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Pokémon TV app released for iOS; Android version coming soon

By zsaberslash on February 12, 2013

The Pokémon Company International have released a Pokémon TV app for iOS, also stating that an Android version is coming soon.

The free app allows users to watch select episodes of the Pokémon anime from various seasons while on the go. The app requires iOS 5 or later and is downloadable on iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPod touch (3rd generation), iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (5th generation) and iPad.

Source: iTunes App Store, Pokemon.com

UPDATE: Android version has just been released. It requires Android 2.3 or later.

Source: Google Play



Meloetta distribution at GameStop March 4~24

By Cat333Pokémon on February 2, 2013

Starting March 4, GameStop stores throughout the United States will be distributing Meloetta, allowing local gamers to complete the National Pokédex legitimately. The event can be downloaded to Pokémon Black 2, White 2, Black, and White.

Source: @BulbaNewsNOW



Keldeo to be distributed over Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection

By zsaberslash on January 22, 2013

The Mythical Pokémon Keldeo is to be distributed over Nintendo Wi-Fi connection from January 25th to February 12th, 2013 for owners of Pokémon Black 2 and Pokémon White 2. The Keldeo will know the moves Sacred Sword, Hydro Pump, Aqua Jet and Swords Dance. It will also be holding a PP Max.

The Keldeo will also be able to activate the in-game event which allows it to change its Form.

Source: pokemonblackandwhite.com



Starter Types Announced

By Luxray13579 on January 14, 2013

According to Serebii, it has been confirmed that Fennekin, Chespin and Froakie are pure Fire, Grass and Water-types.

Quote by Serebii.net:Nintendo has sent out some new details regarding Pokémon X & Y. Specifically, it has confirmed that the types of Chespin, Fennekin and Froakie will be pure Grass, Fire and Water respectively.

Now, don't let this get to your heads. Only the base evolution types were announced. It's still possible for their evolution to gain another type. What do you think, is such a thing still possible?



(SPOILERS) CoroCoro Leak Reveals Pokémon XY and Extremespeed Genesect Information

By AuraKshatriya on January 11, 2013

Following Satoru Iwata's revelation via Pokémon Direct, leaked CoroCoro Scans have revealed the official artwork, as well as physical data regarding the mascots of Pokémon X and Y:

Spoiler Alert: 
Xerneas (ゼルネアス)
Height: 3.0m
Weight: 215kg

Spoiler Alert: 
Yveltal (イベルタル)
Height: 5.8m
Weight: 203.0kg

It is also worthy of note that the Japanese logos of Pokémon X and Y appear to contain a stylized image of DNA, lending credence to the theory that the titles will have some connection to the X and Y chromosomes found in human DNA.

Spoiler Alert: 

Additionally, the leak revealed that five Genesect will appear in Extremespeed Genesect, with four regular species holding different drives, and the Red Genesect being the leader of the group. Furthermore, the Red Genesect will make its debut in the upcoming "Episode N" Arc, this being the first time the anime directly impacts the events of a movie since Mewtwo Strikes Back.

Spoiler Alert: 

Source(s): [BulbaNews]



Pokémon X and Y board added

By Cat333Pokémon on January 8, 2013

A board for the newly announced X and Y games has been added. For any discussion regarding the games, please check out the Pokémon X and Y board.



Pokémon X and Y in October 2013

By Cat333Pokémon on January 8, 2013

Just now, on Pokémon Direct, after running through a brief history of the classic games and mention of the delay of internationalization, Pokémon X and Pokémon Y will be released in October 2013!

These games will take advantage of the Nintendo 3DS console capabilities and be in full 3D! There will be some new Pokémon introduced, including the new starters: Chespin (a chestnut), Fennekin (a fox), and Froakie (a frog).

Official site









Upcoming Announcement by Jun'ichi Masuda?

By AuraKshatriya on January 1, 2013

Recent commercials advertising Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 have ended noting that an announcement has been scheduled for January 8th regarding Pokémon. Additionally, Masuda revealed in a December Twitter post that he had finished taping an episode of Pokémon Sunday. Based on past appearances being accompanied by a major announcement, it may be inferred that both the episode in question, as well as the January 8th announcement may be connected. The content of the announcement, however, remains unknown at this time.

Source(s):[Jun'ichi Masuda's Twitter Post (Japanese)], [PokeBeach]



Victory Road's Yearbook of 2012

By The Spirit of Time on January 1, 2013

A new page of 2013 has unfolded, holding memories of 2012 and announcing those who had an impact on other members, securing themselves a position in one of the titles of Victory Road.

Victory Road's first new feature was the Last 15 Posts, which later evolved to become Last 14 Posts and more if required by the member. This feature is found on the home page, right at the top. It was made due to the thought that it would raise the activity of threads in the forums, and we certainly hope that it has achieved its purpose and is well-received by the members.

We then witnessed the fall down of Victory Road Instant Messenger, which was sucking out the life of the forums. Its closure helped in reviving the forums, albeit slowly.

As a comeback, Victory Road Gym League woke up from its hiatus in a new structure. The Gym League currently holds the eight gym leaders and is waiting for those who can conquer it, in order to raise them as its Elite Four.

The forums then took a minor restructuring phase and added to its arsenal a new Blog board and Competitive Battling sub-board.

Lastly, Cat333Pokémon gave the forums a Christmas gift, that is, Victory Road's own Team Builder, in the hopes that it would help everyone design their teams efficiently, whether for competitive reasons, or in-game.

It is time now for the Nominations Awards. Remember, all nominees have been chosen by the members in a voting session. Those nominees might not necessarily be what they have been nominated as, but it is their impact on other members that mattered in such a situation.

Apart from the titles, each member in the first position of every title will have an Articuno as an adoptable pet. Those in the second and third positions will have a shiny Bonsly as their adoptable pet.

Let's start!

'The Most Missed Member'
First, with 25 points, LiteTheIronMan.
Second, with 20 points, Eagles.
Third, with 12 points, Sunny.

'The Friendliest Member'
First, with 35 points, LugiaDialga.
Second, with 32 points, Reuniclus.
Third, with 22 points, Cat333Pokémon.

'The Funniest Member'
First, with 25 points, Fubab_107.
Second, with 20 points, Soulradio.
Third, with 15 points, PokeRemixStudio.

'The Most Knowledgeable Member'
First, with 40 points, Cat333Pokémon.
Second, with 27 points, Quadcentruo.
The third position has been eliminated because it was shared among more than three members.

'The Best Pokémon Battler'
First, with 60 points, Reuniclus.
The second position has been eliminated because it was shared among more than three members.

'The Best Role-Player'
First, with 37 points, SpikyEaredPichu96.
Second, with 20 points, GamernamerJJ.
Third, with 15 points, NismoZ.

'The Best Artist'
First, with 52 points, TediousRamen.
Second, with 25 points, Twiggy.
Third, with 17 points, PokeRemixStudio.

'The Best Spriter'
First, with 50 points, teamplasma.
Second, with 45 points, Idno58.
Third, with 9 points, 7Dewott8 and NismoZ.

'The Best Photographer'
First, with 15 points, GreenMan.
Second, with 10 points, TurtwigX and JeffTheKiller.
Third, with 5 points, Twiggy.

'The Best Remixer'
First, with 65 points, LugiaDialga.
Second, with 40 points, PokeRemixStudio.
Third, with 27 points, Reuniclus.

'The Biggest Minecraft Fan'
First, with 65 points, Shade.
Second, with 27 points, A'bom.
Third, with 15 points, Isbragg.

'The Best Blogger'
First, with 45 points, SpikyEaredPichu96.
Second, with 32 points, Cyrus.
Third, with 22 points, NismoZ.

'The Best New Comer'
First, with 32 points, PureAurorae.
Second, with 30 points, Trainer_Kylce.
The third position has been eliminated because it was shared among more than three members.

'The Most Nominated Member'
First, with 134 points, Reuniclus.
Second, with 122 points, LugiaDialga.
Third, with 103 points, SpikyEaredPichu96.

That is all for this year. Good luck next year and Happy New Year everyone!



My Christmas Present to Victory Road: Cat's Team Builder

By Cat333Pokémon on December 24, 2012

I'd like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and otherwise Happy Holidays! I'd like to present my gift to everyone here on Victory Road:

'Team Builder by Cat'

'Download from this thread'

Please use the same thread for general talk about the program and support.

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