Pokémon Fan Purity Test

Last updated May 17, 2016

This quiz determines how much of a Pokémon fan you are! Put a check for each question you can truthfully answer "yes" to. Then click the "Get your score" box at the bottom to find out how pure of a Pokémon fan you are. BE COMPLETELY HONEST! This quiz takes approximately 25 minutes. Requires JavaScript.

>>> Program used with permission from SMBHQ <<<
Some of the questions are based on the already-existing ones at the Mario Fan Purity Test. Several hundred additional questions created by Cat333Pokémon, Yoshi648, Levus28, thebattleax, Achamo~Torchic, Rhythm, and Lillian Dibari.

Submitted scores (some of these are before the addition of new questions):

Submit questions or scores by dropping me an e-mail! Be sure to report your percentage, the number of questions you checked, and the total. This is because I add questions at times and need to have an accurate total. Also, don't forget a name; otherwise, I'll just use your e-mail name. If you get a relatively high score, I'd love to see photos of your collection.

Along with your quiz results, you will also get an image that you can place on your website or in your forum signature. Both HTML and BBCode are provided. You will also be asked whether or not you want to post your score on Twitter, using a signed in account.

Section 1: Playing Habits
1.1: Do you play Pokémon for at least an hour per month?
1.2: ...per week?
1.3: ...per day?
1.4: ...with others?
1.5: Do you play Pokémon games that are just other games painted with Pokémon characters just because they have Pokémon in them? (e.g. Pokémon Puzzle League, Pokémon Shuffle)
1.6: ...How about games that were critically-panned, like Pokémon Dash?
1.7: Was one of the reasons you first played a Super Smash Bros. game because it contained Pokémon?
1.8: ...Was it the only reason?
1.8a: Have you played Pokkén Tournament?
1.8b: ...Do you own the Hori controller for it?
1.8c: ...Did it make you play any standard Tekken games?
1.9: Have you played any games with Pokémon cameos?
1.10: ...Just because they had Pokémon?
1.11: Have you played EVERY game with a Pokémon cameo?
1.12: Have you beaten any of the main-series Pokémon games in under 3 hours by the game timer?
1.13: Have you played through without using any Pokémon except your starter for battles?
1.13a: ...What about a Nuzlocke challenge?
1.13b: ...Did you just look up the Nuzlocke challenge?
1.13c: ...Are you considering doing one?
1.14: Excluding mythicals, have you completed the Pokédex in Red, Blue, or Yellow?
1.15: ...in Gold, Silver, or Crystal?
1.16: ...in Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, FireRed, or LeafGreen?
1.17: ...in Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, or SoulSilver?
1.17b: ...in Black, White, Black 2, or White 2?
1.17c: ...in X, Y, Omega Ruby, or Alpha Sapphire?
1.18: ...fully? (721)
1.19: ...without cheating?
1.20: ...by yourself (no trading outside of your own games)?!
1.21: Do you try to get rich in the Game Corner?
1.22: Have you ever smuggled a Game Boy or DS to work or school and played Pokémon when you should be doing something else?
1.23: ...Do you do it regularly?
1.24: ...How about hold a battle?
1.25: ...Were your coworkers or fellow students jealous?
1.26: Have you had withdrawal symptoms when separated from Pokémon video games?
1.27: Have you ever played a Pokémon game for 2 hours straight?
1.28: ...7 hours?
1.29: ...without a bathroom break?
1.30: ...Did you brag to your friends about it?
1.31: Have you ever been up an entire night playing a Pokémon game?
1.32: ...How about several nights in a row?
1.33: Do you have the reputation of being nigh-on unbeatable at Pokémon battles?
1.33a: ...at Pokkén Tournament?
1.34: Do you own an original Pokémon Green cartridge?
1.34a: ...Have you beaten it?
1.35: Have you ever slept with a controller or Game Boy/DS on your hand when you fell asleep playing Pokémon?
1.36: ...a console?
1.36a: ...a stuffed Pokémon plush?
1.37: Have you tried to compose a Pokémon song in Mario Paint?
1.38: ...How about in Super Mario Bros. Deluxe?
1.39: ...using the badges in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum?
1.40: ...in Animal Crossing?
1.40a: ...using note blocks in Minecraft?
1.41: Have you ever played a Pokémon game in a forest? (not in a vehicle)
1.42: ...in the desert? (again, not in a vehicle)
1.43: ...in a foreign country? (where you don't live)
1.44: Do you have a Mii that resembles a Pokémon?
1.44a: ...Did you make it yourself?
1.45: Have you maxed the clock in a Pokémon game? (255:59 in RGBYGSC, 999:59 after)
1.46: Have you ever been in a Pokémon tournament at work or school?
1.47: ...Did you organize it?
1.48: ...Did you win?
1.49: When you are doing work, do you wonder "Why am I doing work when I can be playing Pokémon"?
1.50: ...Do you start playing Pokémon?
1.51: ...and continue to work?
1.52: Can you battle with your eyes closed?
1.53: ...Can you play the whole game with your eyes closed?
1.54: Have you replayed a copy of a game?
1.55: ...Have you bought a new copy or the opposite version just for that reason?
1.56: Have you fought battles with yourself?
1.57: Have you forced family members to play Pokémon with you?
1.58: Have you thrown a system or controller in frustration?
1.59: Have you "caught" all the Pokémon in (one point each): any Ranger, Channel, any Mystery Dungeon, either Pinball, any Rumble, either Trozei, either PokéPark, Conquest, Picross, Shuffle, GO?
1.60: Have your filled the storage on Pokémon Bank, Ranch, Box, or either Stadium?
1.61: ...multiple at the same time?
1.62: ...and filled the same-generation games' PC storage as well?
1.63: Did you watch Twitch Plays Pokémon?
1.64: ...Did you contribute?

Section 2: Pokémon Knowledge
2.1: Can you sing the theme song to the Pokémon anime from memory?
2.2: Do you know by heart the name of every town in Kanto?
2.3: ...Johto?
2.4: ...Hoenn?
2.5: ...Sinnoh?
2.5a: ...Unova?
2.5b: ...Kalos?
2.5c: ...Orre?
2.5c: ...Fiore, Almia, or Oblivia?
2.6: ...every badge in any of the main regions?
2.7: Do you know the release date of any already-released major Pokémon game?
2.8: ...of every major Pokémon game?
2.9: Do you know what Glitch City is?
2.10: ...do you know how to get there?
2.11: Do you know the plot of any Pokémon movie?
2.12: ...What about all the Pokémon movies?
2.13: ...Do you know every plot so well that you could explain it to a non-game player and they'd understand it?
2.14: ...Have you actually tried the action described in 2.13?
2.15: ...Did they understand the plot?
2.16: Have you ever written to a magazine to correct an incorrect statement about Pokémon?
2.17: ...Did they print a correction notice in a future issue?
2.18: Do you know all the TMs the gym leaders give you in any version?
2.19: ...Are you surprised I'd even ask?
2.20: Do you talk with people at your local gaming store about Pokémon?
2.21: ...Do you tell them stuff they don't know?
2.22: ...Do you tell them about upcoming Pokémon games before they even hear about them?
2.23: Can you name every one of the first 151?
2.24: ...251?
2.25: ...386?
2.26: ...493?
2.26a: ...649?
2.26b: ...721?
2.27: ...Are you so sure of any of these you don't even have to check?
2.28: Do you know enough about any specific Pokémon game to write a strategy guide?
2.29: ...Have you written one?
2.30: ...for fun?
2.31: ...Did you market it?
2.32: Have you noticed errors in Floatzel.Net? (not the error message page!)
2.33: ...Have you e-mailed this site about fixing it?
2.34: Can you, off the top of your head, state the titles of at least 50 episodes of the Pokémon TV shows?
2.35: ...How about 100?
2.36: Can you name any the major voice actors and their roles in any of the Pokémon movies or in the anime?
2.37: ...How about all of the actors?
2.38: ...Can you do 2.36 for both the original voice actors and the new ones?
2.39: Do you memorize the exact release dates of every upcoming Pokémon game?
2.40: Do you complain to Nintendo whenever a Pokémon game fails to meet expectations?
2.41: ...Do you complain so much that they actually listen to you and do something about it?
2.42: Are you able to hum at least 30 different Pokémon melodies by heart?
2.43: Do you know the katakana (Japanese characters) to spell out "Pokémon"?
2.44: ...How about any of the Pokémon themselves?
2.45: Do you know the full names of any of the main characters of the show?
2.46: ...Can you name which towns they are from?
2.47: Have you ever tried to create explanations for the way the Pokémon stories match together?
2.48: ...Have you told Nintendo about it?
2.49: ...Have you ever re-written a Pokémon story?
2.50: Do you get into arguments with non-Pokémon-purists who like the Pokémon anime because it wasn't true to the games?
2.51: ...Can you recite at least 10 things in the anime that's incorrect with respect to the games?
2.52: ...What about 10 contradictions in the Pokédex?
2.52: Do people know to ask you for help with Pokémon games?
2.53: ...Do you help them?
2.54: Do you ever get into deep philosophical debates about Pokémon?
2.55: ...Are they ever about Pokémon as a religion, creation theories, and gods?
2.56: ...Is it something you do often?
2.57: ...Would you get into a debate just for more points on this quiz?
2.58: Have you ever tried to pretend like you knew something about Pokémon?
2.59: ...Did someone else believe you?
2.60: Did you start a Pokémon rumor?
2.61: ...Did it spread?
2.62: ...Is it on my rumors page?
2.63: Do you know the origin of the phrase "so i herd u liek mudkipz"?
2.64: ...Are you sure? (you sick freak!)
2.65: Do you know how to evolve some Pokémon?
2.66: ...at least half?
2.67: ...all?
2.68: Do you know which Pokémon learn a specific move?
2.69: ...Do you know which moves a certain Pokémon learns, as well as the levels and whether they require a TM or egg-hatching?
2.70: Can you recite a Pokédex entry?
2.71: ...5 Pokédex entries?
2.72: ...15 Pokédex entries?
2.73: ...50 Pokédex entries?
2.74: Do you know what the "EV" in EV training stands for?
2.75: ...Do you know how to do it?
2.76: ...Are more than five of your Pokémon EV trained?
2.77: ...25?
2.78: Can you recite all the members of the Elite Four in Red/Blue/Yellow?
2.79: ...in Gold/Silver/Crystal?
2.80: ...in Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald?
2.81: ...in Diamond/Pearl/Platinum?
2.82: ...in Black/White/Black 2/White 2?
2.83: ...in X/Y?
2.84: Can you name a glitch Pokémon?
2.85: ...at least 5?

Section 3: Computer/Hacking Habits
3.1: Do you visit a Pokémon web site every day?
3.2: ...every free hour?
3.3: Do you visit Nintendo's web site frequently?
3.4: ...just to look for info on Pokémon games?
3.5: ...Pokémon.com?
3.6: ...Bulbapedia or Serebii.Net?
3.7: Have you ever downloaded a Pokémon graphic file?
3.7a: ...a sound file?
3.7b: ...a desktop theme?
3.8: Have you made your own Pokémon hack or fan-game?
3.9: Have you downloaded the demo version of any Pokémon game?
3.10: ...Did that convince you to buy the full game?
3.11: Do you go to chat rooms, Tumblr, or Twitter to talk about Pokémon?
3.12: ...Do you operate a Pokémon-related chat room or forum?
3.13: ...Is it popular?
3.14: Is your e-mail address related to Pokémon (i.e. EeveeFan694 or AshAndMay4Ever)?
3.15: Do you send e-mail to people about Pokémon regularly?
3.15a: ...to people you don't know?
3.15b: ...actual mail?
3.16: Do you sell Pokémon merchandise online?
3.16a: ...at a brick-and-mortar shop?
3.16b: ...Do you make your own Pokémon-themed goods and sell them (e.g. on Etsy)?
3.17: Have you ever looked at a business web site with a name similar to a Pokémon such as "Char Grill" thinking they may have Pokémon information?
3.18: Did you buy a new game console so you could play a new Pokémon game?
3.19: ...only to play a Pokémon game?
3.20: Do you go to gaming news sites looking for Pokémon news?
3.21: ....Have you ever submitted news about Pokémon to a gaming news site?
3.22: Do you include Pokémon phrases such as "Gotta catch 'em all" in your e-mails regularly?
3.23: ...is there one in your signature?
3.24: Is your computer's startup sound Pokémon related?
3.25: ...your desktop wallpaper?
3.26: ...When people come over, do they comment on the start-up sound or wallpaper?
3.27: Did you ever use a simulator to play Pokémon battles over the Internet?
3.28: ...Did you buy Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum mainly for this reason?
3.29: Have you ever tried to back up the save data in a Pokémon game?
3.30: Have you ever used an Action Replay or a GameShark on a Pokémon game?
3.31: Do you regularly post to any Pokémon message boards
3.32: ...Sub-Reddits or social media groups?
3.33: ...Do you get so mad when those boards go off topic that you start yelling at others?
3.34: Do you use chat or messaging software to talk about Pokémon regularly?
3.35: ...with strangers?
3.36: ...so much that the strangers block all messages from you?
3.37: Do you use any icons or cursors of Pokémon on your computer?
3.38: ...Have you created any yourself?
3.39: Do you use Winamp skins of Pokémon?
3.40: ...How about in Windows Media Player?
3.41: Do you have any customized themes or add-ons for popular online games like Halo, Garry's Mod, Grand Theft Auto Online, Team Fortress 2, or Skyrim?
3.42: Do you create Pokémon desktop themes just because you reckon there aren't enough of them out there?
3.43: Do you make your own music CDs for Pokémon games without official (or complete) soundtracks?
3.44: Instead of downloading Pokémon graphic or sound files, do you rip them yourself from ROMs and CDs?
3.45: ...Have you created your own GIF animations?
3.46: ...How about Flash movies?
3.47: ...MIDI sequences?
3.48: Is your avatar Pokémon-related?
3.49: ...Did you draw it or splice it yourself?
3.50: Do you have a Pokémon ringtone for your cell phone?
3.51: ...Has someone commented on it?
3.52: Have you ever posted a video on a major video sharing site (like YouTube) related to Pokémon?
3.53: ...Did it receive 10,000 views?
3.54: ...100,000 views?
3.55: ...1,000,000 views? (Wow!)
3.56: ...Was it featured?
3.57: Do you own a site about Pokémon?
3.58: ...Is it popular?
3.59: ...Is something Pokémon-related in the URL? (www.floatzel.net)
3.60: ...Was it featured on another popular site?
3.61: ...in a magazine, on television or the radio, or in the newspaper?
3.62: Have you hacked a non-Pokémon game to include Pokémon characters?
3.63: Have you programmed your own game from scratch with Pokémon characters?
3.64: Have you ever illegally downloaded a Pokémon episode?
3.65: ...a Pokémon movie?
3.66: Does your computer have over 5 GB of Pokémon stuff on it?
3.67: ...over 50 GB?
3.68: Have you ever hacked a system just to play Pokémon?
3.69: Have you ever watched either the Mudkip Insane Edition or Turtwig Insane Edition all the way through?
3.70: ...both at the same time?
3.71: ...without going crazy?
3.71a: ...What about the famous seizure episode (Denno Senshi Porygon)?
3.72: Have you ever ported a Pokémon game to a system that doesn't have any Pokémon games on it? (Atari 2600, Sega Genesis, Xbox, etc.)
3.73: Have you ever downloaded a fan-made Pokémon MMO?
3.74: ...and wished Game Freak would make one?
3.75: ...and sent them a message?
3.76: Is Pokémon your main use for the Internet?

Section 4: Shopping Habits
4.1: Did you have a subscription to Nintendo Power (US) or Official Nintendo Magazine (UK)?
4.2: ...to Beckett Unofficial Pokémon Collector or another only-Pokémon magazine?
4.3: ...Did you actually win something Pokémon-related in a magazine contest?
4.4: Have you bought any Pokémon products from a catalog?
4.5: Do you own a Pokémon game for every Nintendo system with one? (One point for each: GB, GBC, GBA, DS, 3DS, N64, GCN, Wii, Wii U)
4.6: ...for the PC?
4.7: Do you own a Pokémon mini?
4.8: ...Do you still play it?
4.8: Do you have a Pocket Pikachu? (either version)
4.8a: ...a Pokéwalker?
4.9: ...Does it still work?
4.10: Have you ever reserved a Pokémon game so you'd get it right when it came out?
4.11: Have you imported a Pokémon game from another country so you'd get it before it came out?
4.12: ...Was the imported game in a language you didn't understand?
4.13: ...Did you learn the language just so you could play the game?
4.14: Do you own a piece of clothing with Pokémon on it?
4.15: ...enough clothing to make an entire Pokémon outfit?
4.16: ...has wearing this outfit gotten you strange looks from friends?
4.17: ...praise?
4.18: Have you bought a Pokémon Halloween costume?
4.19: Do you own any of the Burger King, McDonald's, or other kids' meal Pokémon toys?
4.20: ...all of them from the first promotion? (with the recalled Poké Balls)
4.21: ...all of them from the 2008 or 2009 promotion?
4.21a: ...all of them from any of the 2011–2015 McDonald's promotions?
4.22: Have you ever bought a videotape, DVD, or Blu-ray of the Pokémon anime?
4.22a: ...a movie?
4.23: Have you ever played a Pokémon game at a store display even though you owned it?
4.24: Have you gotten impatient waiting for a Pokémon store display game to free up?
4.25: ...So annoyed that you started cursing?
4.26: Do you own a Pikachu Nintendo 64, Lugia GameCube?
4.27: ...what about a Pokémon-themed GBC, GBA, DS, or 3DS?
4.28: ...Did you buy a Pokémon decal or skin?
4.29: ...Did you make one yourself?
4.30: Do the people at your local video gaming store know you by name?
4.31: ...Do they have a nickname for you (i.e. The Crazy One)?
4.32: Have you ever paid what you know is way too much for a Pokémon product?
4.33: ...that wasn't cards or action figures?
4.34: Do you have a collection of at least 15 stuffed Pokémon plush toys?
4.35: ...more than 50?
4.36: Do you own a Pokémon watch?
4.37: Do you wish they'd make a LEGO or (newer) Mega Bloks set based around Pokémon, so you could make your own Pokémon scenes?
4.38: ...Do you make Pokémon scenes with LEGO pieces?
4.39: Have you ever gotten into a real-life fight over a Pokémon product? ("That's MY favorite Pokémon that you're handling!")
4.40: Do you visit obscure and expensive import stores in the vague hope of finding a Pokémon product?
4.41: ...Do you complain to the staff of such stores when you can't find any?
4.42: Have you ever used mail-order companies to get hold of Pokémon stuff?
4.43: Do you check garage sales, second-hand sales, swap meets, or any such thing for Pokémon products?
4.44: Are you highly protective of your precious Pokémon gimmicks? ("Hey, those cards are older than your sister!")
4.45: Have you ever bought a Pokémon plush or toy for someone else?
4.46: ...despite them not liking Pokémon?
4.47: Have you imported Pokémon music CDs from Japan?
4.48: ...Did you buy any on iTunes?
4.49: ...Are 90%+ of your CDs or digital music library game music?
4.50: Does it make you mad that many Pokémon or other video game soundtracks are incomplete?
4.51: ...Do you complain to the publishers about this?
4.52: Did you ever have any Pokémon coloring/activity book?
4.53: ...Do you still have it?
4.54: ...And all the stickers/instant tattoos?
4.55: Have you bought any Pokémon books even though they are for an age group less than your own?
4.56: ...Have you read them in public?
4.57: Do you have any of the Pokémon Official Handbooks?
4.58: ...at least 5 of them?
4.59: Do you own any Pokémon strategy guides?
4.60: ...more than 5?
4.61: ...and paid original retail price (about $15-20 US) for most of them?
4.62: Do you own over 300 Pokémon cards?
4.63: ...over 1,000?
4.64: ...over 2,500?
4.65: Have you ever traded cards?
4.66: ...with complete strangers at a convention or over the Internet?
4.67: Have you ever paid more than $10 US for a single card?
4.68: ...and bragged about it?
4.69: ...and brought it to school/work without fear of it being stolen?
4.70: Have you ever been to a Toys 'R' Us, shopping mall, GameStop, or another store just for a special Pokémon download?
4.71: ...Did you spend over $50 US while you were there?
4.72: ...Did you travel over 100 miles (160 kilometers) to get there?
4.73: ...over 300 miles (480 kilometers)?
4.74: Did you offer to buy Pokémon products from your friends when they get them?
4.75: ...for much higher than what they paid?
4.76: ...even though you used to own them?
4.77: ...even though you owned another one at the time of offering?
4.78: Have you ever waited outside for a store to open on the release day of a Pokémon game?
4.79: ...and were first in line?
4.80: Does a good amount of your money go towards Pokémon stuff?
4.81: ...most of it?
4.82: Do you have a Pokémon-themed VCR, DVD player, stereo, TV, or cell phone?
4.83: ...décor?
4.84: ...room?
4.85: Have you bought a second copy of a console (or one very similar to it/upgrade like the GBA SP, DSi, or New 3DS) specifically to trade with yourself?
4.86: Have you bought any digital-download Pokémon games (such as WiiWare or the eShop)?
4.87: ...on Virtual Console?
4.88: Does your Christmas list (or another holiday list) consist mostly of Pokémon items?
4.89: ...all Pokémon items?

Section 5: General Obsession
5.1: Do you have in-depth conversations about Pokémon with friends?
5.2: ...with friends who don't like Pokémon?
5.3: ...with friends who don't like video games?
5.4: ...with your boyfriend/girlfriend?
5.5: ...with your parents?
5.6: ...with strangers?
5.7: Do you routinely yell out "I love you, Pokémon" or some other Pokémon-obsessed phrase?
5.8: ...In public?
5.9: ...Has it gotten you in trouble?
5.10: Have you ever been reduced to begging for want of a Pokémon game or product?
5.11: Did you get mad every time Super Smash Bros. Brawl was delayed?
5.12: Have you sold something worth at least $5 to help you pay for a Pokémon game or product?
5.13: ...Did the sold item have sentimental value to you?
5.14: Have you ever kissed the TV, controller, or handheld in a truly emotional Pokémon playing moment?
5.15: ...were others around?
5.16: ...did you do it just to get points on the test?
5.17: Have you submitted a question to this quiz?
5.18: ...the original Mario Purity Test?
5.19: Do you tell friends you're wearing Pokémon underwear?
5.20: ...Even if you aren't?
5.21: ...are they impressed?
5.22: Do you regularly draw Pokémon or other Pokémon characters?
5.23: ...Do they look good? (Be honest now.)
5.24: ...What about fan-fiction?
5.25: Do you regularly receive positive feedback about your Pokémon fanworks?
5.26: Have you ever posted your work on deviantART or a similar site?
5.27: ...Is it popular?
5.28: Have you written reviews of any Pokémon game?
5.29: Do you receive requests to write/draw/create/compose any kind of Pokémon works?
5.30: ...Do you honor these requests?
5.31: Do you reckon you could have done a better job of creating an animated Pokémon series than the staff of the Pokémon anime have?
5.32: Have you tried to send fan mail to Satoshi Tajiri or another Game Freak employee?
5.33: ...or to any other person who worked on a certain Pokémon game?
5.34: Have you auditioned for a part in a fan-made Pokémon series?
5.35: Are people aware of the fact that Pokémon is a very touchy subject to you? ("Careful, if you say something bad about Pokémon around that freak, you'll regret it...")
5.36: Have you ever played a Pokémon song on a musical instrument?
5.37: ...Can you do it by memory?
5.38: ...Do you do it in front of people just to impress them?
5.39: Have you ever designed a completely new system with Pokémon games?
5.40: Do you re-read the questions on this quiz to make sure you haven't overlooked any points?
5.41: Have you ever put Pokémon images in an report/essay for school?
5.42: ...put Pokémon references into the actual essay?
5.43: ...and received extra credit for doing so?
5.44: Do you frequently imitate Pokémon out loud in public? ("PIKACHU!")
5.45: ...Have you imitated a whole battle?
5.46: ...including Poké Balls and the monsters? (tennis balls and stuffed animals are fine)
5.47: Is your career/major/future-degree computer-related because of Pokémon?
5.48: ...Have you known this since you first played Pokémon?
5.49: Do you still have any Pokémon food product boxes?
5.50: ...with the food still inside?
5.51: Have you ever put Pokémon figures outside and pretended you were a Pokémon Trainer looking for wild Pokémon?
5.52: ...while others were watching?
5.53: ...Do you invite them to have a catching competition with you?
5.54: Can you write the full transcript to a Pokémon episode?
5.55: ...movie?
5.56: Do you have a personalized license plate that has something Pokémon-related on it?
5.56a: ...Did you nickname your vehicle or pretend it is a Pokémon that you ride à la Gogoat?
5.57: Do you have a Pokémon bedspread?
5.58: ...Is it on your bed now?
5.59: Do you have any Pokémon posters?
5.60: ...Are any on your wall now?
5.61: Have you ever wanted to date someone on the anime?
5.62: ...and made up fake dialog as if you really were on a date?
5.63: While at a zoo, were you linking the animals up to Pokémon? (giraffe = Girafarig, ape = Primape, lion = Luxray)
5.64: Have you ever gotten your hair styled in a similar fashion to that of one of the characters in the game/anime?
5.65: Have you ever looked for Pokémon shapes in the clouds? (probably a lot of Mareep)
5.66: Have you ever wished you were in the Pokémon world?
5.67: ...Have you ever wished you were an actual Pokémon?
5.68: ...right now?
5.69: ...to escape problems in real life?
5.69a: ...Did you buy a Mystery Dungeon game just to live out that fantasy?
5.70: Did you see a Pokémon movie in theaters?
5.71: ...and your entire party enjoyed it?
5.72: ...and you applauded afterwards?
5.73: Have you ever painted a Pokémon on a large canvas?
5.74: Did you ever carve a Pokémon into a pumpkin at Halloween?
5.75: Did you ever paint Easter eggs with Pokémon?
5.76: Do you own any Pokémon ornaments?
5.77: ...Do you put them on the Christmas tree annually?
5.78: Have you ever had a dream involving Pokémon at least once a month?
5.79: ...once a week?
5.80: ...every day?
5.81: Do you record every new episode of the anime?
5.82: ...and keep every tape, disc, or file?
5.83: Do you have cable/satellite mostly to watch Pokémon?
5.84: Do you keep your cards in a protective binder?
5.85: ...Are they neatly organized?
5.86: ...and fully catalogued?
5.87: Have you ever named a pet after a Pokémon?
5.88: ...Did you pretend a pet was a Pokémon?
5.89: Do you get annoyed when someone says something incorrect about Pokémon?
5.90: ...Do you correct them?
5.91: ...Do they accept the correction?
5.92: Do you enjoy the smell of a newly-opened pack of cards?
5.93: Have you called someone a Bidoof or a Magikarp?
5.94: ...both?
5.95: ...in the same sentence?
5.96: Have you modified normal sayings to be Pokémon-related puns? (Another one bites the Dustox!)
5.97: ...and you use them?
5.98: Have you altered any memes to be Pokémon-related? (HO-OH RLY? STA RLY! NO WAILORD!)
5.99: Have you ever designed your own Pokémon?
5.100: ...and posted them somewhere?
5.101: ...and sent them to Nintendo or Game Freak?
5.102: Do you nickname your friends after Pokémon or characters from the anime/game?
5.103: ...Do they use the nicknames around their other friends?
5.104: ...even though they don't know what they mean?
5.105: Will you continue liking Pokémon in the next 5 years?
5.105a: ...10 years?
5.105b: ...forever?
5.106: Have you ever looked up Pokémon papercraft or origami?
5.107: ...Have you made one?
5.107a: ...Does it look like it should?
5.108: Have you ever been to a Pokémon-themed party?
5.109: ...for a friend's birthday?
5.110: ...for your own birthday?
5.111: Are you glad this quiz is over?
5.112: ...Are you taking it just to see how your score changed since the last time you took it?