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Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver - "Yellow Forest" Wi-Fi Event Ended

By MasterDVD007 on February 28, 2010

For those who imported Pokemon HeartGold or SoulSilver Version, today ended the Pokemon Wi-Fi Event "Yellow Forest" Pokewalker Course in Japan.

'(In this course you can only find Pikachu, but there are three special Pikachu that has special exclusive moves, Volt Tackle, Surf and Fly.)'

That's all for this time, keep tuned for more!

Hasta luego...
Fonts: Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver Official Japanese Website (http://www.pokemon.co.jp/special/hgss/news/05.html)



Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum - Jirachi GameStop Information

By MasterDVD007 on February 28, 2010


Event Pokemon: Jirachi.
Obtainable via: In Game-store only.
Store: GameStop USA and Puerto Rico.
Starts: Febraury 27th.
Ends: March 13th.
Description: Get the special Jirachi at GameStop, just take your DS and your Pokemon Diamond, Pearl or Platinum Version to any GameStop store for download it, this Jirachi when is traded to Pokemon HeartGold or Pokemon SoulSilver Versions it unlocks a special Pokewalker course called "Edge of the Sky's Night", as an extra, it knows the exclusive Dragon Type move Draco Meteor.
Nature: Random.
ID: 02270
Ball: Cherish Ball.
Held item: Liechi berry.
Moves: Confusion, Wish, Rest, Draco Meteor.
Ribbon: Classic Ribbon.

'(Photos took by me)'

Hasta luego...



Pokemon Movie "Master of Illusion Zoroark" - New Movie Poster

By MasterDVD007 on February 27, 2010

So, this month's CoroCoro Magazine revealed a new poster movie of the upcoming Pokemon Movie "Master of Illusion Zoroark", these are the images.

(Magazine cover)

(New movie poster)

(Behind Ash and co, we can see two new characters, will they have a big role in the movie?)

That's all for this time, keep tuned for more news!

Hasta luego...
Fonts: CoroCoro (http://www.corocoro.tv/corosp/)



Arceus UK Event and Jirachi Event Reminder

By MasterDVD007 on February 26, 2010

Now is time for UK, yes, there will be Pokemon Events in the UK GAME stores, here is what it says in the website of GAME UK.

Celebrate the launch of Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver
"In the two weeks running up to the launch of Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver, GAME will be hosting events in selected stores.
You'll be the first to play HeartGold & SoulSilver, meet other Pokémon fans to trade, collect and battle to determine who is the best trainer. And if that weren't enough there'll be face painting and balloon modelling in selected stores and a Pokémon expert to give you hints and tips - who knows he may accept a challenge or two!
Best is yet to come! You'll have the chance to download the Mighty Arceus to your copy of Pokémon Diamond, Pokémon Pearl & Pokémon Platinum!
So don't forget to bring your DS Lite, DSi or DSi XL with you."

So, there will be a oportunity to play the videogame of Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver Version before the release, receive the Alpha Pokemon Arceus and painting for the kids, a good event indeed. Please click this link for see the participating stores(http://www.game.co.uk/lowdown.aspx?lid=13168&cm_sp=pokemon-_-topnav-_-participatingstores).
And don't forget that tomorrow until March 13th is going to start the Jirachi Event in all the USA and Puerto Rico GameStop stores.
That's all for this time.

Hasta luego...
Fonts: GAME UK (http://www.game.co.uk/lowdown.aspx?lid=13167&cm_sp=pokemon-_-topnav-_-storeevent)



Pokemon Ranger Tracks of Light - Update Information and Wi-Fi Event dates

By MasterDVD007 on February 25, 2010

Hello guys!
So, we haven't seen new about Pokemon Ranger "Tracks of Light", right?
Well, today I have found more information from the Pokemon Ranger 3 Official Japanese Site!
If you click this link you will see above in the page the first video that shows the multiplayer game mode in Pokemon Ranger "Tracks of Light". (http://www.pokemon.co.jp/special/ranger3/tushin/mission.html)
And here is a picture that shows all the dates of the Pokemon Ranger "Tracks of Light" special missions that will be available via Wi-Fi.
The Deoxys and Manaphi Egg Mission will be able to download this March 6th until May 17th.
The Heatran and Shaymin Mission will be able to download this March 18th until May 17th.
The Ukelele Pichu will help you with its melodic guitar tunes for capture Pokemon. The official site has created a page that shows the Ukelele Pichu in action in a video (http://www.pokemon.co.jp/special/ranger3/action/p-assist.html)
As well, it showed two new characters that will be in the game, an old man that lives in the island where you find the Ukelele Pichu and a young lady that likes to play with machines.
Latios and Latias will appear in when you decide to be a boy or a girl.
That's all for the moment!

Hasta luego...
Fonts: Pokemon Ranger Tracks of Light Official Japanese Website (http://www.pokemon.co.jp/special/ranger3).



TO EVERYONE: Scheduled Move

By Cat333Pokémon on February 24, 2010

This information is for all forum members. For the next few days, the forum may drop offline. As soon as March 1 hits, I'm getting hosting from a new service. I am on the absolute highest hosting plan provided by Fivebean now...AND IT SUCKS! Fivebean apparently oversells their servers, meaning that there are too many site on each server. THAT is the real reason why the fatal errors, database errors, 503s (with the exception of the database backup), 500s, server not found errors, reboots, and everything else: because Fivebean is a terrible hosting company for larger sites.

So, we're moving to BurstNET, which we hope will be better. And here's the schedule:

'First, Sunny's tournament WILL MOST LIKELY BE POSTPONED. Second, we'll be moving in the first week of March. ALL HOSTED SITES, EXPECT DOWNTIME OF UP TO 24 HOURS. Third, the forum may be closed during this transitional period.'



2,000 Threads!

By James on February 24, 2010

VR has just obtained 2,000 threads!! I look forward to seeing our 5,000th there :P



First Pokemon Event in Mexico

By MasterDVD007 on February 24, 2010

Wow, the release of Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver is a big event in all the entire world, now even Mexico is going to have a Pokemon Event.
For first time in Mexico, Game Planet stores are going to have the Jirachi Event that is the same that are going to be given in GameStop. For those who preordered the Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver Versions in Game Planet will receive the special Jirachi that unlocks the Pokewalker course "Edge of the Sky's Night" and that knows the move Draco Meteor.
That's all for this time!

Hasta luego...



REMINDER: Jirachi to be distributed by Gamestop

By zsaberslash on February 24, 2010

The official Pokemon site has posted that Jirachi will be distributed by Gamestop from Feb 27th to March 5th.

Level: Lv 5
Ball: Cherish Ball
Held Item: Liechi Berry
Ribbons: Classic Ribbon
Moves: Wish
Draco Meteor (normally unlearnable by Jirachi)

Transferring this Jirachi to the Pokewalker from HG/SS will unlock a new area called "Night Sky's Edge"

(On a side note this has been known about by the ROM community for a while since the Pichu event cart was dumped and was found to contain this event when the day on the DS was set between Feb 20th and March 14th)
Source: Bulbanews



News - Preorder HG/SS at Target, get figurine AND a $5 giftcard

By OMGITSJAD on February 23, 2010

Just saw this today on GoNintendo.
Haven't reserved your copy yet and want to get a Wii game but only have $45? Or just want to spend it on five bags of candy?
Then reserve HG/SS there soon!


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