bat Pokemon with blue body and white fur. It maintains the heart-shaped eye/nose but has a forked tail.
529/035 - Morguryuu - Basic - Ground
530/036 - Doryuuzu - Stage 1 - Ground/Steel
531/037 - Tabunne - Basic - Normal
532/038 - Dakkora - Basic - Fighting: A guy with a wooden plank.
533/039 - Dotetsukotsu - Stage 1 - Fighting: A guy with an iron girder. It is stronger that its pre-evo and has a clown nose.
534/040 - Roopushin - Stage 2 - Fighting: Has a concrete block on each hand. It got much larger from evolution. The clown nose is not funny anymore.
535/041 - Otamaro - Basic - Water: A small tadpole. No arms, no legs, only a blue tail. Also two blue protuberances on each side of its head.
536/042 - Gamgaru - Stage 1 - Water/Ground: A bigger tadpole. Has developed legs, still no arms. Blue color, white tail. Three protuberances from head, four from body.
537/043 - Gamageroge - Stage 2 - Water/Ground: A big frog full of protuberances in head, arms and legs. No more tail. Its very big and has a mafia pose.
538/044 - Nageki - Basic - Fighting: A Judo Pokemon with a kimono. Rocky red skin, big eyebrows and nose. Counter-part of Dageki.
539/045 - Dageki - Basic - Fighting: Taller and thinner than its counter-part, with rocky blue skin and kimono. Big nose and one eyebrow (yes, only one).
540/046 - Kurumiru - Basic - Bug/Grass
541/047 - Kurumayu - Stage 1 - Bug/Grass: The leaf grows and covers the Pokemon as a cocoon. Only eyes and mouth can be seen.
542/048 - Hahakurimo - Stage 2 - Bug/Grass: A leaf insect Pokemon, a Phylliidae. Stands on two legs with a leaf skirt and arms. Head is like Kurumiru's.
543/049 - Fushide - Basic - Bug/Poison - A centipede.
544/050 - Hoiiga - Stage 1 - Bug/Poison: A round cocoon with an eye on each side. All covered in spikes, four large and eight shorter. Ugliest one in the PokeDex.
545/051 - Pendora - Stage 2 - Bug/Poison: A Scolopendra colored like its pre-evo.
546/052 - Monmen - Basic - Grass: Resembles a cloud.
547/053 - Erufuun - Stage 1 - Grass: Resembles a cloud / sheep.
548/054 - Churine - Basic - Grass: The plant Pokemon seen in the Pokemon Daycare screenshot.
549/055 - Doredia - Stage 1 - Grass: A Grass Lady Pokemon. She wears a flower hat with a crown. Big leaf on the back. Her dress is a leaf bulb, with two dark green leaves as arms.
550/056 - Basurao - Basic - Water: Has two Formes. One is green with red stripes and eyes while the other one has blue stripe and blue eyes. Second seems more aggressive.
551/057 - Meguroko - Basic - Ground/Dark
552/058 - Warubiru - Stage 1 - Ground/Dark - Stands on two legs with a spiked back.
553/059 - Warubiaru - Stage 2 - Ground/Dark - Larger, meaner, and red.
554/060 - Darumakka - Basic - Fire
555/061 - Hihidaruma - Stage 1 - Fire. Has an alternate forme that is Fire/Psychic and blue.
556/062 - Marakachi - Basic - Grass: A dancing cactus Pokemon. Has yellow eyes, spikes, and pink flowers.
557/063 - Ishizumai - Basic - Bug/Rock: A hermit crab Pokemon. It is a crab with a rock covering its back.
558/064 - Iwaparesu - Stage 1 - Bug/Rock: Larger and holding a cube-shaped rock.
559/065 - Zuruggu - Basic - Dark/Fighting
560/066 - Zuruzukin - Stage 1 - Dark/Fighting: Similar design to previous evolution, but orange head with red crest. Has a hood at the back with pre-evo's head. Scary.
561/067 - Shinpora - Basic - Psychic/Flying: A Flying Mask Pokémon. Only one eye, two golden wings without feathers. Very strange.
562/068 - Desumasu - Basic - Ghost: Desukan Pre-Evo. Floating black body with two big red eyes and big arms. Holds a human mask at the bottom.
563/069 - Desukan - Stage 1 - Ghost: Desukan
564/070 - Purotage - Basic - Water/Rock: Archelon Fossil Pokémon. Blue body and grey shell. Amazing design.
565/071 - Abagoora - Stage 1 - Water/Rock: Archelon Fossil Pokémon. Bigger body, stands on two legs and has an armor/shell of rock. Bulky Water candidate?
566/072 - Aken - Basic - Rock/Flying: Archaeopteryx Fossil Pokémon. A bird with yellow, red and blue feathers.
567/073 - Aakeosu - Stage 1 - Rock/Flying: Archaeopteryx Fossil Pokémon. The bird has become bigger and fiercer. Its head is now green/red coloured.
568/074 - Yabukuron - Basic - Poison: Garbage Bag Pokémon. A green garbage bag with eyes. Its arms are formed of grey dirt coming out from the bag.
569/075 - Dasutodasu - Stage 1 - Poison: Garbage Bag Pokémon. The garbage has grown a lot and thus half the body is grey dirt. Very amorphous.
570/076 - Zorua - Basic - Dark
571/077 - Zoroark - Stage 1 - Dark
572/078 - Chillarmy - Basic - Normal
573/079 - Chirachiino - Stage 1 - Normal: Greatly resembles its pre-evolution. (Chillarmy + long white scarf covering its body)
574/080 - Gochimu - Basic - Psychic: Emo Baby Pokémon. Gochiruzeru pre pre-evo. A baby with big purple head and great blue eyes.
575/081 - Gomoniru - Stage 1 - Psychic: Emo Girl Pokémon. Gochiruzeru pre-evo. A little girl with two ponytails, but very similar to Gochiruzeru.
576/082 - Gochiruzeru - Stage 2 - Psychic.
577/083 - Yuniran - Basic - Psychic: Cell Pokémon. Rankurusu pre pre-evo. Basically a white nucleus with eyes and nose, surrounded by green jelly.
578/084 - Daburan - Stage 1 - Psychic: Rankurusu pre-evo. Now the cell has developed tiny arms, and more green jelly.
579/085 - Rankurusu - Stage 2 - Psychic.
580/086 - Koaruhii - Basic - Water/Flying: Blue Swan Pokémon. Swana pre-evo. Basically a breed of swan, in blue color.
581/087 - Swana - Stage 1 - Water/Flying.
582/088 - Banupicchu - Basic - Ice: Ice Cream Ball Pokémon. A white/blue ice cream ball with tiny body, almost like a baby.
583/089 - Kamashun - Stage 1 - Ice: Ice Cream Pokémon.
584/090 - Baibanira - Stage 2 - Ice: Double Ice Cream Pokémon (one cone, two balls).
585/091 - Shikijika - Basic - Normal/Grass
586/092 - Mebukijika - Stage 1 - Normal/Grass: Changes with the seasons like its pre-evolved form. Seen partially in the Pokemon Peer news story.
587/093 - Emonga - Basic - Electric/Flying.
588/094 - Kaburumo - Basic - Bug: New Bug Pokémon.
589/095 - Shubarugo - Stage 1 - Bug/Steel: Knight Bug Pokémon. A knight with an armor, spears and helmet. Main body is based on previous bug.
590/096 - Tamagetake - Basic - Grass/Poison.
591/097 - Morobareru - Stage 1 - Grass/Poison: A Mushroom Pokémon with a pink PokéBall design, and two smaller Poké Ball as hands.
592/098 - Pururiru - Basic - Water/Ghost: Jellyfish Pokémon. Round blue head with 5 tentacles. Has another Forme, pink color and different tentacles.
593/099 - Burunkeru - Stage 1 - Water/Ghost: Jellyfish Pokémon.
594/100 - Mamanbou - Basic - Water
595/101 - Bachuru - Basic - Bug/Electric: Denchura pre-evo.
596/102 - Denchura - Stage 1 - Bug/Electric.
597/103 - Tesshido - Basic - Steel/Grass: Iron Ball Pokémon.
598/104 - Nattorei - Stage 1 - Steel/Grass: Steel Platform Pokémon. A spiky steel platform with three grass arms going up and ending in steel maces.
599/105 - Gear - Basic - Steel
600/106 - Gigear - Stage 1 - Steel: Gear + another big gear behind.
601/107 - Gigigear - Stage 2 - Steel: Gear + big gear behind + small gear at bottom + platform.
602/108 - Shibishirasu - Basic - Electric: Small Fish, white color.
603/109 - Shibibiiru - Stage 1 - Electric: Small Lamprey Pokémon.
604/110 - Shibirudon - Stage 2 - Electric: Big Lamprey Pokémon. Green/Blue color and round mouth.
605/111 - Rigurii - Basic - Psychic: Green Alien Pokémon. Big oval head, this mark on head, and small body. Weird.
606/112 - Oobemu - Stage 1 - Psychic: Brown Alien Pokémon. Big trapezoid head (UFO-like), same mark on head and small body. Bigger than pre-evo.
607/113 - Hitomoshi - Basic - Fire/Ghost: Ghost Candle Pokémon.
608/114 - Ranpuraa - Stage 1 - Fire/Ghost: Ghost Lamp Pokémon.
609/115 - Shanderaa - Stage 2 - Fire/Ghost: Ghost Candelabra Pokémon. A candelabra with a main bulb and four arms ending in purple flames.
610/116 - Kibago - Basic - Dragon.
611/117 - Onokkusu - Stage 1 - Dragon: Kibago Evo. Like Kibago but with longer horns and tail, and bigger. Green on top, grey on bottom.
612/118 - Ononokusu - Stage 2 - Dragon.
613/119 - Kumashun - Basic - Ice: A baby polar bear with a giant blue snot.
614/120 - Tsunbeaa - Stage 1 - Ice: A polar bear.
615/121 - Furiijio - Basic - Ice: Hexagonal Mirror Pokémon. Front part of mirror features an angry face full of hate.
616/122 - Chobomaki - Basic - Bug: A clam with red body and a helmet shell.
617/123 - Agirudaa - Stage 1 - Bug: Ninja clam with no shell.
618/124 - Maggyo - Basic - Electric/Ground: Marbled Electric Ray Pokémon. A yellow/brown ray.
619/125 - Kojofuu - Basic - Fighting: Monk Warrior Pokémon. Martial arts pose, brown body, pink arms and legs.
620/126 - Kojondo - Stage 1 - Fighting: Similar to 619, white color and mustache.
621/127 - Kurimugan - Basic - Dragon: Red Head Dragon. A blue dragon with red head and scales. Very aggressive and cool design.
622/128 - Gobitto - Basic - Ground/Ghost: Robot Pokémon. Made of earth with white energy in eyes and belly.
623/129 - Goruggo - Stage 1 - Robot Pokémon. Much bigger.
624/130 - Komatana - Basic - Steel/Dark: Warrior Pokémon
625/131 - Kirikizan - Stage 1 - Steel/Dark: Warrior Pokémon. Both based on Kamen Raider.
626/132 - Buffalon - Basic - Normal: Buffalon
627/133 - Washibon - Basic - Normal/Flying: Wargle pre-evo. An eaglet covered by white down and just one feather.
628/134 - Wooguru - Stage 1 - Normal/Flying.
629/135 - Baruchai - Basic - Dark/Flying: Vulture Breed Pokémon. It stays on its egg and has small wings.
630/136 - Barujiina - Stage 1 - Dark/Flying: Vulture Pokémon. Black feathers, pink head.
631/137 - Kuitaran - Basic - Fire: An anteater.
632/138 - Aianto - Basic - Bug/Steel: An ant.
633/139 - Monozu - Basic - Pseudo Legendary - Dark/Dragon
634/140 - Jiheddo - Stage 1 - Pseudo Legendary - Dark/Dragon
635/141 - Sazando - Stage 2 - Pseudo Legendary - Dark/Dragon: Is a three headed hydra, with black and blue tones. Starts with one head in its Basic form, evolves and gets two heads, and then this final form have three.
636/142 - Meraruba - Basic - Bug/Fire
637/143 - Urugamosu - Stage 1 - Bug/Fire
638/144 - Kobaruon - Basic - Legendary Trio 1 - Steel/Fighting: A quadruped Pokemon, the sort of Entei/Suicune/Raikou of this generation. Along with the other members of its trio, it is roaming Isshu and can be encountered at any time.
639/145 - Terakion - Basic - Legendary Trio 1 - Rock/Fighting: A quadruped Pokemon, the sort of Entei/Suicune/Raikou of this generation. Along with the other members of its trio, it is roaming Isshu and can be encountered at any time
640/146 - Birijion - Basic - Legendary Trio 1 - Grass/Fighting: A quadruped Pokemon, the sort of Entei/Suicune/Raikou of this generation. Along with the other members of its trio, it is roaming Isshu and can be encountered at any time
641/147 - Torunerosu - Basic - Legendary Trio 2 - Flying: The first pure Flying type! Part of the Raijin trio. Perhaps the Uxie/Mesprit/Azelf of this generation. The Pokemon has a humanoid shape, is crossing its arms like a genie, and is sitting on a cloud. The other members of its trio have different colors and hair.
642/148 - Borutorosu - Basic - Legendary Trio 2 - Electric/Flying: Part of the Raijin trio. Perhaps the Uxie/Mesprit/Azelf of this generation.
643/149 - Reshiram - Basic - Version Legendary - Dragon/Fire
644/150 - Zekrom - Basic - Version Legendary - Dragon/Electric
645/151 - Randorosu - Basic - Legendary Trio 2 - Ground/Flying: Part of the Raijin trio. Perhaps the Uxie/Mesprit/Azelf of this generation.
646/152 - Kyuremu - Basic - Version Legendary? - Dragon/Ice: Perhaps the remake version's mascot since it is part-Dragon like Reshiram and Zekrom. This third dragon seems to be based on a cold source of energy as opposed to warm ones like fire and electricity. It is gray-colored (Pokemon Gray?). However, it has ice parts. The head, wings, and tail, are blue.
647/153 - Kerudio - Basic - Event Legendary - Water/Fighting
648/154 - Meroetta - Basic - Event Legendary - Normal/Psychic - Has a feminine shape with a mane. It has an alternate form that also resembles a "girl" but the hat hides the mane and because of that "she" looks like a male. The forme is Normal/Fighting.
649/155 - Genosekto - Basic - Event Legendary - Bug/Steel. Strong, looks like it came from space. It's a robot with a big laser cannon on top of its head. His body resembles a bug species.

This is the Pokédex. If more Pokémon are reveled with their dex numbers, then please inform any staff so that he can come and edit it. Please be careful that there are some Pokémon we know but aren't listed in the Pokédex because their numbers haven't been shown yet. I also want people to know that the same source of this dex said that there are no evolutions nor pre-evolutions of any previous Pokémon, but there is still some more details:
- There are going to be two fossils; a bird and a turtle.
- Four new steel types have been introduced, two of them are Steel/Bug, one is Steel/Grass and the otehr is Steel/Dark.
- There are seven poison types. One of them is pure and can evolve and has been referred to as "It is interesting to say the least".
- There are seven ice typed Pokémon as well, one of them is a legendary, and there is also a polar bear and its evolution.
- There are going to be three new types; Water/Ghost, Fire/Ghost and Fighting/Dark.
- There won't be a choice of evolution, like Slowpoke to Slowbro or Slowking.
- There are going to be bug, ground and dragon gym leaders. There won't be dark, rock, poison or psychic gym leaders.

Again, don't come and tell me this is plagiarism. You don't expect me to rewrite a Pokédex.



New Iwata asks on Black/White

By zsaberslash on September 11, 2010

For those of you who can read Japanese there's a new Iwata asks on Nintendo's Japanese site.

Here's the link for it.

Explained in it is some of the origin behind Isshu and the decision of using the DS as the console.

Source: Nintendo of Japan



A flood of new Pokémon in CoroCoro

By Cat333Pokémon on September 11, 2010

A bunch of new Pokémon were released in CoroCoro this month. Here is a list of the new monsters:

  • Janobii - evolves from Tsutaaja, and is a pure grass type Pokémon with its ability as Overgrow.
  • Chaofuu - evolves from Pokabu with Fire/Fighting type and the ability Blaze.
  • Futachimaru - evolves from Mijumaru with a pure water type and the ability torrent.
  • Churine - a grass Pokémon with the ability Chlorophyll or Own Tempo. It is exclusive to Pokémon White.
  • Choroneko - is dark typed with the ability Limber or Unburden. It is said to be obatined by 'N'.
  • Monmen - the grass typed Pokémon that is exclusive to Pokémon Black. Its ability is Mischievous Heart or Slip Through.
  • Baffuron - a bull Pokémon with the ability Reckless and Herbivore. It also learns a new move called Afro Break.
  • Dangoro - a Rock typed Pokémon with a new move called Strike Down.
  • Mebukijika - It is Shikijika's evolution. It also changes it color with the change of the seasons, and has the ability Chlorophyll or Herbivore.
  • Yooterii - he puppy Pokémon. Its ability is Pick-up, and has a move called Cheer up that boosts both attack and special attack.
  • Tamagetake - Grass/Poison typed with Effect Spore. It has a new move called Clear Smoke.

Some additional moves were also reveled related to old Pokémon we previously knew.

  • Boappu is fire-typed with the ability Gluttony. It has a move called Burst Flame.
  • Hiyappu is water-typed with the ability Gluttony. It has a move called Boiling Water than can also inflict a burn, although it is water-typed.
  • Emonga has a new move called Elci Ball.
  • There is a move for Victini that is called Flaming Sphere. It induces a burn and hits all Pokémon on the field.
  • Basurao has got two different forms depending on the versions. Yet is water typed nad has two abilities; Reckless and Adaptability.
  • Desukaan has a new ability called Mummy. If it gets inflicted with a physical attack, the attacker will become a Mummy.
  • Ononokusu is dragon typed and has a new move called Dragon Tail.
  • Denchura is Bug/Electric with Compoundeyes or Tension. Its Tension ability prevents the opponent's Pokemon from eating Berries.
  • Doryuuzu is Ground/Steel with either Sand Gun or Sand Power. It knows a Ground-type attack called "Drill Liner" which has a high critical hit rate.
  • Tabunne is a Normal Pokémon with a new move called Healing Wave that restores the HP of its allies. It has two abilities; Regeneration and Healing Heart.
  • Reshiram's signature move is called Cross Fire, while Zekrom's signature move is called Cross Thunder. If one of them get hit first by the other's signature move, their signature move will become stronger.

Another information were also shown regarding general things.

  • The first gym is going to be Grass, Fire and Water gym. There are three leaders, Dento (Grass), Poddo(Fire) and Kon(Water). It all depends on your starter. If you choose a grass starter, you will battle Poddo, and so on. It is like your rival battles.
  • Aloe, the second gym leader runs a normal typed gym.
  • The main menus of the games are going to hold: Continue, Mystery Gift, Battle Tournament (for battling friends), Game Sync (for the Dream World), Wi Fi settings, Mic Test, and Transfer Machine.
  • Transferring from Gen IV will be done wirelessly and in Huin City after saying specific words.
  • Zoroark will be battled in the Illusion Woods, while Zorua in a building in Huin City..
  • The Dream World will be played on your computer, and on a Dream Island. Various Pokémon will be found in various areas.
  • You receive Munna by borrowing it form Mukamo.
  • There are mini-games in the Dream World. When you play well with the, the Pokémon you caught in the Dream World will be sent to your game version.
  • A new character called Geechisu is a Team Plasma executive.
  • [*]You can travel to new islands with the ships that depart from Huin City.

Scans (large images!):
Spoiler Alert: 


One of the scans has unknown validity. Details:
Spoiler Alert: 

It was stated on PokéBeach that the scan is part of a removable section, so the printing design is slightly different. However, the numbers are still backwards, and that could only be a fake, a printing error, or the insert placed into the magazine upside-down.

Possibly fake scan:
Spoiler Alert: 

Sources: CoroCoro, Serebii, PokéBeach, 2ch, Bulbapedia



Kanji Mode

By Buoysel on September 10, 2010

While it has been stated that kanji is in Pokemon Black and White to appeal to an older generation. In a interview with Mr. Masuda's Sugimori, it was reviled that Kanji can be turned off or on depending on the user's preference.


Source: http://www.nintendo.co.jp/ds/interview/irbj/vol1/index.html#list (It's in Japanese)



New legendary information

By GrassPokemonFTW on September 10, 2010

Recently, new Pokemon (not their pics, but the typings and numbers) have arrived on the scene, and most are legendary Pokemon! It is also been confirmed that there will be 156 new Pokemon total in the Fifth Gen. Anyways, here they are:

#633-635: Dark/Dragon pseudo-legendary Pokemon family. (Much like Dratini's family, Larvitar's, Bagon's, etc.)

#638-640: The Fighting-type Legendary trio! One is Rock-type, one is Steel-type, and one is Grass-type! *love, despite Breloom's existence*

#641: PURE-FLYING TYPE LEGENDARY. Never thought I'd see the day.

#642: An Electric/Flying Legendary.

#643-644: Reshiram and Zekrom.

#645: Ground/Flying type Legendary.

#646: Dragon/Ice type Legendary.

#647: Water/Fighting type Event Legendary.

#648: Normal/Psychic type Event Legendary.

#649: Possible last Pokemon of National Dex: Bug/Steel type Event Legendary.

Remember, this info is subject to change, so don't take it with utmost seriousness. While the chances of change are relatively small, it has a chance, so don't take this information to heart. This post will be edited as more information is revealed.

Source: http://www.serebii.net.



New Trading card game expansion!

By Luxray13579 on September 8, 2010

The newest expansion to the HGSS series, the HS Triumphant expansion, is being released on November 3rd 2010 and will contain a total of 102 cards. It will include 2 new LEGEND cards of Dialga and Palkia and Darkrai and Cresselia! The Prime cards will include Gengar, Machamp, Celebi and a half-dozen more.

Spoiler Alert: 


I'll update with more info later on.



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