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New Pokemon 13-Phantom Champion:Zoroark Trailer shown after today`s Pokemon Episode!

By AuraKshatriya on April 15, 2010

Here`s the full trailer from my Youtube channel, I`ll work on getting an HD version up as soon as I can, as well as a hardsubbed version if I have sufficient time:

EDIT:Translated the dialogue and added subtitled. They will be revised over the next few days, and I`ll do a hardsub of the video once an official version is released.



Where was I this weekend?

By Cat333Pokémon on April 12, 2010

I must apologize about this weekend. I had seriously messed up my computer in numerous ways.

First, my computer used to have seven partitions: one for system recovery (1.5 GB), one for Windows Vista (180 GB with all my files), one for Windows 7 (22 GB), two for testing DOS booting (10 GB and 2 GB), one for Ubuntu Linux (10 GB), and one for Ubuntu swap space (virtual memory, 500 MB). I had wanted to delete three of them, the Vista one and the two DOS ones, so I could install more programs on Windows 7 and gain about 30 GB of disk space.

I began by backing up everything; thankfully, it worked after some time. I had to deal with it halting when it ran into protected folders. Then I deleted the two DOS partitions. I did a reboot because it said some changes would take effect afterwards. Bad idea, because GRUB (boot loader for Linux) spat out Error 17 (partition not found) and did absolutely nothing. I had to locate my Ubuntu install disc, which I could not find. Instead, I found SystemRescueCd, which I used to run some commands. By accident, I formatted the Ubuntu partition and wrote the boot code to it. For several hours, I kept messing it up. I texted KingOfKYA for help.

I needed an Ubuntu disc, though, so I downloaded and burned one on our other computer. Upon booting the live CD, I started copying more files to the hard drive (backing up important data on Windows 7--not sure why I didn't do it before). Then, out of nowhere, the kernel crashed. KYA confirmed it was real and wondered how I could crash Linux unless something like the hard drive failed during the copy. (As of this post, I assume the disk froze or the USB cable wiggled a little loose, because some of the copied files failed and were corrupted.) A second copy worked until the strangest error came up. The disk ran out of space? With 550 GB used out of about 960? It made no sense until I researched file count limitations. Nope, I didn't violate that either; I don't have 4 million files on the drive. Odd. Drive works fine now.

Now to move on to fixing up the partitions. Gparted time! I deleted the Vista partition and Linux partition, grew the 7 one (both the extended and the logical it rests on) to the empty space, and created a new Linux one with leftover 30 GB. That took two hours.

Then, I moved on to finding the correct command to delete GRUB entirely and restore the Windows BOOTMGR. Windows 7 sprang to life and I was finally able to get back to what I needed. Now to copy all the files back from the external to the internal. Hey good, no errors! A couple programs didn't work because they were on the external, but I fixed most of them.

And that brings me up to now. I have to re-install Visual Studio 2008, Qt (on both Windows and Linux), and a number of other things.

That was fun! :roll:

Now please don't say what commands I should have run because the whole thing annoyed me when I found them out myself.



Japanese Event Celebi!

By aragornbird on April 12, 2010

This Celebi will be given out in Japan as part of the next Pokemon movie.

It will know Leaf Storm, Recover, Healing Wish, and *NASTY PLOT*. It will have a Jaboca Berry attached.




Official ETP Updates :)

By EricThePelipper on April 11, 2010

April 11, 2010

Alright, I know I have promised a lot and it has not been done and I apologize for that big time. I am now going to make projects I know I will finish. First off, the DPPt EV Guide has been cancelled, I just don't have the time to write another 5 sections each with mini chapters. If someone volunteers to finish talk to me via Private Messages.

Walkthroughs, if you have checked I have started writing a mini simple walkthrough for Red/Blue Versions. These get the main points in. I hope to get a Video Walkthrough affiliated with the written one, I know people ;). The walkthrough has been updated a 2nd time containing information up to Misty.

Projects, I will only be doing the R/B Walkthrough currently. It is simple, short, and easy for me to write. No other projects will be continued by me. Sorry.
EDIT: I have changed the links in my signature, be sure to check them out ;), thank you.



First White and Black Screenshots

By FreezeWarp on April 10, 2010

Credit to Flare Soru for originally reporting the news on Victory Road. For discussion on the topic, please see the thread here.
Credit to Serebii.net for originally reporting the news, and obtaining the screenshots.


The first screenshots of Pokémon White and Black from Coro-Coro have surfaced. The pictures demonstrates the full 3-D that will be in the game, as well as a more realistic Pokémon world.


Additional, full-sized, screenshots can be found at Serebii.net.



800 Members!

By James on April 9, 2010

SO MANY ANNOUNCEMENTS! Thats right everyone 800 members! 200 more people till one of VR's goals :D



40,000 posts!

By James on April 9, 2010

Only 10k away from one of our goals! Congratz VR!



What do you think about the staff?

By James on April 9, 2010

Vote on the poll about what YOU think of the staff!

1. We do Awesome! :D
2. We do horrible.. :(
3. We do fine. :/
4. We need improvement
5. You don't have an opinion on us :|



GEN 5 POKEMON GAMES REVEALED - Pokémon White & Black

By OMGITSJAD on April 8, 2010


"Get ready for new Pokémon games, Pokéfans, as the latest entries in the popular monster-collecting series - Pokemon Black & Pokemon White - have just turned up on the franchise's Japanese website.

There's a logo, there's the names, and...that's about it! We'll apparently be learning - and hopefully seeing - more come April 15.

These two titles will be the first fifth-generation Pokémon games, and the first all-new titles in quite some time. They'll be released sometime this Fall, for the Nintendo DS."

(The news story was posted on April 8th and therefore isn't April Fools, even though I thought it was when a friend showed me it.)



2,000 Adoptables!!

By James on April 8, 2010

I go onto the adoptables page and I see 2,100+ adopts. Sorry this is a bit late but this is truly a step in adoptables history! Can't wait till the 5,000 adopt :P


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