My Music

Besides downloading for your personal collection, my remixes may be freely used on your website, in your videos, or put into another remix/medley, but credit must be provided; a link to this page and my online name (Cat333Pokémon) is sufficient. You may not charge for access to these remixes or place your own advertising (that which generates you money) around them.

This list is sorted by creation date. It's a little bit of a mess. The download links are on the right. YT = YouTube, NG = Newgrounds.

Song Name Length Raw MIDI MP3 WAV YT NG
Oración 2:04   8KB 3,858KB   Go Go
We Will Be Heroes (karaoke) 2:14   30KB     Go  
Dialga/Palkia Epic Battle 8:02   62KB 15,176KB 83,627KB Go Go
Galactic Grunt Battle 3:15   53KB 6,095KB 33,569KB Go Go
Twinleaf Town 2:35   19KB 4,821KB 26,545KB Go Go
Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald Ending 3:09   29KB 5,885KB 32,408KB Go Go
Gym Leader Rock 2:57     5,526KB 30,534KB Go Go
Team Leader Jazz 2:22     4,414KB     Go
Primal Dialga Orchestral 4:09     7,833KB 43,152KB Go Go
Angry Video Game Nerd (karaoke) 2:40   32KB     Go  
Distortion World 2:22     4,365KB 24,574KB Go Go
Giratina 3:56     7,366KB 40,577KB Go Go
Giratina (SNES) 3:58 65KB SPC   7,470KB   Go  
Cynthia Remix 2:29     4,691KB 25,831KB Go Go
なみのり! The Surfing Medley 4:15     7,974KB 43,922KB Go Go
Together (karaoke) 3:55   51KB     Go  
Ho-Oh Battle 3:44   90KB 7,014KB 38,634KB Go  
Entei/Raikou/Suicune Battle 4:48   86KB 9,028KB 49,737KB Go  
Entei/Raikou/Suicune Battle: Second Mix 4:55     9,235KB 50,876KB Go  
Silver Wants to Steal Your Pokémon 3:14     6,076KB 33,468KB Go  
Lake Trio Mix 3:14     6,644KB 36,593KB Go  
Bowser's Last Fight 3:07     5,860KB 32,271KB Go  
Black & White Wild Pokémon 3:21     6,307KB 34,755KB Go  
Black & White Wild Piano 2:18     4,338KB 23,901KB   Go
Black & White Rival Battle Orchestral 3:19     6,223KB 34,299KB    
めざせポケモンマスター! DP Style 4:11     7,854KB 43,265KB    
The Piano Before Cynthia 2:03     3,861KB 21,251KB Go Go
BW Trainer Piano 4:50     9,094KB 50,103KB Go  
Underground Kabuki 3:49     7,054KB 39,622KB Go  
The Secret Orchestra 4:32   120KB 8,503KB 46,855KB Go Go
Route 2 BW 2:01   18KB 3,806KB 20,961KB Go Go
The Final Test (Für Elite) 3:27   82KB 6,479KB 35,699KB Go
Route 10's Jazz Club 6:13   68KB 11,667KB 64,277KB Go Go
Subway Mix 6:35     12,358KB 68,090KB Go Go
Salsa Rival 3:31     6,625KB 36,484KB Go Go
Littleroot Synth 5:27     10,253KB 56,482KB   Go
Babs Seed (karaoke) 1:47   43KB 3,369KB 19,025KB Go  
RS Gym Leader Remix 2:29     4,661KB 25,657KB